Sonic LAB OB-6 Desktop Poly Synth Review

We take a look at the new OB-6 Desktop from Dave Smith Instruments and Tom Oberheim. 2 VCOs per voice and the classic SEM filter, plus DSP effects and arpeggiator and poly sequencer.

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George Lynch says:

Now that is a cool synth !!!!

Vibe Reflection says:

The end of this video make me cry 😉 , beautiful sounds in deed.

James R says:


Nara Anindyaguna says:

what’s the software was that for detect sound wave?

bigblockelectra says:

If you plug an 88 key controller into the OB-6, will all 88 keys work?  I see that the version with the keyboard is only 4 octaves or so….

1980sCoverband says:

@ 3:40. With just he Cutoff open and no Resonance applied, the waveform looks really ‘thin’. Would a ‘thicker’ waveform make the sound much phatter? It would be interesting to compare the waveform “thickness’s” between the OB-6 and say an OB-8 or OBXa or even a Minimoog.

SjN7HETIK says:

sorry… can someone confirm Nick said no DSP if using distortion? THANX

Jack Dare says:

Made the plunge. Nick is bad for my bank account

Sequential Circuits says:

An Oberheim for twatsters who think they will have a real Oberheim.

mamakuproject says:

what is this controller keyboard?

CCMusic says:

Not sure I wouldn’t short circuit this synth… I’d be drooling all over it while playing it!! ;P

miamigroove says:

But at this price point, you’d think they’d have included an Alpha display for patch naming. Who wants to remember what patch numbers #000-999 are supposed to sound like???

phatjayg says:

Why do i keep coming back to this vid? is it the synth or is it something else? After all the modular gear, i keep coming back to this, “and that’s just one of those things” isn’t it.

reason2910 says:

I realize this post is old but I was wondering which midi keyboard would you recommend?

Julian Langan-Fox says:

great review… spelt out the pros and cons and the sweetness of this synth.

Beatsmith2005 says:

Would love for you to properly review the Prophet-6, perhaps show a comparison with this. I can’t decide which to buy and trying them both out is hard!

StarTrek123456 says:

when you have too much money

NSV says:

lol at the Japan stuff at 16:00. Which is the other band well known for OB use.

Adamski Ajull says:

Great great review Sonicstate , in my opinion id have the sem filter over most filters anyday its so intrestingly versatile. Gorgeous is an understatement !!!

Vanessa Louzon says:

omg wow!

skyreader society says:

thanks for the “tin drum” quote

Andres gualtero says:

OB6 or Prophet 6??pick one

xisotopex says:

love your analogy of the battery radio…. it brings me back to hear certain sounds… boards of canada does that to me also takes me back to being a small child in the ’70s

memespace says:

It is really amazing sounding. Shocking how good it is.

Jack Dempsey says:

Nick, how does this compare to the Elektron A4?

SjN7HETIK says:

8 min and 16 sec: yes dear Nick, unmistakable. Totally agree, then started cryin’

Carlito de asmundis says:

fantastic machine..wish i can afford the price 🙁

Just Another Guy says:

That outro was spectacular.

NoiseCandy says:

Nick have you had a chance to compare it to an OBXa or Xpander (or even Matrix 6)? How would you compare?

chris petro says:

can you rackmount it

IntouchMusic says:

that sounds so sexy

euroDIGLET says:

Its gotta be one of the best sounding synthesizers on the market

liverawkstar says:

Nick , watching this again, didn’t notice my first watch: your playing the melody from Canton by Japan @ 16:05

Victor Roy says:

Will you demo the new Rev2? if so, any idea when? thanks!

channelKERR says:

Headphones required at 7:41 ! Amazing!

Sinemind says:

Damn! It sounds gorgeous! And I was just content with Omnisphere!
The price of this thing is really ridiculous though…

Eric Blair says:

Is it really worth $2000+?


You know it’s a good synth when even the quirky sounds sound gorgeous…

mollyoko says:

Oberheim makes a new 2 voice which sounds quite different to this.

Sinemind says:

Why in the name of the great Oberheim did they not make it with 8 voice polyphony?

quarkyzarky says:

£2,729 for the keyboard version? what a fucking joke. Come on man! Stop helping DSI rip musicians off. Prophet 6 and Ob6 should be in ONE unit (engines/filters) with 5 octaves and TWO proper LFOs for £2,729!!! Jesus, has everyone lost their sense in this retail therapised world?

Can get these sounds from other cheaper analog synths btw, one with more filter types that can approach Prophet and Ob6 worlds in one synth, has more LFOs, better MIDI spec, much better/numerous FX and doesn’t have the harshness of DSI tone, and do more besides (inc a Vocoder), but hey, they aren’t laid out for dumb people and take more than a week to understand so get a bad review from Mr Last Word in synths above. So people waste twice as much cash on a much less powerful synth that sounds worse and does far less? way to go for the musicians SS.

FantasticMrBach says:

Man, that James Reeno guy is such a loser. Get a life, sheesh.

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