Teenage Engineering OP-1 Full Review

Teenage Engineering’s design tour de force. It looks lovely, but is it useful?
Full review text: http://bit.ly/ojoX1C

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Liam Guulfoyle says:

what does your daughter think of use, you washed up bald piece of carbon.!!!!

zodiac909 says:

The OP-1 is too Overpowered…Please nerf. 😉

Mario PixelPusher says:

Always thought people who confused 70s with the 80s a little scary!
Nice review.

John Mclennan says:

Great idea only to be stumped by a stupid price.

Jack Hadaki says:

I’ll take a yamaha QY70 over this

R-77 says:

fucking £800 fuck off….

JAN 85 says:

Where I can buy it?

Em says:

So many people complaining about the price. So what? There are so many videos showing this device obviously helps creating great pieces of music.

BarisH Mc says:

this is basically a toy

IBlameNargles says:

I know nothing about music so I am way out of my depth here but I really like the look of this, it looks quite simple to use. I am thinking of buying this but is there a product like this that I should start with or would it be okay if I just started using this?

Thomas Honigsberg says:

I actually get annoyed about how bad I want it.

Mac Joseph says:

link this with a kenton 5pin USB MIDI host and your golden!

Emoticon Music says:

Here is a great performance video featuring the OP-1. Sold me on it right away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPCxE6Gy4Cs

Hakon Soreide says:

Why do people still go on about the price of this thing – even after five years? When people do, it’s like they say they really want it, but they can’t afford it, and then they have to annoy everyone who can afford it by going on about it being overpriced, to the point that it sounds like not only do they think it costs too much, but it makes them resent the OP-1, everything it stands for, all the music made on it, and everyone who has one. The only sensible reason for this kind of behaviour is trying to dissuade themselves from getting one. It’s unusually ambivalent and no other musical instrument ever has polarised opinion this much. What’s up with that?

Come to think of it, many musical instruments, digital or conventional, cost more than this, but people don’t usually go on about how expensive they are. It’s really only the OP-1 that gets that special treatment. Must be because it looks like a cheap toy and when people realise it isn’t cheap (but still think it’s a toy), they conclude it’s overpriced. Most who actually own one seem to go on about how it’s one of the best purchases they ever made, and not a single one of them, as far as I have seen, complains about the price.

Oh well…

Ow Confessions says:

holy fuck 800 bucks. nvm ill stick to my leap frog piano.

Gordon Chin says:

I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing that $850 price tag every time i see it listed on Amazon. Gives me a real chuckle.

Atheist Orphan says:

Time to upgrade my Casio VL-Tone?

davedagreat69 says:

I can’t get past it being £750 and it can’t even send or receive clock signals. That’s pretty poor I’m afraid. Surely that’s a very basic requirement for a unit like this.

TristanIzDead says:

Wow this is an amazing piece of tech! I’ll definitely be picking up an OP-P sometime soon, thanks for the review!

Alexander Wahl says:

Oddly you look younger now than six years ago.

GameAndElse says:

does this work well with logic?

giligarden says:

Still €939 for this? No way. Ridiculous pricing.

Logan Lovio says:

SELLING AN OP-1 email me if interested letslinklogan@gmail.com

lonkchase says:

The point of the OP-1 isn’t just to provide sounds. It is a tool to create music on the go and inspire creativity with abnormal design and constraints. If you’re only interested in the sounds this can make, you’re looking at this wrong.

John Wright says:

This sounds Fucking awful.

Brian Westfield says:

I think it’s great people are still passionately arguing over this synth after 5 years. Now THAT is something if you think about it.

John Bass says:

Its a neat little keyboard. And people could have fun with it including me. But I would not give a dime over a hundred dollars for it. And should be priced at around 50.00. Thats just me. I wonder what certain component in it makes it worth 1000.00 ?

flyingfishsurf says:

John Dwyer, of Thee Oh Sees, uses this now while performing ‘Sticky Hulks’.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrMacbbLxuc   I think he’s going to have a lot of fun with this tool.

Iggy Tubmen says:

fucking stupid, no way should anyone pay that much, you could get so much more for cheaper (maschine) that run circles around this shit

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