Yamaha MOXF8 Synthesizer – In Depth Review

Jack runs through some of the features of the Yamaha MOXF8 and gets an idea of the type of sounds available on the keyboard.

Yamaha MOXF8 Music Production Synthesizer – https://goo.gl/ZriEPF

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Geoff Webber says:

twice in one week – Lee you are spoiling us…

OhrSchatz says:

keep these awesome demos coming, Jack is amazing!

Vaggos Walker says:

Fantastic ! Can you add the 3 feet pedals???

The Tired Horizon says:

Jack says he doesn’t know of many people using the Montage live.. I do know a couple of film/soundtrack guys using them though – especially with that FM engine inside it! The Motif will do great things too though

Pete K says:

actually thinking of buying one now for £599 with flash at another store 😉

Prot Eus says:

Yamaha has a patented sample compression system. the 800MB of wave rom on the MOXF is equivalent to around 1.6 Gb of wave rom. This is why their pianos (and other acoustic instruments) and have such a long sustain.

Shawn Pierson says:

Great information. Thank you. Good to hear about the slow boot up on the older machines vs the newer and the NORD. Keep ’em coming.

ElektronicCricket says:

Hi Jack , were are the favorite buttons ? change a favorite sound with one button …


Jack, love watching your videos, keep it up!

Tyler m says:

great video! would be nice to have the keyboard sounds a little louder then talking so you can turn it up without getting your face ripped off when Jack talks haha

Michael Sen says:

Jack’s Back!

VimyScout says:

Ooh dat synth power

Alex Pelletier says:

Man this guy is talented…

I’m a guitar player… and this channel is one of my favorite! GREAT Content 🙂

Hannah Collins says:

Jack you legend!

Rob Champagne says:

no mention of freeeeeee cubase plus control of DAW from keyboard way better than nord.
plus audio input and playback through integrated amp for recording guitar or other straight to DAW. cooool

Jhon Smith says:

I purchased this keyboard to continue my work when my Ensoniq finally died, early this past Summer. After doing as much research as I could online, I purchased the MOXF6 with high hope. I gave it one star because the voices and samples are excellent. Unfortunately, if I can’t figure out the interface, due to a thoroughly worthless manual, I’m dead in the water. And, to be clear – this user interface is one of the most abysmally ‘non-intuitive’ I’ve ever encountered. Absolutely horrendous. Added to the fact that Yamaha support is only available during what, for most of us, are week day working hours, they were as useless as the manual. Long-story-short, I took the unit back to the store. So… If you have all the free time in the world to figure out the interface, or… if you’re a performer and NOT a songwriter/composer, you’ll probably love the sounds. As for the rest? Sorry to say it’s garbage.

andresoficial1 says:

Is this the only key size it comes in???

tommyfoley says:

That opening jam rules, Jack!

EverettDudgeon138 says:

Much like how this is a scaled down version of the Motif…I hope they do one of the Montage that’s FMX only.

Dj #1 says:

how about the 2018 new kazoos

Sapiens Strength says:

Im looking to buy the MOXF8 now. I owned a Motif ES back in days (as well as other gear from Korg, Emu, and a RS7000) and loved it; but I got tired of size/lugging gear, and thought I could get buy with just a Mac and Midi Controller… Well here I am in 2018, wishing I had a full size workstation again. Looked at the Kross 2 but Im very familiar already with Yamaha menus .


That music at 28:10 is really awesome and inspiring.

Gary Godfrey says:

Great video Jack, and out with sommmmmme Jaaaazz mmmmm nice

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