Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Review

Matt Vanacoro from AskAudio reviews the new Yamaha Montage synthesizer


Alan L. says:

It is NOT a workstation.Motif XF IS.Learn the difference!You are Misinforming people.

lastone032085 says:

Montage is targeting a different group of musician AKA those who use a DAW and those who perform live. Which the vast majority are. You guys still using the onboard sequencer are the dinosaurs of the industry. I mean that in a nice way. Yamaha can’t survive catering to you guys any longer. It sucks I know, but you can always continue using your trusty Motif. It hasn’t diminished at all.
Montage is NOT a workstation. All complaints about it thus far have centered on the idea that it is. That says a lot about the product actually. It means the people who own one are happy with the product which is good for us all. 🙂

Adro Harv says:

if this doesn’t have a sequencer then stuff it

Filthy McNasty says:

Nice demo.
Montage is not a workstation.

ccfunk1 says:

Great sound.but I hate there is no song-pattern sequencer and no sampling. all those EDM/Trance style performances are more horrible than sampling loops from records. its a cool concept, but it would be better with a on board song-pattern sequencer and some great acoustic funk drum kits.

George Dimopoulos says:

So true!

Gerard Syd says:

arretes de parler ! du son


This new montage is a joke, shame on yamaha, 4 gran for 88 version jajaja na im good, people keep your motif and wait another 3 or whatever years for what ever yamaha is coming up with.

OTO TAKE says:

The Montage sounds are extremely thin, washy and distant like coming from a computer plugin.
There are absolutely no decent piano sounds, the best of them sounding like a toy piano heavily EQ’d to make it stand out. No wonder knob will compensate for that!
Surprisingly disappointing.

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