Yamaha MX88 Synthesizer Demo

Blake Angelos from Yamaha presents the MX88 keyboard. The Yamaha MX88 rocks more than 1,000 killer MOTIF XS sounds, a class-compliant USB audio/MIDI interface, and deep controller integration with your favorite computer music software. Its 88 keys are full-sized, weighted, and velocity sensitive. Matte black keytops absorb moisture and remain tactile after extended use.

Buy the Yamaha MX88 here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MX88BK


yoshi_drinks_tea says:

9:48 Am I in heaven?

Lisa Bella Donna says:

Blake is such a seasoned, gifted player and he’s truly a fantastic demonstrator.

white bird says:

Might as well just get the mox8 then. ???

Ameretsu Shidori says:

This is dope.. I can’t afford one of these but it’s getting cold out and the dollar store just started carrying Ski Mask….so….

Azure Horizon says:

It’s not the age of the sounds, it’s what you do with the sounds that makes all the difference.

Alex Palmer says:

What settings is he using to get good sounds thanks because my same piano doesn’t get the same tone thanks

Zayy XP says:

can u use it as a midi controller?

sOsOmega says:

Does the app work for Android?

Timothy Dunbar says:

I have mines on the way

Antonio Castellano says:

What is the name of the Keyboard Amplifier you are using?

Martin Huang says:

What is the amplifier that was used by the mx88 during this recording?

Max Tofone says:

Is this Yamaha MX88 integrated just with Cubase? Cheers, Max

Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

I don’t have a DAW I just have nano studio. I want Reason and I need a controller. If I had the money I would buy a Kronos 88

John Gengelbach says:

I’ve got my eye on this one great price $999 pretty much everywhere

Fayez Morcos says:

Just bought mx88, please I need to know what kind of speakers/sound system is required, thank you

Jatasha Smith says:


StopItYoutubeNobodyIsGoingToUseTheirRealNamesIdiots says:

I already own Logic Pro and Alchemy, which has over 3100 presets just in the plugin by itself, along with 60 GB of sound, including tens of thousands of high resolution audio samples, hundreds of drum kits, dozens of professional utilities and effects, over 1k virtual instruments of just about every instrument on the planet, and full capability of creating any sound sample into a full blown synthesizer instrument, all for 200 bucks.

Someone explain to me why in 2017/2018 anybody would want to pay 2 to 5 times as much for this synth that’s crippled at the very least when it comes to sound design/parameter tweaking and includes the MOTIF sound engine with 10+ year old sounds, when they could get 20 times as many high quality sounds and professional sound engineering tools plus an 88 key midi controller for less than 400 dollars.

In 2007 this would totally be acceptable for a sound engine to gig with considering how expensive laptops and mobile computers were, but we live in 2017 where a laptop/macbook can produce much more power for a significantly less cost. It doesn’t offer much for making your own synthesized sounds, it doesn’t come with any parameter editor for the hardware in the box (and the software you download for it looks like it was written in 2004 with minimal options for controlling sound), all of the 10 year old sound samples and instruments from the MOTIF can be easily substituted with any high quality audio library cheaply or even freely available on the web. How is this even classified as a synthesizer and not just a glorified digital piano/keyboard?

Someone please enlighten me.

Andreas Sabda says:


jfgt27sculpt says:

I hate arpeggios. I never use theme.

Isaac Pizarro says:


Emmanuel Florac says:

It’s basically exactly the same thing as the S90XS I have, 8 years later and at a a third of the price 🙂

mproductionsmusik says:

Yamaha need to innovate its getting old…. being years we keep seeing the same things! Time for innovation a little bit… or at lease improve the quality of sound of the patch and had new exiting patchs! The sound of all instruments was great 5 years a go but now in 2017 its not enough!

WackkaCOInc says:

I can’t believe that I never herd of this keyboard until now. If the key action is good enough I might buy it.

Moses Medina says:

can you layer up to 4 sounds like the motif and Moxf8 ?

Sangtea Ronald says:

Is it a music workstation ? Can we record tracks ??

Skip Ayers says:

I can’t seem to get the same grand piano sound out of the MX88 we have at church as what I am hearing in this demo. Whether it is the Piano 001 CncrtGrand or the Piano 006 C GrandPno as individual voices or as layered voices, it just doesn’t sound the same as this demo. I am putting the keyboard through a Behringer UltraTone KXD15 Keyboard amplifier. Anyone can share some advice with me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

chriscauldermusic says:

Not a bad board for the price. Yamaha needs to do this: Put the Reface CP panel on top of an 88-weighted key board like this. Charge $799 for it. Game over, for the competition. I don’t know why they haven’t yet done that.

RelaxedJazz99 says:

Hey Blake, there’s no recording songs. No song sequencer?

dirk bauman says:

Im trying to decide between the Yamaha MX88 and the Roland JUNO DS-88 – decisions, decisions

Judson Christudas says:

It sounds like sounds taken from the original Motif ES. Only few of yamaha’s state of the art sounds, some drumkits taken from Motif XF.
But only Touch Response?? No Portamento??? WTF….
How come…? Yamaha’s gone mad???
Entry level synth without Portamento… Hahahaaaa….

Ambient Sequential Synth Performer says:

Why is it the synth engine is never discussed. ALL synthesizer demo’s and review should begin with the synthesizer architecture; how many oscillators? envelops? LFO’s, Filters and filter envelopes…how deep is the synthesis? How deep is the editing without a computer? Keyboards that cannot be programed without an editing interface on a computer leave us without editing in a few years when the app is no longer supported. I will not buy a keyboard that needs a software editor. Why all the secrecy about the synth engine? What are you hiding? For sound designers, we need this info, I should not have to find a PDF manual online and sift through it and guess if it will do what I want. How about a demo on just editing and effects of one sound/voice?

Lhee Esp says:

what is in the Keyboard back connection/input there? teach me pls/? looking for your expertise.. thank you.

Endy Ekpo says:

Yamaha MX88 vs Yamaha MOXF8 that’s what I wanna see

김유빈 says:


Remalc Esam says:

Apple Apple Apple … Why Why Why

Leap Tech says:

Amazing, this is what I want. Thanks for the demo!

Jadam Pascual says:

im a previous mx-61 and mx-49 user. Keyboards sounds now are just recycled, and they changed some features on the boards and add some but nothing really change. its part of business on all brands. i sold my fantom G7, and sold my motif XS, sold my moxf6, and i ended up with a kronos 2, and a roland ax-synth now. These are my main two boards aside from my casio px-5s digital piano i used at church. And im good now on my gears. And will never buy another keyboard unless my keybords will be broken or not gonna work anymore. i buy and sell and traded keyboards before and tried more than 50 keyboards. in two years time. From casio, nord, yamaha, roland and korg. Synths, rack modules, workstations and digital pianos and arrangers. And at the end of the day it depends on your budget and and your need. So get the board that will make u happy and dont listen to others opinion. i stop buying and selling now and focusing taking care of my 8 months old baby.

Boris Chang says:

If you are a professional pianist looking for something to play/practice on when away from the Steinway, this may not be what you’re looking for. The MX88 has a keybed that works well with piano, EP, synth and other voices pretty well, but none stupendously. You can spend a lot more to get a great graded hammer-weighted velocity-sensitive keybed if that is really important to you. If you are a generalist musician looking for a good all-around instrument at a decent price, take a close look at this board.

When he did the orchestral brass, I heard the intro to FFAF.

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