Sonic LAB Moog Minitaur Bass Synth Review

Moog’s latest synthesizer has people frotthing at the mouth. Is it foot and mouth, or foot in mouth? (terrible pun). This monophonic bass synthesizer is Moog’s most affordable yet.
Thanks to those who left questions and comments, I’ve tried to answer them all.

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Blob B says:

Have they fixed the Windows 8.1 driver yet?

Renaissance Man says:

Pair this up with a Moog Mother 32 and Korg MS-20 for a portable analog rig and good to go!

Sco B says:

also the new update gives you more lfo sources and shift key from hardware like glide and lfo rate . also the minitaur can be transposed to trick it to be a minimoog type stuff and also responds
to hold pedals or cc#64 or glide + decay. btw to minitaur users my work flow is create sounds and then save them in the order i need them to recall them on hardware dial without having to dial in the sound

Noiselab Project says:

Good on you Nick, in English Moog – Mooooog, just as Food = Fooooood and not Fohge ! heh

AFKA says:

MOOOOG. Love it! 

Thomas Roche says:

Pretty sure it’s pronounced *morg* (ie. like “Korg”)

Soi11 says:

Does anyone know which midi controller he uses?

Kieren Moore says:

It’s supposed to be pronounced Moghghghghgh … like in Holland … :))

Eff Yiew says:

Less talk, more playing.

Xavier Gilles says:

best review of this synth!

Tobias Baier says:

what keyboard is this?

Wot Mate says:

Can you automate parameters on this synth using a DAW? Thanks in advance!

daniel evans says:

Do you need an analog synth to use it or can you use midi or digital?

James Reeno says:

Why does it only give us a 3 octave range??

MultiMoveman says:


purpleibby says:

No PWM=Deal breaker

Erik Persson says:

This review seemed very stressed and un-focused.. Is the guy not interested in the gear?

Nigel Dubois says:

Great synth but dreadbox does it just a bit better in my opinion. Thoughts on that?

Dr.Thrumpkinz III says:

Luke Vibert (English) and Jean Jacque Perry (French) both pronounce Moog this way on their Moog Acid album. As do I.

Robert Wright says:

Best reviewer on YouTube. Fuck everybody else.

Henry Dinh says:

3 most common comments on Moog videos:
1. How to pronounce Moog
2. How to pronounce Moog
3. And how to pronounce Moog

Daniel Mori says:

No PWM is such a shame.

paperchasin23 says:

Why don’t you just say it right pussy?

Ray McPherson says:

By the way, I do know what a wanker I sound, but when you talk about plus and minus octaves and db’s I would expect the right fecking pronunciation of MOGUE. Oh god I hate myself.

zonachi says:

I don’t understand the point of getting a synth like this. Can somone explain?
You can do MUUUUCH better with little synth as microkorg or mininova, with the same money…so what’s the utility of this?

juno6 says:

New OS adds hard sync, various LFO waveforms (including S&H and vfc env) and the possibility of modulating only osc2 from the LFO.

James Reeno says:

When triggered via cv/gate, will it go beyond the 4 octave range.

Majesto Music says:

Not sure why people complain about the limited range of octaves on this when it obviously says BASS synthesizer on the front in bold white letters.

Joseph baylon says:


Heathcliff says:

They keep updating the firmware. Now you can use the editor an an AU plug-in in your DAW.

Bradonomous says:

I’m from London and I always pronounce it Moog not Mowgue. Everyone I know pronounces it that way too.

Albert Sirup says:

in this case what’s the difference between the “nastymono” and just using a volume knob/pedal?

Synthematix says:

its moog! a cow doesnt go MOA does it!

streetsandlanes says:

Thanks Nick! Very informative.

GrandmasDay32 says:

Who cares how you say it. Just play the damn synth.

Anzu Riki says:

just got one yesterday, massive bass sound outta a tiny black box, very cool, bass station2 was tempting a bit but i made a right choice 😀

ShanesPlanet Shane says:

Owned it, sold it. Cried that nothing did what it did as well. Own it again and won’t be selling. You get what you pay for. Its just some kind of magic dust they mix in at moog i think. Fwiw, some may see it as a sign of disrespect, to pronounce their name improperly. Doubly so when you realize it and decide it doesn’t matter. A name is a proper title, not just another word. I’m next door to Moog Usa in Asheville. I was happy to hear all these wonderful products and be corrected myself. Awesome piece of kit for sure. If you have to ask why it does so little, perhaps you need a speaker/headphone upgrade or new set of ears. The new firmware has also changes some of these limitations you mention. Moog bass is creme of the crop!

Attaboy says:

If you would like to hear the Minitaur in action, Have a listen on my page.  The song that’s online has only Moog Minitaur, Waldorf Streichfett and Doepfer Dark Energy in it.

Curtis Jeffs says:

new to these synths, can i control this with a usb midi controller such as a launchkey?

Ray McPherson says:

Oh and by the way again (2) I met Bob Moog at the Frankfurt Trade Fair 1995 and asked whether it was Moog Or Mogue and it’s Mogue and now I hate myself even more. Feel free to leave various hateful posts, I’m gone from here now, never to return. It’s Mogue though.

MegaPhalaenopsis says:

Very cool that Moog proposes a real analog synth whith the real Moog sound , for a not too high price.

This man always proposes very good demos.He is entousiastic , that gives top his videos a sympathic touch.

Sorry for MY RUBBISH english,I am Frog eater ( frenchie).

Edward Piercy says:

Even though I’m from the States, I first came upon Moog when I was just a young lad via England, and I inevitably pronounce it Moog (as in mood) also.

Ray McPherson says:

MOOG? Mogue. Mogue. Mogue. Or is it Sonique Larb? COME ON. Sorry to be so precise and pointless, but its MOGUE. Don’t be an arse.

Skillz Flux says:

Didn’t Bob say he pronounced it moog and not moag himself?

Vladimir Putin says:

Shame about the limited octave range but I guess it is a bass synth after all. I’d buy one today if that octave range was able to go higher.

Artem Atrashevsky says:

What is the samplerate of sending 14-bit CC’s from measurement CV-inputs?

And how they implemented those 14 bits? They send 2 separate MIDI CC’s with lowest byte and highest byte, as it implemented in Theremini?

69drummerdude says:

You (americans) say “moag”, we say “moog” because there are two fucking o’s in it! (as explained by  Eddie Izzard)

George Tempest says:

It’s not a genetic thing, it is an ignorant British thing. As explained by ‘Bob’ himself, his ancestors were from Marburg/Germany and Holland before that. The correct pronunciation is ‘Moh-ch’, with making the ch sound like you’re clearing your throat.I myself am British, but also a sucker for detail when it comes to foreign languages ;o)

Other than that – a brilliant video

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