$8 Trumpet Gig Bag Review!

Whoever thought that you could stoop lower than the $30 trombone gig bag? Well, evidently you can!

Check out the $30 trombone gig bag review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THXkcDCZUZQ

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Gilon Kravatsky says:

Hey! I know what color an orange is! Tangerine.

intense moist says:


Brendan Armstrong says:

Can review a plastic bugle?

Frost Gaming says:

I know this doesn’t have to do with the video, but I just switched from trombone to tuba, anyone have some tips for me?

The Canadian Otter says:

I’ll be honest, I like the new into better than the old one.

Kadmosthegreat says:

Look more like a trumpet body bag than a sleeping bag. Something you would bury a trumpet in when it is truly dead

Andre Perlman says:

8 dollars? This must be quality!

Michael Grasso - Not 2 Cool Jazz says:

Always entertaining. Thanks. 🙂

Anna Browning says:

Mine fell apart 3 days after I got it

Noah Crawford says:

(You forgot the link in the description to the $30 trombone bag review)

Jonathan Coronado says:

Trumpet sleeping bag

Devin Kelly says:

Is that a 2 valve trumpet I see in the back?

Luggage says:

I see, very fit for something such as a violin.

Scoobes says:

I would put a trumpet in there because I don’t play a trumpet

unlimtedSW1SH gaming says:

I live in the U.S. and I tried to get more padding on it but the financial team said that we had to keep the price down which sucks

Justin Bowman says:


Mr Donut says:

2:58-3:06 instrument racist? Lol i jk

Matty O'Brien says:

you make me laugh every time you do one of these cheap reviews, thanks Trent!!

Stephen Budders says:

I remember the day that I got together with all the other Americans. Democrats and Republicans, old and young, gay and straight, all types of Americans, all working together to design this work of art. It was magical…

Soledad Atrian says:

lol 2:53

Keven Zhao says:

“Can’t agree on the color of an orange.”

Was that a political joke?

Aiden Brian says:

Hey Trent do you have any pointers about hitting higher notes on trumpet?Because its getting pretty hard for me.

EnglishTMTB says:

I was really (REALLY) hoping you’d test out it’s protective abilities with the rubbish Indian trumpet inside it…

Christian Mettel says:

I was furious when we Canadians were stopped at the border by US immigration. We tried to explain to them that it was our understanding that it was going to be a total North American effort to design the gig bag, but they were adamant and refused us entry because they just wanted to see the “Designed by USA” on the side.

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