Yamaha MODX Synthesizer REVIEW + Sound Demo & Tutorial

Review of the Yamaha ModX Synthesizer + sound demo and tutorial. BE AWESOME and become a Patron: http://www.patreon.com/bobeats

Part 1: Basic features 2:35
Part 2: Creating a sound 4:44
Part 3: Adding a FM voice 13:27
Part 4: Motion control 19:00
Part 5: Computer integration 27:13
Part 6: Pros and cons 28:56
Part 7: Alternatives 30:58

☀Watch videos about the Montage to learn more about the MODX
Great Review (series) of all features https://youtu.be/n4mMMp9thJg
Processing other synths: https://youtu.be/zmZzK3dIP6A
Building analog synth sounds: https://youtu.be/qAHjgDSqhFg
Fm synthesisers on montage https://youtu.be/aWgvag_7DkI
SuperKnob Assignments: https://youtu.be/Ng4i14flwwM

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Ian Warwick says:

Ah hello baby! Your buttons and sliders are not safe now! 🙂

ato zee says:

peep peep peep… looks nice.

jaybeetdown says:

Cool, I want one!

Red Means Recording says:

Great walkthrough, Bo! I want one of these now! I hate you!

Mr. Basic says:

Wow! Great video! So many voices, so many layers…

SferaMusicLive says:

Bo + Yamaha? This can’t be 🙂

Wilderness Music says:

Bo!!! I am super amazed at this review!!! This is without any doubt the best review of the Yamaha synth engine architecture ever done on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter. Excellent presentation of the synth engines, it was very understandable and clear to me ( I have been researching the Yamaha synth engines from their PDF manuals for years now) But you made it clear and filled in all missing parts I did not understand. THEN…you even did the FM engine and motion control, fantastic! NO ONE has ever done such a great review before on the MOX, MOtive or Montage which are basically the same editing structure. Thank you for the best review of a Yamaha synth in the history of reviews!!!!!

Max Loomis says:

Long time soncw i posted.
Wow is that a new little bo?! Congratulating!

LeventeZone says:

I may never live long enough to see Yamaha releasing something beyond the AWM2+FM combo that in its essence dates back to SY-77. Nice to have touch screen and a trimmed-down Montage basically at a very nice price point, but… once upon a time we had non-zero probability of seeing something new in a new synth. The FM engine is, just to put it in context, a tiny fraction of what 18 years ago their supreme FS1R module could do – and if we think of EX5 and the potential of combining FM with e.g. physical modelling and other engines, i.e. stepping out of this Groundhog Day of same box of FM thinking… nowadays at very affordable prices. Ah well.

Simon Cassel says:

✨Great as always Bo!✨ btw do you know what the price will be?

Robert Syrett says:

“Beep Beep Beep” – Yamaha touchscreen, 2018.

Flatland Sounds says:

No not confused at all that interface is genius.

Doug B says:

That first patch (Bob) reminded me of ‘When I grow up’ by Fever Ray

Felix B says:

Isn’t this a workstation keyboard?

Tyler Alan Johnson says:

BoBeats is the best, looks like a great synth Yamaha!

Valdis Krebs says:

It has many great sounds … from cocktail lounge to rave warehouse to cathedral… 2000 presets!
Lots of menu-diving… but powerful. Liked the coffee break music!

ex nihilo says:

I wasn’t aware that I needed this and I also wasn’t aware how sensual coffee can be

paul brennan says:

great video I want one for the dx

Igal Kuperman says:

How much it coast ??? Great review bo

house machine says:

Hmm not really excited for this synth maybe I need to see in person

Woody Piano Shack says:

nice 1 bo! quick off the mark as always. i’ll check out the full vid after the launch event. but, already I am wondering how do you get the dark theme on the display, I can’t find that setting, need some expert advise please! 😀

house machine says:

You got a great helper Bo! God bless

SynthPimp says:

Nice overview. I think it sounds great.

Daniel Davis says:

Sounds awesome.

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