VINTAGE SYNTHESIZER MUSEUM – Synth Studio Tour & Synthesizer Reviews – An in-depth synth studio tour of the Vintage Synthesizer Museum — a classic synth, music & recording studio in Oakland, California.

The Vintage Synthesizer Museum is a legendary synthesizer music studio where you can play, record, and learn about vintage analog synths including Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha CS-60, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Arp 2600 and more.

The Vintage Synth Museum features over 40+ analog synthesizers and various drum machines, effects, amplifiers, keyboards, music and audio recording tools.

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Vintage Synthesizer Museum – Synth studio tour timecodes:

00:00 – Intro

00:28 – Yamaha CS-70M
00:31 – Yamaha CS-60
00:33 – Oberheim OB-Xa
00:36 – Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
00:37 – Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
00:37 – EMS Vocoder
00:40 – Roland RS-505
00:40 – Roland Jupiter 6
00:40 – Roland TR-808
00:41 – Roland Jupiter 4
00:41 – Roland Jupiter 8
00:48 – Yamaha CS-40M
00:48 – Rhodes Piano
00:52 – Rhodes Chroma
00:52 – DK Syngery
00:52 – Korg Mono/Poly
00:56 – Buchla Music Box

01:15 – ElectroComp 200
01:17 – Korg Vocoder
01:20 – Korg MS-50
01:20 – Korg MS-20 & MS-10
01:32 – Roland SH-101
01:35 – Roland TR-606
01:36 – Sequential Circuits Pro-One
01:38 – Roland TR-909
01:42 – CMI Fairlight

01:55 – Monosynth wall

02:08 – Aelita synth
02:10 – Arp 2600
02:33 – Korg PS-3100
02:40 – Gleeman Pentaphonic
02:52 – Crumar SPirit
02:58 – ElectroComp 101
03:03 – Korg Maxi-Korg
03:07 – Moog Minimoog Model D
03:11 – Oxford OSCar
03:17 – Steiner Parker Synthacon
03:18 – Octave The Cat

03:50 – Rhodes Chroma
03:55 – DK Syngery
04:10 – Korg Mono/Poly
04:37 – Roland Jupiter 6
05:07 – Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

05:42 – Conclusion



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Terence Edwards says:

from the 70s

Stephen Anthony says:

I’ll give you $50 for all that old junk, and I will even pay for a truck to haul it all away!

Terence Edwards says:

its worth more the giza

Dr. Paul McNeil says:

That’s what I had when I was 21,
Now I am 60,
My 18 month old neice played it well,
and Loved it,
polyphonic Synthesizer
Now I sometime play the piano
0010110 Paul

Barry Warne says:

this was pretty how me and my brother spent every Saturday around town as soon as I got my driver’s license

Terence Edwards says:

just sitting in a pool of my own gizz seeing it all agaian

Digithalis says:

awesome room for electro music freaks 🙂

Mav Scientific Records says:


Luke Kage says:

This is great. You must have enjoyed yourself for a long time there that day

Hugh Mongus says:

That 2600 was really tuned Keith Emerson style.

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp magical synthesizer channel says:


Gav Thorpe says:

How did you ignore the four voice?!

Terence Edwards says:

its where u live now int it……hes sleeping under a tree round the back

Terence Edwards says:

more like a bucket and a mop

Pure Ambient Drone says:

How did they get you OUT of the store? I bet you went out kicking and screaming, oh wait that would be me ha ha, great video buddy!

mattsynth says:

The Gleeman looks like something from the movie Forbidden Planet.

Markus Junnikkala says:

Damn that looks wonderful. So many great tools for inspiration.

Michael Sen says:

Line in recording. Nice. The keybed on the T8 looks amazing.

Kristomancy says:

Super amazing and synth music appreciation at it’s best!

synth geek says:

Cool Museum!

Terence Edwards says:

u wouldnt think that that arp blah blah is what makes r2 d2 sounds

Terence Edwards says:

err u like electronic music and all that that.say i waste more time sat infront of my keys and i cant seem to find anyone intrested in this cubushack of an hobbie,r u a big tune man or a full blown atmospheric motzart wannabe,ive been doing this since i was at jnr school and i cant seem to get myself together,im 43 now ,,,i dont think im going to get a good break,i could easly put a small show together but its other peoples material and my stuff is cheesey

SynthgodXXX says:

Drool factor 1000%! Awesome studio / museum!!!!!!!!!!!!

lightnintrucker says:

Excellent that ya got to tour the museum. Thanx fer showin’ us. Can’t wait to see yer demos.

noddyspuncture says:

The PS3100 isn’t mono…!

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