Bach “Artisan” Stradivarius AP190 Piccolo Trumpet Review

Excerpts played in this video:
– Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke
– Sonata for Trumpet by Henry Purcell
This is a review of the AP190 Bach piccolo trumpet in B-flat/A. I’m extremely lucky to be able to play on such an amazing instrument. I don’t have anything negative to say about how it looks or sounds. If anything, I’m not worthy of playing it. In the month or so that I have owned this instrument, I’ve only had one major gripe: the water key *broke off.* I suppose the spring was wound too tightly and it caused the key to crack under the pressure. Due to the trumpet’s warranty, however, we were able to get it repaired without any expense.


roy childs says:

I suspect that if you check with your instructor, you’ll hear that all the slides should be pulled out a tiny bit for using the A shank.

mateo dlw says:

amazing instrument! thanks for the video.

עידו מורן says:

6:19 it’s B flat

57dogsbody says:

Great video man. I’m so glad you pointed out that it doesn’t actually play any higher than your regular big Bb trumpet. I think a lot of people imagine they are instantly going to be able to play an octave higher when they play a picc. Props to you for showing your playing too. They are really hard to play.You done great, post another in a few months.

JC Ayala says:

that piece at 6:00 is meant to be played on a D trumpet, u can actually make ur own trumpet with just $7. i have a video of my playing Ode To Joy using my makeshift D Trumpet

KTM Rider says:

wow this piccolosound is quiet good, now i think i buy this trumpet too….how are you playing so good trumpet and trombone,…do you have a secret?

Cousins Gaming says:

thats a shiny trumpet!

GMP Music says:

Keep practising and stay motivated and one day you might be able to actually play it 😉

John Brass 07 says:

I got a piccolo trumpet describes me the octaves in vídeo please

Maysa Imes says:

i’m very happy i found your channel. keep up the good work!

[GP] GenesiX says:

do the notes feel high as if you were playing the same notes on a regular trumpet?

Joel Harris says:

Love your video, I have a 1972 model 37 lightweight Bb Bach.

I just bought one of those $55 Piccolo Trumpets, from India.
What a difference! I found 16 things wrong with mine.
Some I can fix, since I work in a machine shop, mainly new Leadpipes, the originals have NO taper inside.

Deatherman102 says:

(2:34) *octave _LOWER_

Cousins Gaming says:

you remember me of one boy in my town who plays piano very good

Smeagol The wizard says:

All you are doing with your air especially on a trumpet, is focusing your lips on one point and blowing fast air with the chest. How I know is because i can play higher notes than most trumpet players on BBb tuba.

Betsy Solon says:

This is the Trumpet I have, LOVE IT!!!! Schilke is the standard but I can get fuller tone on this horn and plays just as easy (at least on the corner lead pipes)!

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