SWITCHED ON AUSTIN – Synth studio, office tour & synthesizer reviews

http://youtube.com/synth4ever – An in-depth synth studio and office tour of Switched-On in Austin, Texas — including the Switched On synthesizer showroom, synth repair room and walk-through of the Switched On store.

Join me on this journey into Switched On Austin’s storefront location, alongside Switched On’s own Chad Allen. Chad was kind enough to provide me with a synthesizer studio and SwitchedOn office tour, and gives great commentary on the various analog and digital synthesizers available at Switched On Austin.

Visit Switched On online: https://www.switchedonaustin.com


00:00 – Intro

1:01 – Oberheim OB-X
1:03 – Moog Liberation
1:42 – Roland Juno-106
1:52 – Sequential Circuits Pro-One
1:56 – Arp Odyssey
2:00 – Arp Solus
2:07 – Arp Avatar
2:19 – EML ElectroComp 200/300
2:48 – Cynthia Modcan 4
2:48 – Tascam 38 + Studer A827 Tape Reel
3:10 – Fender Rhodes
3:17 – Quasimidi Raven
3:20 – Ensoniq ASR-10
3:27 – Ensoniq ASR-X
3:30 – Steiner Parker Synthacon
4:04 – Roland Boutiques
4:15 – Elektron Analog Four / Octatrack / Analog Heat
4:30 – Arturia Drumbrute
4:34 – Various rack, EQ & sampler units
5:15 – Roland JX-3P & PG-200
5:30 – Alesis Ion
5:45 – Korg R3
5:48 – Moog Multimoog
5:54 – DSI Mopho X4
5:58 – DSI OB-6
6:01 – DSI Prophet 6
6:06 – Doepfer A-100 Modular
6:13 – Roland TR-909
6:22 – Ensoniq ESQ-1
6:24 – Repair bench (EML 101)
6:42 – Vox Jaguar, Arp Omni, Roland Juno-60, Roland Paraphonic 505
7:00 – EMS Synthi A
8:20 – Various Moog, Roland, Siel, Sequential Circuits synths
8:48 – Wurlitzer electric piano – model 112
9:06 – Various Arp, Ensoniq, Roland synths
9:30 – Packing & shipping area
9:47 – Hartmann Neuron
10:10 – Synth photography area
10:19 – Parts storage & front desk area

10:43 – Conclusion


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Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Great tour!! Some lovely synths here.

Bob I. Gomez says:

I did recognize the Wurlitzer.

Machiwoomiapoo says:

Awesome store! I wish the stores around me would repair my synthesizers. It’s getting really hard to find a repair shop in the Seattle area. Next time I visit my father in Texas I’m going to have to stop by this store. 🙂 It looks great! Thanks for making the video! I appreciate it. Take care, Sam.

muco007 says:

I live in Austin and go frequently. The world wide demand has actually delayed local response times on service etc. My Oberheim DMX took 8 months to repair. Uber lame. I now use another tech. Super bummer! Also who cares about the liberation show us the Oberheim OBX :). My dream synth and I have an OBXA. That OBX synth sold in less then two weeks. I should have been quicker.

OxfordManual says:

Better not check out their website, road to ruin looming!

Davitski P says:

From Austin, I need to visit here

ranzee says:

Cool video. I’ve always wondered what their store looked like. I live in Australia and purchased a used Yamaha AN200 from them. So they get customers from all over the world 🙂 There’s a video on my channel of me repairing the data encoder on it.

Neuronal Sphere says:

Pitiable Neuron at the end of the video 🙁
… I own one in good condition and keep this synth for ever :))))

ubarhd1 says:

Great tour

audiotrax2000 says:

What a COOL video! Who is that guy, and how did he get started doing this?

Mellotronster says:

I bought my Juno 106 there. Great customer service. Planning on buying another vintage synth as I save up this year. Haven’t decided which one though, what would you buy?

lightnintrucker says:

It must be really cool to visit somewhere where love of synths is so great. If there is one place I’d like to take a tour of someday it’s the Fender Guitar Factory in Corona, California. BTW have ya seen my new video yet?

Marco Gamberi says:


Sacred Synthesis says:

Woe…if only that were my basement.

Will McWhorter says:

Excellent. This place will certainly be on my to do list the next time I’m down in Austin!

halcyondaystunes says:

Loved this video. What a cool store. Loved their rack. And saw a few things in there I had many moons ago.

Pure Ambient Drone says:

I want it. The store … All of it lol

ubarhd1 says:

Great tou

synthartist69 says:

I have been here a few times. Also had these guys work on my Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 6.

Disco 3001 says:

Here is a synth WOW, here is a synth WOW, here is another syth WOW

t55a2 says:

SIEL Mono in for repair on bottoms help?

Michael Sen says:

Absolutely insane. You’re spoiling us. Must’ve been a blast walking around all those classics just like that.

Gonzalo Pérez F. says:

The paradise

sactiger says:

Amazing equipment… almost like “time travel”, with some of those classic/vintage boards. Thanx for sharing!!

Wayne Beeston says:

What a great video, I’d be in heaven having a look around that shop better still working in it, repairs etc. Brilliant, thanks for sharing 🙂

Shear Przeslica says:

every pan of the camera reveals more amazing synths! For some reason the keyboardless synthacon really rustles my jimmies

Major Seven says:

He couldn’t be arsed giving that tour, he just wanted him to do one! “Thank fuck he’s gone, mithering get! I’m trying to run a business and we’ve got unemployed fuckin clowns pecking my head and not buying a damn thing. Fuckin prick”.

S.R. Smith says:

What a cool shop !

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