Sonic LAB: Roland SH-O1A Boutique Synthesizer

Another Boutique is with us, this time its the classic 80’s affordable mono the SH-101 which gets the ACB treatment. A classic little synth, and Roland have done a pretty good job of making it so.

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Joseph Lepkowski says:

Hope you get to the D05 and TR08 for the next boutiques Nick . The D05 is menu diving though as im sure your aware by now vs the ease of the Sh01A but it sounds great !

Noiselab Project says:

I love real Analog Synths, they have such a girth to the sound when you remove all masking FX but I also like the ACB tech in Rolands digi Synths, unlike the vast Majority of softsynths they sound decent too when u remove any FX, liking my JX-03 and my TB3 is great when using the basic Square or saw patches ( don`t care for the other non 303 others ) & this new SH-101 release looks cool as well


Digital?!! Goodbye!!!

soupforare says:

li’l ripper there. wish they’d get a hint from Korg and offer 1:1 sized version, even if it were ‘limited’ run

Synthematix says:

affordable in the 80s perhaps not any more, jesus christ another synth that sounds no different to any other, yawn.

zoundsic says:

love the ditty at the end

marc davidson says:

Thanks Nick.

Reggie Manning says:

I have the original.This thing is a fake

Light&Shadow says:

I had the SH101 shortly after it was first released and all I can say is: the most overrated synth EVER. I sold it in the 1990s for more than I paid for it.

pcuimac says:

You added frequency spectrum! Yeah!

Synthematix says:

real analog does not run at 44.1, actually very close to 380Khz

Anders Holmberg says:

Yet another synth with a display that blind people cannot Access and see. When will those seated people at Roland And other companies understand our needs

sfscstube says:

But can you play the filters? Oh wait….

klausnikski says:

That’s punishing at 9:46. I never knew mine could do that and also the different noise available. I know I should read the manual really. Another great review. This is the boutique I was waiting for and it is superb. I had a SH101 for about 20 years and this new model certainly does not disappoint. All it needs really is some reverb but I have that built into my mixer so no worries.

Villan Bond says:

Review the Prophet 12 please!

Coens CuntMusuck says:


mystermac says:

The newer Boutiques do 96khz don’t they? At around 2 minutes in – Nick says 44.1khz (which the earlier Boutiques were at, iirc)

Pete Brown says:

The SH-01 sounds pretty good.

mrbgnle says:

3:27 Is he using an XLR cable as a MIDI cable? Did not even know that was possible…

leesimeone says:

They seriously need to do a JP-4 Boutique.

atommachine says:

nothing better than a good dump if i may say so.

Yuriev Olmos says:

What are you using for the scope? Is it a hardware scope with USB interface or is it done in software?

Derek Jones says:

Boutique size is silly

warbatron2 says:

Bloody love this guys reviews

Unreallystic says:

Seeing the lack of FX section points me to the Roland Aira MX-1. They are really leaving money on the table ignoring the Aira series/letting it concievably die. I would shell out the money for a MX-2 with more inputs and USB power for the Boutiques as the MX-1 only has USB3 which can power a Boutique.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

These Boutique series seems to sound very good and close to the originals. Then there isn’full MIDI implementation and studio integration can be an annoyance. No adapter included is also big negative imho.

OTOH you can get lost in time and music with two or three of these machines together at around €1000. or less.

For those that have a bit more disposable income or patience to save up, I’d also have a look at the Moog Sub Phatty and DSI Mopho. I can see myself maybe buying one of the Boutique units but not building a system around Boutique. In the end most of us want a full size synth with big knobs that are easy to use and a keyboard that is a mature size.

To me a nice addition maybe (mind these are one-trick ponies) but for those who love the Roland sound an interesting and reasonally affordable package.

Ig Oluffson says:

I may be getting old and remember things differently…but to me this sounds BETTER than the original. More buzzy and bright in a good way (like Juno106 vs JX10(see my channel) and not in an over the top way. I used to have to EQ the SH101 (and Juno 106(still do) to death to get them to fit in a mix.

Andrew Mc Conville says:

I love the sound of the SH-101! …I hate the sound of this digital piece of shit. Watch this to know why…

MegaCrasherMusic says:

5:20, reminds me of modern-day NIN, like something off Hesitation Marks. Very nice!

Argira Selene says:

Sounds awesome

The State of Art Grimsby says:

Play it already – fives minutes of drivel

todd meder says:

Sh01a or korg monologue?

Project NEMESI5 says:

5:16 Pulsewidth confirmed

Sequential Circuits says:

Boutique anything from Roland is for millennial twatsters. Pass. No thanks.

xpjv says:

System-1 plugin in a separate wrap.

Unifono2012 says:

how about a boutique system 100 🙂 with mini cables.

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