$99 Chinese Cecilio Trumpet Review

Hey Guys since My first video review for a $152 Chinese violins almost gotten 50,000 views I thought I would make another for a cecilio trumpet I recently purchased so anyone interested can get a little look before buying hope you like the video hit the LIKE button and subscribe if you want.

Trumpet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130815174950?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=430109713422&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Mute: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281746674735?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT


c.e king alex charles says:

this is really helpfull dude i think ima buy it

IINephi says:

This is worse than a toy. The sticky valve is EVERYTHING. You’re better off renting from your local music store (which is also a rip-off). If you want a trumpet, find something used for $150-300. Cecilio will be in the trash in a few weeks and you’ll end up spending the money again. A used good brand can be re-sold. This trumpet CANNOT be resold. Won’t last and your student’s ability to play will reduced to someone with 3 months of experience. Don’t take the cheap price bait.

Jamez123 says:

I got a mouth piece for the same price of the trumpet!

Harry Canoli says:

valves are aligned staggerd on some horns because your middle is longer

Rant Gant says:

As long as shitty instruments are being manufactured, there will always be fucking morons who will buy them.

If there is one thing this world will never experience a shortage of, it’s fucking morons who don’t bother doing the research and educating themselves on what a quality instrument should be, and end up buying an instrument-shaped object instead.

rogermwilcox says:

3:08 — “I don’t know very much about trumpets.”
Must make it hard to review one…

Bit Ter says:

Well to bad I bought one (it’s not that bad)

Trumpet Mann says:

Not bad for $100

Darwin Medina says:

Hey What Size Is The Mouthpiece On This Trumpet?. 7C?

Leilani says:

is it easy to play? cuz you have a really warm sound and I love, love, love, that in trumpets.

Alex Brooks says:

Please respond to me I was wandering how long it took to ship because I might but one

bryan silva says:

I used o use a mendini by cecilio and it sucked tbh and now I use a beautiful sounding silver plated 1997 Yamaha allegro and a 10c mouthpiece for the upper register

Marnix van Ammers says:

I hear a lot of criticism of these cheap horns. Seems like they work fine, but I guess they don’t last. But it looks like a pretty good deal for a working instrument. It would be nice to have heard a regular experienced trumpet player playing on it. Also would like to hear from anyone who has used one of these for 2 years or more.

Colin Kyger says:

it not a 7c it’s a flugelhorn mouthpiece

Bit Ter says:

Well to bad I bought one (it’s not that bad)

Diego Briseno says:

i got the red one 🙂

Mike&TheGreatOutdoors says:

Dude if you practice trumpet you could be really good

Smellypoopbag the first says:

How can you do a review about trumpets when you don’t know anything about them?

Jonahs Rap Abulm says:

never buy any instrument cheap!!

Rockin Rana says:

Great instrument video review! Can you do a review on guitarrons and vihuelas. Thanks!

William Gutierrez says:

Is it a bad thing that I bought this trumpet? I actually think it’s an amazing beginner trumpet .-.

Lithuania NCS says:

Mine trumpet is Yamaha-YTR4553S

Kash_ Out says:

the guys nails are big that ima called him now chicken fingers

alex carter says:

I know a guy who plays on the street for a living. He lost his good trumpet so he got one for $100 at the swap meet, new. It’s been months and he’s getting a good tone, doesn’t seem to have valve problems so yeah… those $100 trumpets have their place in the scheme of things.

Clorox Bleach says:

Seems legit

Roik Hockenberger says:

Excellent informative review. I thank you for showing what a piece of junk that trumpet is. It is amazing that the Chinese can sell such a thing for $99. But then again, it is very turd-like.

Michell Ding says:

after about 8’12” I have to drop a like for you hahahahha!

Luke Bollenbacher says:

boi you suck

Colin Kyger says:

I have the same trumpet

revive creeper says:

Someone please tell me should I buy it

Seth Ramsey says:

I’ve been told the 2nd key is off centered to accommodate to the fact that most people’s middle finger is the longest finger

Inspiration _ says:

Lmao I joined band and my friend bought this I feel sorry for her. Mine costs 1.3k lol

N00by's Crazy Corner says:

Lost all credibility as soon as you just played 2 scales and messed up B-flat… surprised no one worth their salt has done a review on one of these pieces of junk.

Caryllynn2000 says:

Dude, arch your fingers so you don’t warp the valves. 🙂

jonathan levene says:

Im first chair in band with this i like it

Jamez123 says:

Guy in my band got this trumpet

Dr. Chili Pepper says:

hey i got the same one in gold. on yours is the slide (smallest one to the right side of the middle valve) is it stuck? also i got a $20 mute its a bach, black, and has cork on the the sides (3 strips of cork), and it works better than that one btw ( i think it was $20, my mom bought it for me for christmas) but yeah you could get really good. you in this vid sound better than i did when i started playing (6th grade). (im in 7th grade now (13)) but yea keep practicing and you can get really good!!

Justice Nugent says:

Holy, crap. That mute is crap.

gamer galvan says:

i have one like that but black

politicalsheepdog says:

I’d clean everything real good be fore using it. The Chinese are famous for using lead in their products.  Other than that the case looks real good. I bet if you take it to a repair shop, they could de-burr your valve casings and that might fix your sticky valve. Can’t beat that price for a practice Trumpet.

Lithuania NCS says:


Couesnonfl says:

The sicky valve is just from manufacturing residue and not just in the valve casiings but the entire horn. Give it frequent baths running warm soapy water through the horn. Get a casing brush from a music store and scrub the casings and wipe the valves down. Oil them and replace them and they should work freely.
YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO THIS!! Do not drop the valves or bang them around.
Doesn’t look like a bad deal, just give it some TLC.
One of my trumpets was $3000.00 and it took some real cleaning to get the valves at 100%
Hope you have good luck with it.

Kappa Nonamé says:

get a ptrumpet, a good Yamaha or Bach mpc, an Arban method book and a brass spa mute. (best mute EVER) you’ll be golden.

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