5 Valve Trumpet Review

A friend kindly lent me his very unusual 5 valve trumpet to review. This is a very odd instrument that is unlike any trumpet that I’ve played before. Unfortunately the fingering is all different too, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

UPDATE: Yes, I have indeed seen the video of David Hickman’s 5 valve trumpet, due largely to the 300 times his video has been sent to me.

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Sealio says:

I can’t imagine how many times he died laughing while making this.

Mr. Random says:

this a is clearly a very interesting piece of plastic. I believe all musical bands should have this amazing artwork as their brass section. They will absolutely MOTHERFUCKING DESTROY EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BAND WITH THEIR AMAZING FUCKING TRUMPETS!

Mr Bonito says:

Honestly this is extraordinary ………… I really can’t say anything else’

Kevin Be A Man says:

wow what an extraordinary beauty of an instrument. i think i might cry.

CodySh3pard says:

Hahaha love it!!

ilikepizza says:

anyone know the intro song?

Wesley Alexander says:

what is the name of the intro song

ShowingSummer says:

Sarcasm master

Fabs Ou says:

I love your dry sarcasm! 😉

David Tucker says:

Trumpet technology has really come a long way since I was a youngster. I think I saw Chris Botti using this same trumpet on his latest CD called “Tunes in the Tub”. lol


Quinn The Quartz says:

Just get a woodwind recorder. T_T

Trent Hamilton says:

Please stop sending me links to David Hickman’s 5 valve trumpet. I’ve now been sent that link over 100 times.

Sebastian Giraldo says:

This guy talks too much

Corey Ridenour says:

You look like a potato but like in the good way

Dakota Edmonds says:

your sarcasm is the best! xD

Ddave99999 says:

Valveless trumpet

satinbarbi says:

Beautiful trumpet. It will soon out Bach and Yamaha out of business.

Michael Banks says:

You should have reviewed this trumpet on April Fools Day!

Mr Bonito says:

Honestly this is extraordinary ………… I really can’t say anything else

Slytherin Pride says:

I’m officially dead

Bruce Pollatz says:

I’m playing this in my band now

Rob Baughman says:


WeeMr.AmazingJr says:

What’s the song at 4:35?

Christopher Emerson says:

Is this instrument currently in production or has it been discontinued? Is it widely available from music stores or can it only be found in specialty boutiques? Such an artisanal trumpet crafted to such high standards and fine tolerances would certainly be desired by all who see it.

Mr Donut says:

What is that yellow bugel looking thing in the background

Alex Powlson says:

Is this a joke ?????? Really

BoredBeyondBelief says:

When you realize you left the stove on

Paul Baek says:

where do you buy this?

XGN DoRiTo68 says:

Click bait

chiwea123 says:

With the side the leadpipe is on I think it is a flugel horn

Marwa Saidjamol says:

it looks like a children toy

Neena H. says:

Just add water!!

Occasio [iNK4] says:

if you’re actually interested in an actual 5 valves trumpet… behold I’ve found it!https://youtu.be/2RABw2R-Gkk

CreeperFino (My old videos are cancer) says:

Wiggles brand
I’m dying XD

Zach Zacncheese says:

You got me

Kevin Allen says:

Love it!!!

Mr Donut says:

play some bach on this

Hank Hill says:

*Bach sweats nervously*

Cesar Cadabra says:

If you play Flight of The Bumblebee on this magnificent instrument I will love you forever (no homo)

Sports Maniac says:

I’m not sure if this was a joke or not.

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