A Functional, Cheap, and SEXY trumpet for $120…

Check it out here: https://www.tomtop.com/p-i4102.html?aid=MT

$88 trumpet Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6YJmQ9jgxI
China Warehouse: https://www.tomtop.com/p-i835g.html?aid=MT
USA Warehouse: https://www.tomtop.com/p-i835g.html?Warehouse=US&aid=MT

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David Andrawes says:

Wow, you are a master of double tonguing!

Shaun Mifsud says:

What’s your opinion on the John Packer JP051 trumpet ?

JxT1957 says:

is this trumpet an ammoon or as good as an ammoon? i bought a silver ammoon cornet from tomtop for $138

Rick Delair says:

Not a bad horn at all! Sounds nice, too, fat in tone! My horn, an Oxford branded horn made by MYW in Hong Kong has turned out to be a sweet horn! FAT tone, great feel to the valves once they broke in, which is best—the horn should break in under your hand as opposed to “pre-broken in” instruments, and mine has mostly yellow brass with some silver plate or nickle plate accents, really pretty horn. Chris Botti has signed it 3 times, loves the balance, weight and valves, and told me I made a smart investment and got lucky that I got such a nice horn as my first. It was 400 dollars at a local shop, returned/or/sold to the shop after someone who bought never even took the 7C mouthpiece out of the poly sleeve, so the horn was brand spanking new! I only had one issue, which I fixed fast, a leaky water key because when they rolled the brass for the nipple, it got a little off and had a little “corner” of the metal protruding interfering with seating of the gasket on it. A few strokes of the file in my GERBER tool, and it was perfect. (done carefully, with the key assembly removed and the nipple fully exposed) The slides are nice, the feel is nice, and some pro players that tried loved the playing of it, and the tone and the feel, as good as many horns much more expensive. Her name is Lucy and she is the love of my life, a wonderful instrument I am proud to have. I bought another MYW, a piccolo, and it is just as nice, and not yet broken in, as I haven’t played it much yet. For 129 bucks it is a fine horn for the $$, so I cannot complain. Cheers, all! 😀

Zippy 3000 says:

I bought a mendini trumpet over a year ago and it works just as good to this day

Appelansee of Bogalusa says:

Do the Wagner Tuba next. There’s one for about $850 and it’s a double horn

pukalo [CDN] says:

Sexy af

camo212000 says:

hey trent! i’ve been loving the channel lately. i would love to see more trombone related content, it’s always interesting. thanks and keep up the good work!!

Ruben Pulhac says:

What is the name of the first song you played?



Stephen Owens says:

worlds cheapest euphonium!

Peter C. says:

Great playing as always. I believe the rose brass leadpipes resist corrosion, because in brass, red rot occurs when the zinc degrades. With less zinc, less red rot. I read that somewhere.

andrei catalin says:

Review a 70$ conductor trumpet,i have this instrument and it is very good

oldtimedrumcorps says:

Nickel silver is clear coated plated nickel . Silver plating is just that, silver without any necessity of clear coating . Different look for sure . should be easy to tell . what say you ?

JK7MEW says:

Great!! Trumpets trio.

Bassoon Boss says:

How does this trumpet compare to the Jean Paul trumpet that was reviewed a while ago?

Pascal Dijkhuizen says:

Goodday Trent, is it possible that you review the KGU Brass heavy or medium valve caps? And could you review the KGU Brass mouthpiece cone. Please?

Trevor says:

Rose gold leadpipe, similar to Jean Paul isn’t it?

Pewdiepie 2 says:


SuperMechguy says:

Hello marching band trumpet hehe


The only problem I have is you don’t show us the trumpet enough, and when you do, it’s always moving. Hold it it up! Hold it still! All that dead air over your head.. move the camera down please. (I love you, Trent – please take as constructive criticism:)

An American Citizen says:

You can easily buy instruments from a pawn shop

srl3338 says:

would was the opening song it was awesome!

Alex Paulsen says:

Somebody needs to assemble a brass brand using only budget instruments. Mix it up a little by switching everyone’s preferred roles with ones they’re least capable of.

A bit like Portsmouth Sinfonia.

Suburban Fishing says:

Sounds very good!

Paul Kelly says:

It’s literally a fake Bach Strad.

Bad Taste says:

I’m not getting any notifications, the bell is on and has been for a long time. It’s been months of nothing. Just letting you know.

Toby Sturgell says:

You should buy an American Marching Tuba/ Contra. Like if you want to see him do it.

Yajarox says:

I love your trumpet vids

Evan Misejka says:

Hi Trent, I was wandering about what size Trumpet mouthpiece you use? I use a Schilke 22.

Will Tucker says:

My high school band played Bugler’s Holiday in our holiday concert last year

Ralph says:

I love that bugler’s holiday

Aaron Quick says:

I found your channel from your pocket trumpet video and have been subbed I got one for Christmas also you do a great job on your videos you deserve more subs and views

MLGSSJ says:

What’s the instrument under the French horn

Old Guy Does Stuff says:

Bugler’s Holiday – one of my favorite trumpet feature pieces. Simple enough (at perhaps a slightly slower tempo) for intermediate trumpeters to play decently, yet still challenging enough for professionals to show off their skills. A really fun piece to both play and listen to.

Nice job on the recording, Trent. Keeping all of those staccato notes together isn’t easy. Oh, that’s interesting trumpet, too.

Nico Mat says:

Yo I played buglers holiday last year for my trumpet ensemble in 8th grade. What a fun piece!

Gianluca Tarasconi says:

Nice performance both for intro and outro an really exhaustive review (as usual) thank you so much and happy new year Trent.

Luggage says:

Any good trombonist should recognize that outro! I’ve played that in a few auditions (although the second movement is my favorite movement). Intro was also fantastic, looks like you worked hard on it.

Matt Hersher says:

You are a cool guy

Steakhouse John says:

Variations are not unique to cheap instruments. In my experience, two new bach strad 37’s can sound and feel very different. But that’s probably because they are hand made.

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