The Best Synthesizers For a Beginner

It’s hard to know where to start sometimes, specially with so many options out there. In this video I focus on the best options for a beginner synthesist, starting with the cheapest and ending with ones for a higher budget.

Bass Station 2:






Korg Arp Odyssey:

Moog Phatty:


Waldorf Blofeld:

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– JAde Wii


xx_pCCR_xx says:

Hey, great video, thanks.
I was thinking on getting a Mini Brute as my first synth. A local music store is selling a used one for cheap.
Before thst, I got a midi controller and messed around with different synths sounds from Garage band. I’d like to know your opinion about that. Thanks

Matt Kaz says:

I love my Blofeld to death, and it is a good choice, but to really master it you will need some time.

Leigh Charest says:

Alesis Micron did not make the list, I guess? 😛 Any opinions on the Roland SH201? Walk the Moon uses it so I’m enticed. 🙂

nl.mattie games says:

I Just want to play piano everywhere without many sound effects
which cheap mini synthesizer do i need?

Ryu Sf says:

I want a 49 weighted Keys synth, does that exist?

Pierre-Alain OUDOM says:

And now the best first synth is model D from behringer.

ewanstefani says:

I use a BS2, 101, Vermona PF2, Behringer Model D and I’ve used a Sub37 and MS20 in the studio. Out of those synths, the BS2 offers the most sound design potential and flexibility for the price. It’s also light but built like a tank, which makes it good for live work.

TackyRackyComixNEO says:

I always find it weird when people call things that cost half the money I make per month “affordable.” Like, I would love to get any of these, but I need to eat and pay rent.

Floater says:

Is the Roland system 1 aria good for beginners like me because I’ve been wanting and lookin at the stuff it can do and it seems to fit my needs

shashmedia says:

I really liked this knowledge and pace of these reviews. You sound like you know your synths and some great info with a diverse selection. Thanks

Vincent Quiroz says:

Thank you for your help..check out the fuusa song ignominy. Making different music and looking for a synth..

Mr Moo says:

im just looking for a synth that i can use to record something and then have it loop forever while i play something over it. for example play for 4 cords and have them loop and then play the melody over it without having to play both at once, if you know a synth that can do this and it is fairly cheap cold you please link me

Lux Aeterna says:

The Bass Station is a classic, but my recommendation for a first synth would be a Novation X-Station (if you can still find one). Loads of knobs to play with – it’s a real hands-on piece of kit, which encourages experimentation and is capable of generating a wide range of sounds. It’s also a great little MIDI controller and has an audio interface which you can run through the FX section.

The build quality is a bit plastic-ky, but fine for home use – treat it with respect and it will last.

Montażownia nr1 says:


Bryant English TV says:

My first synth. was a MicroKORG S and I’d probably recommend that to anyone as a first synth just because everything is labelled, haha! I sold it within a year to purchase a good controller, AKAI MAX 49, which I use with an iPad (iM1 is the best app. ever!)… I also have a Kaossilator Pro, a Kaoss Pad, a few Pocket Operators, a Korg Volca Beats and a TB-3… My next purchase was going to be a TR-8s but I’m not so sure now…

TeaKat says:

I hear you. Those Arturia keys are REALLY bad. I have a Keylab 25 (its not a true synth i know) and broke a few due to their poor quality. I was able to fit them myself because of the great videos here on YouTube. Anyway to everyone looking to by from them, i would air on the side of caution.

My first real synth i got for my birthday a few years ago. I recieved a vintage Roland Juno 106. Its truely a gem to play. I find i am hard pressed to create a patch that sounds bad. I am sad one of its voice chips died recently, but i am looking into opening it up soon and fixing it.

The other synth i own is a Minimoog Model D. Oh man the sound it’s 3 oscillators can produce is spicy! My only complaint i have with it is that its monophonic.

Has anyone tried hooking up guitar pedals to their synth to further manipulate your sound? That’s my next desire, that and own a Prophet 6.

ETM Nation - Best ETM Music says:

SH-201 bar none, will never sell it. Just got the reissue Odyssey and I totally disagree with the advice in the video, it’s one of the weirdest hardwired synth architecture around.

Hamish MacDonald says:

Why you you dissin’ the minilogue? 🙁

Zahlenteufel1 says:

I think before getting into Synths, I’ll have to redo my definition of “affordable” apparently it is a little off…

Abel Zevallos Montes says:

I’m about to get my first analogue. What do you think, may I ask, about the Korg MS 20 mini?

JPacks says:

first one for 400 bugs. Well im fcked


For got the Berhinger deep mind 12 I just got one and love it.

Emi Krania says:

I actually use FL studio for my music but now I learned all about its synths (maybe, but I’m getting bored to play only pc synths) so I’m going to buy my first but I didn’t decided yet the synth (a keyboard type, maybe). I want to play something psychedelic, maybe new wave or dreawmave. What do you think it’s the best for me?
Thanks a lot and sorry… My english sucks >.>

Kieren Moore says:

Sound, features, price, futureproofing … the Bass Station II is the ultimate first synth available today. #fightme

Patrick Cupo says:

I know that this helpful channel is all about going DAWless, but for a beginner I’d actually recommend downloading the free demo of Ableton Live Suite. Have them study the synth Analog first, then the very basics of Operator and Wavetable. Once they get the concept of VCO > VCF > VCA ( and EG/LFO) down, and have formed some preferences on the type of synthesis they like the sound of (subtractive, FM, etc.), then they can go look for hardware synth for the tactile experience. With so many options out there, I think it’s best to do research that’s not based solely on YouTube reviews. And how many times can you go to the local music store and try out all of the synths before you feel pressured to buy something?

DAW research >>> DAWless jamming.

From the list: Monologue for its ease of use in the beginning, crazy motion sequencing for intermediate use, and its custom scales/microtuning abilities for the advanced user. A good synth to grow with. Plus, AFX patches to study.

Mortiis558 says:

A Lil Phatty running through a DSI Tetr4 produced some of the best sounds I’ve ever heard.

chris evans says:

I turned off ten seconds in when she said the bass station 2 was a remake of the sh101. Even in common sense terms it makes no sense.

Philly 101 says:

Great video it was very informative keep up the work..

Shadow Claw says:

I have a tip for you….. Say the price of the products in your video. Lol.

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