Yamaha MODX review: Everything you need to know

Yamaha has taken the brains in its flagship synth Montage, and put it in a much less expensive package. Here’s an extremely comprehensive review of every material feature of Yamaha’s MODX, including both synth engines (with a basic FM synthesis tutorial thrown in…), the arpeggiator (including how to make custom arpeggios and sequences) and MODX’s powerful mod matrix and motion sequencing features.

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Here’s a timeline of the video:
0:00 Intro
0:40 Basic concepts/Performance
1:40 Sound engines
2:10 Samples (AWM2)
3:20 Elements
7:40 Common controls
8:20 Effects
9:40 Common LFO
10:05 FM-X engine
15:00 The mod matrix
16:30 Assigning knobs
17:30 Control Assign
20:15 Envelope Follower
21:20 Motion Sequencer
23:30 Super Knob
25:00 10,000 arpeggios?!
27:05 Creating your own custom arpeggios and sequences
30:30 Mixing, layering and splitting parts
32:00 Finding content on board and online
34:00 Using scenes
34:45 Connectivity
37:00 Pros & cons

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Gustavo Elizondo says:

The arpeggiators truly blew my mind. I was considering this as my new buy, now I am pretty sure I’ll eventually own one! Just need to decide between the 6 or the 7 version…

ahol967 says:

I was immediatelly enthusiastic, when I see LARGE screen window of MODX. Bravo!

Mr. Bourne Productions says:

You really make the best product reviews. Very informative precise content. Thank you for making these videos.

jaybeetdown says:

This is great! Cant wait to try this at home!

Luke Bogacik says:


Casa Belen says:

Goodnight. How does a TV connect?

Alessandro Guimarães de Andrade says:

Fantastic! Thank you for this information!

link2012 says:

Wow. This is best modx review in youtube. Thanks for your effort.
BTW, I have a question. In control assign option, is it possible to assign certain parameter to external controller like korg nanokontrol?

peter bombala says:

It looks like a iPad with keyboard

Malcolm Gregoire says:

I haven’t had a new synth in years and still have my Korg i2 workstation which can modify the preset sounds but you lose those mods once you change to a different sounds. Does the MODX allow those changes to be saved when the unit is turned off or do you have to start from scratch each time?

dean walliss says:

The synth is cool, but your demo is just the best. It’s a really clear, dispassionate, comprehensive (but appropriately concise) summary of all the key features. Thanks.

Bobin Jacob says:

How much would you rate modx out of 10?

geecen says:

But whyyyyy no aftertouch?!? The Blofeld keys has aftertouch adn is a much cheaper synth. Makes me annoyed as they hobbled it.

thisisobsolete says:

Just got my MODX8. Very helpful video before diving into the manual. Thanks! Do you really think they’ll add any kind of step/piano roll sequencing? They haven’t to the Montage. I’ve the impression it’s a deliberate decision by Yamaha to first encourage people to use Cubase (they own Steinberg) and second because their market research tells them most people don’t want it. Personally I would like to see a seqeuncer on board. Not to replace a DAW but complex enough to sketch ideas without leaving the MODX until later in the writing process.

Donny Darko says:

again the best presentation out there! keep it up!

MostlyRandom says:

is it possible to turn of the beep when you use the touchscreen?
that would drive me insane after about 10 seconds

King Zetano The Electronic Musician says:

is it just me or does the buttons on screen sound like a cricket as always great video all are great u do the best for tutorials cheers and be safe

Obwanz 1 says:

My apologies, I had been at another site, and had made a comment to Daniel Fisher at Sweetwater, bu t the video switched and put it on this one. (Although I don’t see my comment anymore)?

Herbert White says:

Great job. Best yet

Jsn Sdx says:

That’s great and all, but it just doesn’t have the style, immediacy and cool sounds of the Prophet-X. This is like the mega-church version. Still, on-point review/demo as always (the way it should be done imo). One thing though…how can you tease Tears For Fears without doing the whole thing including singing? I wanna hear you cover the whole thing and sing it! Even if it’s terrible!

Mark B says:

Well thank you loopop . Yamaha should give you some money .Because there has not been such a comprehensive demonstration of the Montage synth as you have done .Well done !This has helped me make a decision in the positive way .People do make decisions from good demonstrations .Not just advertisements .Thank you again .

Venom's Lair says:

MODX is like 4 DX7 Together. I’d Like to have one!!!

Cindy Groves says:

Good overview! BTW, you can speed up the responsiveness of the touch screen by turning off animations and blur in the Utilities menu.

WillTocaJr says:

Nah. Too much menu diving. Just bring back the Motif XF with a built in audio interface.

suga4all says:

Thanks for the great in depth review. I got my MODX 8 a couple of weeks ago and am still learning, learning, learning… Its such a monster of a synth, you have to love it 🙂 Your review helped me to even find more options, such as the user defined arps!

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