Tone2 Electra2 Synthesizer Plugin review – checking out Tone2’s Electra2 synth plugin, it’s got 4 layers with 3 oscillators each. You can use VA, FM, Wavetable, Sample playback and more. Plenty of modulation, arp, and fx parameters to tweak your sounds and the interface is very simple to navigate.


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SoundsAndGear says:

Thanks for watching @Subraumspalte

Eduardo P. says:

Electra2 and Serum: way beyond the others…

Adronic says:

Is it possible to Automate the MasterFX? Doesn’t work in my DAW.

D3zMadre says:

Give me ya email I got this crazy 246 presets for trap producers free! I got ya

Elevory says:

Very rich sound. Like this one a lot.

♥ MUSIC - FACTORY ♥ Pascal Alexandra says:

Excellent VST merci SoundsAndGear pour le test

Nuno Pinheiro says:

Sup SaintJoe, thank you for the review, one question, what kind of a stand do you have for your Maschine?

Harlow Hits says:

Man this is a crazy synth. What would you say? Buy it or stick to learning my Synthmaster 2.6? I believe in sticking to one vst but there’s some certain sounds from this I heard that I on’t feel I could remake. Also the sounds from this have a warmer feel than Synthmaster I think

Loic Rathscheck says:

Cool you went through some of the presets. What I miss is more info the resynthesis engine. I will buy this synth today, so I will try out this function with all kind of samples and see how they mix with all the other synth engines. Looks like a power machine at a decent price too!

Ziggy LongWay says:

I need this!!

BIG BOSS says:

yo ma brutha
can you please review Synapses Dune 2
really fucking excited about that new baby

Jeremy Daw says:

Do you think Electra2 has the same FM capabilities of Nemesis?

T King W says:

5 + rating

Subraumspalte says:

I love this program !

jamal kennedy says:

In your opinion what’s better for trap, nexus or this?

Tha Trouble Makers says:

Tone2 FTW!

SplashWaveFX Beats says:

Man, this vs the Nemesis…..It’s a tough one. I might as well get both.

cyphersuit1 says:

Can i really load my own samples in?

M. Tilla says:

Thanks for another detailed review!

Ave Mcree says:

this joint looks crazy… I really love using wavetable synths and it looks like this one in particular you can modulate/arp 3 different waveforms at once… at max its usually 2 waveforms and you have to automate parameters but this one you can route them.. and you control the envelope

Jim Shannon says:

Nice review, I hope you review some of their sample packs for this thing.

teeblack06 says:

this a cool vsti. i see you got the Komplete Kontrol S25 in the background. how you like it?

Mike Villa says:

how do you use this sofware with maschine been trying to figure out for 2 day plxxx help heres email

Reggmail says:

Thanks for sharing that Brother Saintjoe. I’m comparing Tone2 to Sylenth. I like tweaking sounds close to what I need as appose to a more intense sound design from scratch. Again good job as usual Saintjoe..Thank you.

godfatherNYC says:

Another great review, thanks. I’m loving the sounds from this synth.

Stevie Crocker says:

Joe You Been Doin This For Years… I Can’t Believe How Low Some Of Your Views Are…

hamilton b. says:

dam this shit looks ridiculous…bout to get dat…sounds like a Virus TI2 but for a fraction of the price

cyphersuit1 says:

Yes, i read that you can only load in factory samples. In your vid it seems you can load from any folder. Thx for clearing that up..

Attila Nagy says:

Really incredible synth. Must have.

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