Synth studio tour + synthesizer reviews / home music studio setup (10K subs special video) – synth4ever’s home music studio tour, synth collection, studio setup and synthesizer reviews.

This is a special video to commemorate the synth4ever Youtube channel reaching 10K+ subscribers milestone — thanks so much for your support!

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Synth & home studio tour timecodes (linear order):

00:00 – Intro

01:49 – Kawai K3
04:28 – Novation Supernova 2
06:57 – Alesis Andromeda A6
09:41 – Waldorf Q
11:49 – Kawai K5000S
13:39 – Roland JD-800
17:03 – Roland D-50
20:07 – DSI Poly Evolver
22:54 – Roland V-Synth
26:24 – Korg DS-8
28:30 – Yamaha DX7-II FD
30:28 – Yamaha DX5
33:49 – Korg DW-8000
36:42 – Akai AX60
38:59 – Roland JX-10
41:47 – Yamaha CS-30
45:19 – Yamaha SK-30
48:01 – Yamaha CS-50
56:06 – Access Virus B
57:31 – Waldorf XT
59:25 – Yamaha TG33
01:01:14 – Kawai SX-210
01:03:40 – Akai AX80
01:06:41 – Fender-Rhodes Chroma Polaris
01:09:49 – Korg Polysix
01:11:34 – Yamaha AN1x
01:14:50 – Yamaha CS-15

01:17:32 – Conclusion


Timecodes sorted alphabetically by synth:

Intro – 00:00

Access Virus B – 56:06
Akai AX60 – 36:42
Akai AX80 – 01:03:40
Alesis Andromeda A6 – 06:57
DSI Poly Evolver – 20:07
Fender-Rhodes Chroma Polaris – 01:06:41
Kawai K3 – 01:49
Kawai K5000S – 11:49
Kawai SX-210 – 01:01:14
Korg DS-8 – 26:24
Korg DW-8000 – 33:49
Korg Polysix – 01:09:49
Novation Supernova 2 – 04:28
Roland D-50 – 17:03
Roland JD-800 – 13:39
Roland JX-10 – 38:59
Roland V-Synth – 22:54
Waldorf Q – 09:41
Waldorf XT – 57:31
Yamaha AN1x – 01:11:34
Yamaha CS-15 – 01:14:50
Yamaha CS-30 – 41:47
Yamaha CS-50 – 48:01
Yamaha DX5 – 30:28
Yamaha DX7-II FD – 28:30
Yamaha SK-30 – 45:19
Yamaha TG33 – 59:25

Conclusion – 01:17:32



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Gustavo Clerici says:

Excellent Video, it happens that I have had some of your collection back in the day. The DS-8 being the weirdest one of them, I bought it in 1987, D-50 and ANx1 are the two others I’ve had.

Chipmunk Jones says:

The Super Nova 2 is a great synth

Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus says:

What’s your best synth for Trance?

Mark Ireland says:

OK, Which was the cheapest? (Factor in your repair costs, please)

Manuel Basten says:

I am happy that you are happy. Thank you for your work and take care dude

Torben Anschau says:

Watched the whole video and wasn’t bored at all – would have been easily able to watch even longer. Btw, the DS-8 is an 4-OP FM, so basically like an DX11

Mark Christopher says:

The DX5 is yuuugeeee. 2 grand on eBay now. The korg DW I’m very interested in

Machiwoomiapoo says:

Congratulations! I love your music and demos. Keep up the great work! 🙂 Your YouTube Friend, Sam.

Ki_Ron says:

Great video. I’ll get watching the other half tomorrow. I actually just bought a Bcr2000 for my Korg DW8000 after seeing one of your vids. Just in time too because it seems to be discontinued in allot of places. I wonder are behringer discontinuing it??

Alpha Music NCS says:

Great vid

Mike West says:

synth4ever what do you think of the Virus TI2?

Jason Frizell says:

I am trying to move away from guitar and move more towards synthesis.

Mike Smith says:

Hi m8. Just got back into hardware synths. I have mininova atm,
with blue sky reverb, and fousrite. I have 800 euro to spend. I am into
ambient, deep house, jarre, 80’s synth pop and boards. What would you
recommend as upgrade? I have synth xp (1986 dx7-207 ish) Digital and
analogue both sides mono/poly. What would you recommend? Mike….if not your style, sorry…….I ask your opinion 😉

ensoniqman 1 says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Well done!

AnalogSynthMuseum says:

nothing of these synth is interesting, do you know the real vintage synths like obxa, jupiter 8 , prophet 5, minimoog, sell all this bad synths and buy you just 3 vintage machines, it’s enough to make real electronic music.

axs203 says:

Hi synth4ever. Ahhh that is great you have done this. I’ve always wondered what your studio would be like! It would be nice to see your face 🙂
The one that stuck in my mind was the AN1x ……( the video/ambient stuff).
So come on. Out with it. What is your favourite desert island synth. We all need to know! I will hazard a guess. Hmmmm…Ok here goes…..The Supernova II

Marco Gamberi says:


Sean Richards says:

So basically you died and went to analog heaven? Cause seriously!? Dude! Noice!!

J-N-H-M says:

I Love it … but he is Sadly LOST … DO NOT BECOME HIM… Dont WASTE 20k plus like me …. ALL YOU NEED to do is focus on making a FEEDBACK LOOP STATION … i know .. it sounds odd … Relax … we will start at sound creation of the Wave ..
all sound is Waves . to Effect Manipulate or Master any Wave all you need if a FEEDBACK LOOP …. again what is Sound ? waves … any wave can be created with a signal feeding back on itself …. simply put … ask this guy to Make this many sounds from one sample … ( HE CANT… UNLESS HE MASTERS FEEDBACK LOOP )

oscillator says:

Nice setup 🙂 Some of your synths are more for ambient, some not so much, but it looks missing 3 synths – Hartmann Neuron (which is quite expensive indeed), Ensoniq Fizmo (great Real-time Transwave synth) and definitely the E-MU Morpheus (the most amazing synths I ever touched, have some demos on my channel). Yes, also Yamaha FS1R with 8-OP FM and Formant engine is perfect for ambient stuff… Congrats with 10K Subs and Best Regards!

Patrick McCarthy says:

Love my TG33. You can get cards with more sounds etc as well. I have a few. I love just having a sequence going to it and slowly moving between vectors to get different sounds.

Stefano Papaleo says:

Wow,, what a nice setup! Lots of nice machines outside of the ‘usual suspects pool’, which is great. I didn’t know about you and today this video shows up in my feed. Congratulations on your goal. Instant sub! 😉

Josip Bošnjak says:

This is awesome man. I am trying to get into synths and synthesis lately. Hearing you saying that you started to watch some youtube videos inspired me to do the same. Do you have any other recommendations for that matter? Any books or sites to look up to? Thank you in advance.


wow that’s a awesome collection buddy.

Marcangelus1 says:

You have some great synths there, very envious, also saw some, I intend to buy, when I see them and funds allow. The video could have been an hour longer, no problem, demoing some your favourite sounds from each synth. Congrats on your channels success!

Ralph Baumgartl says:

Cool synths and great ambient music! Really enjoy listening to your stuff 🙂

omni chem says:

Hi, do you think synths need external mic preamp or is it ok to plug into an interface?

Bob I. Gomez says:

I only have two synths, however if I had a collection, it would include many of these instruments. congrats

Ocean NCS says:


anthony patterson says:

less synths, more pop filter….

SynthgodXXX says:

Beautiful setup! Just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Basson says:

You have a really nice collection and congrats with your 10K+ viewers!Wooow!!( I have only 242 subscribers until now but I am also very happy with it. ) The Novation Supernova 2, Yamaha CS-50 and the Akai AX-80 have my biggest attention. In my collection I still wanted a Clavia-synth and a Novation-synth.In the mean time I have a Clavia Nordlead  2-module but not already a Novation-synth. As I have not so much space, I will be looking for a Novation racksynth. I am surprised that you don’t already have a Clavia-synth, but that will come I think 🙂  I like to add for the viewers that the JD-800 has also a nice rhythm-set aboard. friendly greetz Jason

evilmanimani says:

cheers! Can’t wait to hear your V-Synth demos. I’d be interested to hear how the VA part of the synth sounds. Obviously mangling the samples is it’s highlight, but I want to hear if this is the kind of synth that could replace a couple pieces of gear with a decent VA.

Shaun Da Silva says:

Congrats on 10K!!! And sick-ass studio omggzzz 🙂

lightnintrucker says:

Congratulations on yer milestone man!! I’m totally thrilled to be among yer ten-thousand-some subscribers. And I gotta hand it to ya, ya got an awesome synth collection! I especially love the Yamaha DX-7. That one has always stood out to me. The DX-7 was used on my all-time favorite song “Love Will Follow” by Kenny Loggins. Another favorite artist of mine Phil Collins has also been known to work with the DX-7. If ya ever watch his concert footage from his Serious Tour, you’ll notice he has a DX-7 on stage. I’ve seen other demo videos on the DX-7. I like it’s electric piano voice and it’s tubular bell voice too. If there is one synth I want to acquire, the DX-7 would be it! I look forward to seein’ you demo the DX-7 in the future. In the meantime, I’m savin’ up fer a Fender Eric Clapton signature Stratocaster. I’m also plannin’ on buyin’ the Mimiq doubler pedal from TC Electronics. Once I get that, I’ll be workin’ on my next video. Thanx fer showin’ us all yer synth studio. This was truly an eye opener. Once again, congratulations on yer milestone. And as always, keep up the good work!!

Marcangelus1 says:

I think the V-Synth has the same sampling engine that was in the VP9000, I’ve been looking for one of those for a while, I always buy local, so sometimes it takes awhile, twice the Yamaha AN-1 has been for sale but both times I didn’t have the funds. I’m not really a collector, but unlike you I haven’t been able to get my studio set up yet, I’ve forgotten how many synths I own, but I know I’ve got a few doubles. Two Juno 106’s, two Yamaha’s SY-1’s, two korg poly 800’s, two korg DW 8000’s and two Kurzweil 2000’s. And that’s just the ones I know I’ve got two of. I think your synths are more varied than mine you have some great synths. I think the rarest synth I own would be the Sequential Circuits Pro 8, only for sale in Japan, but again bought locally, it sold for a while in the states but wasn’t for sale for long, it was called The Split 8, its basically an expanded Six Track, which I also own.

Sacred Synthesis says:

Congratulations on 10,000+, Synth4ever.

Eisenhower303 says:

Love your channel. Reminds me of really nice ’80s new age, like Steve Roach. Hard music to get right, but you do it!

Thoughts on analog v digital? I feel like digital is way underrated in general. I bet they’ll be a huge surge in interest for digital again, much like there was for analog

synths colors says:

Congratulation for your fully deserved 10K+ subscribers milestone !

Thumbs up & thanks for this awesome synths tour… definitely multiple synthesis & sounds colors under your fingers for plenty more ORIGINAL AMBIENT COMPOSITIONS ;-))

Keep sharing your passion & talents throughout these delightful moments ! ;-))

si th says:

the jd is the best sample based digital synth with controls. wish i keeped my mint one the 002 is very good and008 i think 002 beat jd in tone and best sample based hybrid.

Maj Jam says:

make that 10,001

AwakeFM says:

Congrats man! Love your videos and sounds, keep up the great work!

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Fantastic video! You have several of my favorite/dream synths. The ones i want the most is The kawai 5000s, Roland JD-800, Waldorf microwave, Yamaha AN1x and any Cs-50 + synth. I highly recommend you either the Yamaha EX5 or Sy-77 although i am quite sure that you are aware of these two monsters already.


Awesome video! You have so many great synths. I have a few, but you have some great and rare pieces.

Mark Christopher says:

Yamaha cs is wowww mannnn. Watching this vid on my HD TV lol

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