1937 Buescher Aristocrat Trumpet Review

This Buescher trumpet was made in 1937, and has a few interesting design elements.

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chris schmitz says:

Did you buy this or was it sent to you?

Luke8624 says:

First few seconds and I love the bloody sound of this horn.

Hank Camp says:

Where do you get all these instruments

Alexander Guzman says:

Where does your intro and outro music come from Trent?

boomman217 says:

I have the EXACT same trumpet but it was make in 1945

phreddcatt says:

I “won” this exact model for $101 at a local Goodwill Silent Auction. It’s an amazing instrument. You can find out the exact year it was made with the serial number at this page. http://www.buescherloyalist.com/tmodels.html I feel very fortunate to have a trumpet like this. When I bought it, it also came with 2 Rudy Muck Mouthpieces.

Mr Donut says:

Carnival of venice right?

LilKilla Ant says:

Whats the song called that he played last on the trumpet?

Miguel Benitez says:

I would buy that from you. How much?

demonface INC says:

You should do an actual video of yourself playing Little Fugue with all the parts and such.

Jayme501 says:

I’ve never seen a double slide trumpet before. Amazing instrument and tonal quality!

Lil Shrek says:


zaraak323i says:

I have a Buescher trombone from 1911 in silver. It has the tuning slide in the slide, very similar to the double slide on this trumpet. It has a thumbwheel to tune it so that it won’t fall out of tune moving the slide. It’s a strange horn.

aidan the boi says:

Nice video! Quick question, though: have you ever done a cover of “Sonata” by Die Bankelsangerlieder? And if you haven’t, could you?

brokenwrench1 says:

the main reason for playing in A is players can hit double high C and about was easier to reach and hold in tune. this horn went head to head with the conn 56 a or b peashooter which in the late 20s and 30s . this is a straight thru design and all pistons were interchangeable. the last company to market this design was the FE Olds co with a studen level component horn model Pinto and the pro ultrasonic super star which failed to prevent the olds co from folding

CaptainApathetic says:

I would love you to look at instruments using for Marching band in America (Marching Baritones, Euphoniums, Horns, Sousaphones, Contrabass bugles/Marching Tubas, etc.)

Learning a Resin Tenor Recorder - 1. says:

That Buescher trumpet is truly lovely. You are right, it is very bright sounding, but I really like it.

Mark Wick says:

I do have a Buescher mouth piece, but I don’t know when it was made.

Wolf Gar says:

wow in the background theres a 2 valved trumpet

Loltad says:

That song at the end of the video was used in the Carolina crown opener last year!

Matt Mossinghoff says:

I love how he didn’t even mention that the 3rd valve slide is on the other side of the main tuning slide than a standard trumpet

Austin Joseph says:

Can you recommend some good chapter books for trombonists?

Hakan Basar says:

This is pretty cool! If it’s from the 1930s, Could you play some jazz with it, or join a jazz band and play lead trumpet with this trumpet

Lil Shrek says:


FatManDude13 says:

That horn is a wonder.

Dan Swinehart says:

I have a 1960 era Buescher Super Aristocrat, a quite different instrument, but also small bore. Small bell made of nickel, short-throw crap valves. It was designed by Mike Leoni, my trumpet teacher at the time. Quite a squirrely little instrument, but it got me through the same Carnival of Venice arrangement. 🙂

NoneOf YoBusiness says:

I actually bought a trumpet with similar sliding. Only difference is that there’s nothing preventing the second part of the slide from popping off, allowing the trumpet to play in the key of A, Bb and C.

pukalo [CDN] says:

Hey Trent what are your thoughts on Thayer valves? I knew this one guy at the UofAlberta that had a trombone with a Thayer valve and he said it was kind of expensive.

Hannah Wright says:

You’re awesome

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