this is a beautiful synthesizer

In todays video we take a look at the Gecho Loop Synth. Check it out here:

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Simon Kormendy says:

Will have to get myself one.

Mr. Basic says:

This is divine! The water is my favorite

insektgod says:

I love mine… nothing sounds like the Gecho… it’s the audio meditation device of your most advanced dreams. The future comes in a wooden box. Those mics are super sensitive. The granular is super fun. Everyone should own one.

Erich Nolan Bertussi says:

Hey BoBeats, have you seen the kewl stuff out of MØFFENZEEF MØDULAR, you gotta check out their stand alone units… incredible stuff Bo..

दर्द says:

how much monies is this?

gridsleep says:

Is that a synthesizer or an effects box? Needs rubber feet to keep from sliding around. Cute, but the world was there with the Kaossilator and Kaoss Pad a long time ago. More of the same. If I listened to that wind noise for fifteen minutes I’d be up on the roof with a deer rifle.

Lalaland says:

channel #234 has a very basic drum sequencer on it. I just discovered it. It’s amazing….
S4= kick S3 open hh S2closed hh S1=snare….OMFG amazing, just amazing :D:D :D, just go watch this

Brody Lowe says:

Have you ever messed with the granular freezer patch on the Critter and Guitari Organelle? I just wanted to see if you had any experience to compare this with.

Tom Stevenson says:

Bo, JD-Xi – Snog/Marry/Avoid?

Jameson Nathan Jones says:

Very cool and unique little box. Thanks for sharing!

XymXir says:

THIS!!! D:d;d:D:;D;d:d:D:D::D:D:D

Stefan Slater says:

Looking for a synth like this as a starter analog synth to sample, out of stock however, anyone recommend anything like this something simple

Ian Cottee says:

Oh very nice. I could listen to this all day. Ordered !

Craig Z says:

It’s so cute!

Victor Roy says:

Cool vid & funny synth 🙂

Blackapple says:

i still don’t get it how is he playing it

RePlay says:

I’ve been waiting for a video for this for so long. I saw this like a year ago and I still have no idea what it is :3

Totally Not Nigel! says:

This thing is so cool! Officially on the waitlist for the next batch of “complete” units. Great demo, Bo, as always.


Awesome 🙂

ato zee says:

It does look cool. I can sure see it next to a pocket operator in action. Maybe you should tryout a jam session with these small synths. That would be a fun video to see.

megachad says:

ooh, i gotta get one of these and run some nice brassy bladerunner esque synths through it

arjuna207 says:

Whats with the fades? I thought my apple batt died 😀

Promethious B says:

Aww now i gotta buy one of these,,,,running outa space and money,,gas big time,,,,nice one

Dillip Phunbar says:

yes it is a lovely tempted…

Calamity James says:

0:15 Sounds like down with the dm.

KWHCoaster says:

Pretty cool, a little Zen machine.

FSK1138 says:

i love this device i only wish they would make it bigger ( full size)

Shadow Giratina's Evil Clone says:

For some reason I’m getting Minecraft vibes. Very C148.

Modular Landing says:

Awesome. When I saw this I was scared at how expensive it might be. But 149 euros? Wow. Very cool.

Joseph Baum says:

This thing is just incredible!…I have to play my electric violin through one. Also…I’m inspired to pick up another melodica. I had one about 50 years ago, around the time I played accordian. Wait a second…I also played an electric accordian………………

@me says:

This is a pure soundtrack machine! So powerful in such a small box… well who needs medical treatment anyway, time to spend my money on this instead haha

Moray Macdonald says:

Very cool, they’ve got themselves another sale!


coolish 🙂 maybe a bit small for my hands 😉

Bero Bujanovi says:


Maxime Frjq says:

You talked about new patches being made, is there a way to import patches from a computer to the gecho loopsynth?

Joe Botha says:

Ambient noise monster of note! Love how you didn’t get bogged down in the technicalities and let the device speak for itself.

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