Allora Aere Series Plastic Trumpet Video Review

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Fun trumpet for beginners and experts.

5” One Piece Bell, 0.459 Bore
Weight: Approx. 1.10 lbs
Extremely robust and sturdy ABS construction
Avaliable in various colors and Metallic Finishes
Adjustable 1st,2nd and 3rd valve tuning slides
Adjustable main tuning slide
2 Water keys (main tuning and 3rd valve tuning slides)
Conventional top sprung valves with interchangeable springs
Rugged one piece moulded valve block
Unique twist and lock quick release top and bottom valve caps
Valves can be lubricated by any normal quality synthetic oil
5 bracing points from bell section to valve block and leadpipe section
Reinforced mouthpiece receiver—accepts any standard metal mouthpiece
Traditional finger Hook and 3rd Valve Slide Ring
Conventional design with smooth comfort hold styling.

Lightweight and colorful
Easy and fun to play
Comes with case, stand and mouthpiece
Comes with care products:
Valve brush
Mouthpiece brush
Trumpet cleaning rod
Trumpet snake
Cleaning cloth
Warranty card


Jacob Perry says:

Hi. Im a student and I was wondering if it would be good just for practicing at home since i never have enough time to get my trumpet from our band room and make it to the bus so I don’t practice as often as I would like to. Would it be good for that?

Joshuah says:

Can definitely hear the plastic in the sound it just doesn’t sound very good

TheFrozenPotaterFarm says:

I think I’ll use this for marching season.

Cash Me Codex says:

sorry got to ask something. im into classical guitar (and blues and a little bit of jazz and rock) and want to try any brass/wood wind instrument and perhaps trumpet is the best option i currently had. how is this instrument values compared to the original brass trumpet on the same price? you already told that it’s worth to get for starters but i still want to know the difference. if this info helps, im 26 male about 170cm. i would take any comments including trolls. thanks in advance, and kind regards from me.

Bridgette Sheppard says:

how much is is

qtbeauty95 says:

i was hoping it’d be closer to $70

Vigi Driver says:

I’ve been playing the trumpet for 59 years. I am thinking of getting a “Plastic” Trumpet to keep around the house and not worry about anything bad happening to it. Plus I think it’d be a great throw-n-go kind of travel trumpet.

Sir Huebert Cumberdale says:

What’s the average price?

HubbaHubbasexymannicenice says:

What mouthpiece does it come with 7c?

Unstoppable Flippinn says:

How much

YaBoii 450 says:

I was thinking of getting one of these plastic trumpets, I’ve been playing trumpet for 5 years and my trumpet is brass and I was curious if it’s a good choice just to have.

AManCalled Da-da says:

Mmm. It’s got no presence. They should try experimenting with a metal bell.

The Lady Is a Band says:

It looks exactly like my tromba plastic trumpet, just with another name. It sure keeps the chops in shape, since plastic trumpets are harder to play than brass trumpets. I practice daily on my tromba and if I step out to join a jam session I feel like flying with my brass trumpet. It’s like training with weight on the running track to finally drop them when you join the competition. But I always practice with metal mouthpiece.

Johns Woodshop says:

Great Sound Tony!

Juan José says:

Great playing friend, people complaining about the price but i think the performance makes it a reasonable price, they need to watch the full video and see how it works in a live gig, sounds fantastic.

obbzerver says:

It can be used in a live gig to the extent that there’s no law prohibiting it. It sounds as bad with a band as it does any other time.

olivier metten says:

That is am very Nice trumpet. I am conciddering to buy one after my birthday 🙂

garatto p says:

Are the valves metal or plastic

Jaderson Mercado says:

in Brasil ? where have ?

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