Yamaha Montage: World’s Best Synthesizer

Here are our prototypes of the Yamaha Montage synthesiser in action. Full review of this incredible keyboard on: http://www.doctormix.com/blog/yamaha-montage-review


Dave LeBlanc says:

Worlds best synthesiser . . . plays same tired old electric piano sound!

Aldair Cines says:

para mi que ubiese hecho un vídeo mas largo por que este teclado es inmenso y él vídeo esta bien echo solo que quería mas demo mas largo

Yamaha Synths Official says:

Much Love!

Ryebread Music Studios says:

I need this in my life

yootoob1958 says:

At 1:22 …the Wurlitzer-like electric piano sound is so cool. Nice and aggressive.

Moshe Auguztyn says:

and I’m sitting here hope to have a Steinway and Sons piano 🙁

kidung arya says:

Sound not as thick as roland and korg hahahahaha

bluestream1977 says:

and I thought that the best is Korg Kronos X

Nathan Hassall says:

This is the synthesizer nobody is asking for. I guess Yamaha was answering the calls of those who needed a pulsing glowing knob. I’ll stick with my dx7.

TAG says:

Doesn’t get cool until 3:37

Matthew Ashby says:

The musicianship in this video leaves a tremendous amount to be desired. It’s very 90’s sounding – not sure if this a good or bad thing.

alexkra67 says:

1:21 song looks like one of 999999999 sound in Grand Turismo




Me gusto! me gusto, me gusto todo! la música, la producción, el video, quisiera tener ese teclados en mis manos

Constantine Slik says:

This is great but the “world” perspective of the title has to refer to another world because in this one (planet Earth) this is not the best “synthesizer”

Atrimenti Cacasenno says:

…my krack vst is the best!!

Shakal S. says:

Kronos ,KING KONG !

yarfrol says:

my only wander – where are those negative ratings come from????

Paolo Natalini says:

awesome sounds

المخرج ادراماه اسعوديه قزازي says:

بي كم سعرو اورج

Edgar Quint says:


Anthony Cotter says:

It’s not a synth though, it’s a digital keyboard

Naughtical says:

not even half as good as a soft synth…

Todd Carmona says:

Honestly this is f””” crap u mean it sounds so thin and cheap – if Yamaha think this is great they need yo go back to the ex 5 ( kursweil kills this sound 100 per cent !!!! )

Dyslogix says:

I need a small loan of a million dollars :/

OfficerMarmalade says:

Sure, it looks nice with all it’s flashy lights but I can get a MiniMoog for the same price.

David Maximus says:

These supposed keyboard demos featuring a guy who pushes a lot of buttons and tries to make it an art form when turning a knob are really ridiculous. Further more, why not just play a bunch of different genres of music so people can get a real feel for what the board can do, rather than playing jazz or piano type stuff and proclaiming it the best. Or better yet, spend some time showcasing the preset sounds. This new knob twisting and button pushing display of skills is not impressive at all.

Ineir Netto says:

I like it. Yes it’s the best. I want it bad. So I buy one from eBay, used, for 500 euro, in 5 years from now.

Monster LMA says:

Controls  look bad for a hardware synth it should only ever be a dial for each feature.

TheBentwrist says:

Having looked long and hard at this keyboard, and having bought my first mini moog in 1971, this thing is mostly just overpriced hype.

aki44 says:

the best synth in the universe.. just kidding.. not even

Donnie Nobodie says:

This is savage.

jetset808 says:

I have a lot of gear.. and I don’t even want this..

moddjo Sa says:

didn’t like it at all neither preview or montage

Veroslash says:


R. Dario says:

Korg Kronos 2 anyday .

Neddskorg says:

Worlds best? In some folks eyes Im sure that’s true but its a completely arbitrary opinion.Yamaha makes awesome synths no question about that but there are a few alternatives which in their own way are just as good or even better depending on the individual.

Soreach Sina says:

*laughs in Kronos*

Hugh Guthrie says:

This thing looks nothing like a synth. Moogs make synths, Dave smith makes synths. This ain’t a synth. Just a shitty rompler..

Joshua Bell says:

the gates open at 2:50

jeff wackenthal says:

people dont enough know that workstations are much better than a lot of synths!!!

Leonardo Da Vinci says:

Wow awesome

Chris Schönfelder says:

Which Akkords they use At Minute 2:50?

JMPSynth says:

Super saw sound has got to be the most boring thing to hear these days….  Play something new ffs.

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