Alison Balsom, international soloist discovers pTrumpet for the first time

pTrumpet are delighted with Alison’s response – and are thrilled to be working in partnership with her as part of a major new nation-wide music education initiative alongside her UK tour.


Flat Foot says:

I’d like her to blow MY horn.

Josh Bunton says:

What is the song she plays in the middle of this? At 2:13?

badbovinenickel says:

Sounds like…a plastic trumpet…maybe good for when you’re in a boat. That’s sinking. And you need to play taps. Just watch out for that “amazing” intonation.

Mike L says:

Ain’t no way a plastic trumpet sounds like that. Good job dubbing, though.

PoppyCorn says:

What’s the song she plays at 2:12? It sounds so pretty.

Golf Buddy says:

It’s so robust, and blows very easily

awreckingball says:

Your cheque is in the post.

Eddie Gast says:

I love all the people bashing it because it sounds basically like all the neckbeards arguing over katanas and shit. frankly, pInstruments are still better than student instruments and buying a pInstrument versus a real brass is just the difference between two different brass instrument brands. stop shitting on everything trying to look high and mighty, of course she’s paid, it’s literally a paid advertisement, but that doesn’t detract from the fact they’re pretty dang cool.

Josh Villareal says:

ew plastic

Jim Parfitt says:

She plays it beautifully. I wonder if the tuba is as good? Do these people make a tuba?

Toni Trubach says:

Very good trumpet, delightfully play, magic sound. I also play a little, I will be glad to subscribe.ToniTrubach.

Gaz says:

She needs to master the way u put the mouth to have a clean sound

jackalvulture says:

It’s pronounced Trumpet. The P is silent.

Playing Trumpet 24/7 says:

Is anyone else here distracted by how sexy her accent is?

Marcus Shan says:

Now if someone could just do something about the fact that even a normal trumpet sounds like shit.

Lee Larson says:

In all fairness to that little blonde sweetie, I have to admit that her playing STINKS. She sounds like a snake charmer in Damascus.

Franklin Ho says:

What song does she play?

Joey that one G says:

If she was a real trumpet player, she’d know those are pieces of horse crap

twogluon says:

a master doesn’t blame her tools. you could carve a trumpet out of a potato and she’ll make it sound fine.

Olatunji Kimbebwa says:

It may not sound like a real trumpet, but if it feels like one and works like one, it’s a good starter instrument for those on a budget.

JW says:

Fascinating! That young woman is an amazing trumpeter. One note of observation as a former trumpet player myself. I noticed that the sounds coming out of the “pTrumpet” are much warmer and softer than those played on a traditional brass trumpet. The notes aren’t nearly as crisp, nor are they as shrill as a standard made trumpet. The tonal quality is a bit muted and are actually easier on the ear to listen to.

Another thing observed, is the amount of thumping noises that the valves make while being played. The loud noises made by the valves and valve movements during play is a bit distracting. However, Ms Balsom’s playing skills are superb. Her breathing, her fingering, her control, all so absolutely and precisely controlled. I’d love to know where to get one of these instruments and how much they cost.

Steve Brule says:

Plastic trumpets sound like crap especially with the plastic disgrace of a mouthpiece used with it.

Kenneth Catalan says:

how much is this trumpet

David Myers says:


Ross Shaddick says:

Yes, clearly a promotional video, and the sound or tuning is not as good as her normal trumpets, and probably the valves aren’t much compared with her usual models, but all should be put into context here – everything about this is pretty amazing really – who would have thought that a sound like this could be produced from a plastic trumpet? Plastic and it sounds like this!!!! I won’t be changing from my Bach model 37 for a while but if needing to play a p trumpet at any time I would certainly use my own mouthpiece, but still impressed that they sound so good considering they’re plastic. I have considered a p-bone for one of my students since he is still quite small and the lightness of the instrument is welcome for an instrument that could cause balance issues…..also they’re rather cool if you’re 8….. and he’ll transfer to a brass one when he’s older…. (already doing well on cornet he’s got the interest already). Plastic in the right places 🙂

guts knucklebone says:

she’s trying so hard not to call it a cheap piece of shit. but you can tell by the look on her face what she’s really thinking.

Joshua Bussy says:

What piece was she playing on it? I really want to know. Thanks

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