VIRUS TI REVIEW The best Synthesizer out there?
This is my little spontaneous review of the Access Virus TI II

I Really Love the Synth and used it a shitton during the last ten years.


Eleton says:

I am selling a access virus ti2 61 keyboard version on ebay. Inbox me if your interested.

Heaven UluDog says:

could u make a tutorial how to use virus ti as effect processor for audio, how to route etc?

white rhino says:

nice review you sound like the viliain from sky fall lol

Daanish Matheen says:

Hey Samuel killaa review and love your tutorials… i was thinking of investing in a Ti, is there a big difference between the Ti and the Ti2??

Eleton says:

And it’s already listed on ebay!!

K Freq says:

the best synth i’ve ever seen and experimented , good review bro ))


Hiya buddy what are the best usb cables to use with the access, will usb ab printer cables be ok, or would you recommend using dedicated audio ab usb cables 😉

Shawn Saul says:

How do you connect the desktop to a midi keyboard while recording? The TI2 desktop has seemed to only work when directly connecting via usb.

wayne martin says:

Awesome m8…xd

Remi Mugnier says:

Nice vidéo, yes your is very dirty héhéhé.

Mike West says:

I love my Virus TI2. I use it with every project. However it would be great to automate more parameters like the arp resolution, and there are others. I love doing this with the Ableton Live arp where you can change the speed with automation. The only way I can think of getting around this is by bouncing different resolutions to audio. Anyways, it’s a great synth and I hope Access plan on making a new one. It’s been a while.

sacredgeometry says:

Its walnut and its not “real” its a veneer

Evan Tan says:

Best and concise video

Erich B. says:

The Access Virus Ti2 is absolutely, the finest synthesizer ever made.

ultimateXsounds says:

Nice review ! Cheers from Ti freat !

VLK says:

Совершенно верно! Virus ti2 лучшая машина немецкого серийного музпрома!

Marc Panjai says:

Thx for your review. I am thinking about a major upgrade for my home pstrance studio 🙂 want to get virus ti 2, Mashine mk2 and Komplete. Together a huge step for me.. if you´re german please feel free to answer in german. I do have problems with the model of the ti2 i want.. i like the beauty of the white polar but it will be just a studio workhorse. I like to play in stuff, and still got midi keyboard with 49 keys. Do you ever miss the keyboard section? I dont like the big one course of the lost space that exists on the right panel, seems to me they should have do more knobs on it for that price.. but i like to have the access to the higher notes while i am playing bass. Using Cubase as DAW makes many things very complex (change to cubase from Ableton) so how about the workflow? Looks to me that it will be best to create a basic setup that has one TI chain – and the Rest route to audio Track – but how to recover automations? Is it possible to save Multi Patches with preloaded sounds? That i can name it “the liquid game” > load it > all banks are like i leave them?

The Virus is a dream since i played it for the first time. But do you know any hardware or software problems that will be great to know / check bevor buying it? Would be very nice to know 🙂

Streets of Vancouver says:

Probably the best introduction to it that I’ve seen

Renaissance Man says:

OMFG I so LOVE this synth! I would say my favorite synth that I have tried next to the Moog. I would get the keyboard version as having keys to play is essential. I only wish that it was not so bloody expensive! At 3k it costs a lot more than most high end gear. Hmm guess I need to wait for a used one to come on the market. How do you like it compared to Elektron Analog 4?

Snzorkal says:

Rock the shit out of it, nice one!

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