this is a wicked drum synth

Today we are checking out RAKIT DRUM SYNTH as well as their 8-step sequencer and 5 channel mixer. Check out RAKIT here:

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Sample Dude says:

Who is Bob, and why is he eating?!?!?!?

Christo Roppolo says:

Nasty ! Peace Christo

NorthernCat says:

omg I want that drum kit thing now D:

Ah Bo, always with new creative ways to spend my savings.

Daniel Grace says:

Reminds me of the old arcade game Phoenix!

Dillip Phunbar says:

use a patchblock with filters

FSK1138 says:

4:29 love that bass……..
also for the 9volt issue you can use this usb to 9v adapter


0:42 sounds like the beginning of Never Gonna Give You up by Rick Astley

Joseph Wright says:

Basimilus itiritas alter. That’s what you need.

reptilespantoso says:

nice but come on…. eurorack format please?!

zeitgeist909 says:

2:29 – a what control?!?!

Andrew Crump says:

How much is the drum synth assembled??

Gordon Chin says:

The diy kit aspect is the most appealing part, otherwise it’s a pretty good noise toy.

Jimmy Sandwiches says:

might trade my Rytm in for 12 of these…..then again might not 😉

Alfredobean says:

Would you recommend the keystep or beatstep pro?

Jeff Reuter says:

Thanks for the informative video Bo!
Have to get my hands on one of these, so I just ordered the DIY kit!

Temporal Mix Productions says:

Whatever you’re doing to process your voice is WORKING.

AndrewCulture says:

I rigged one of these up to the kick drum gate going from my Beatstep pro to my drumbrute during my last gig. It sounded FILTHY. Think John Hopkins kind of filth.

VJ FRANZ K says:

it makes a volca look big! you could build a few of em

David Vad Krogh says:

Sound really terrible… why buy it?

Voxsel says:

how is this so cheap?! £67 for this is amazing!

THOM AlphaXIII says:

Love it! A « mini DFAM in a pocket operator format » lol

Edd the alien says:

This is great really helpful and the names that you gave the
3 types of buyers are hilarious !

Andrew Roberts says:

I reaaallyy want these

ToyKeeper says:

DiY kits are a lot of fun. In a practical sense it’s probably a better idea to use something pre-made, but the kits are fun and educational and personal, and they encourage deeper exploration than off-the-shelf products.

StudioGeek32 says:

Now this time I will buy this?

AndrewCulture says:

These are made a few miles up the road from me. My Rakit drum synth is amazing fun on stage.

Jonathan Gillis says:

Could you hook this up to a Korg monotron delay? Or a Casio SK 1?

Jim Shannon on Sounds says:


nikolamar says:

hey bo! you should check out twisted electrons’ hapiNES and uAcid8 made from pocket operators’ parts.

Rakit says:

Awesome demo Bo, thanks!

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