Sonic LAB: Dreadbox Erebus 3 Synthesizer Review

We take a look at the latest incarnation of the Erebus Analogue Synthesizer – its the Dreadbox Erebus V3 from Greece. We loved the V2 so how does this stack up?

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Sleepydog says:

PWM: 5:08

Tannith Velaqua says:

That’s a lot of synth for the money

Paul Boos says:

So glad I preordered this and got it shortly before Xmas. This thing sounds lovely…

Sauce_Aux says:

I had to stop watching your reviews because they gave me GAS. I figured I’d be nice and check this one out cuz I love dreadbox… I have gas now again, Nick. Damn.

geecen says:

Through hole vs smd doesn’t affect teh sound at all – the components can be built to teh same specs.

Lucas J says:

Welcome back Nick!

TheSlowGrowth says:

Holy moly, does it sound good!

John Penguin says:

I really like the design of this thing!
Big knobs and intuitive layout. Very nice.

Erik Lauri Kulo says:

Nick, I’m curious as to why the tuning knobs of the two main oscillators were set to around 2 o’clock throughout most of the video?

Modular Landing says:

Fantastic sounding synth, and a great value. Dreadbox make such interesting stuff and deserve more attention, IMO.

Licinius Varrus says:

sweet vid, man
Don’t forget to photograph or jot down settings that you end up liking.

Neil Barbu says:

I love PWM also.

The Wakz says:

Nice demo, great sounding synth.

Project NEMESI5 says:

Nick, always testing out the most important attributes 5:08

Gustavo De Beauville says:

Closing tracks get me every time Nick – bravo

T.H. Woth says:

Love the sound of this wee beastie. Fab review, as usual. BTW: Who does your makeup? You look 3 years younger! 😀

444 Levels says:

Which sounds better to you Nick, the Erebus v3 or the Medusa?

Joe Botha says:

Haha, sucked into the patch halfway through the review… ’nuff said!

Joel Corelitz says:

Is the resonance on the V3 pre-fed like the V2? That’s one of the things that gives the 2 so much of its character and I’m not sure I heard it as much here with no resonance dialed in, although it still sounds great! Sometimes on the 2 though, I wish I could take it off because all sounds are a bit resonant. So maybe this is the best of both?

David Szekely says:

I would love to be your neighbor.

Francis Lapalme says:

Nick the Pulse width King.

Drake10 says:

V2 sounds better IMO but it’s still nice! Own both

Dan2Hibiki says:

Hot take: this sounds better than a minimoog

David J says:

the dilemma i have now – Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A or the Erebus 3….

Ben Asaro says:

Great review! Do I spy dip switches on the back?

VCV Rack Ideas says:

such a cool design

Vesius the Bone Cruncher says:

4 pole ladder filters don’t *have* to loose the bottom end with the resonance up – they just need a high pass filter in the resonance feedback.

hiltonius says:

singsong harmonics!

Oatmeal1400 says:

A new Sonic state video! It’s like Christmas all over 🙂 Thanks for your awesome channel Nick! It’s such a big influence for my fascination with synths!

FredF78 says:

Cool! The filter resonance sounds very SID 8580-esque.

fnd says:

If it is not LP – BP – HP, how does it behave when set right in the middle?

Bob Conway says:

Thanks, Nick, for another great review. So glad to see you back in the saddle.

oneirogen says:

Nick Batt; a constant threat to my wallet…

The Irrational Media Society says:

loved the interruptions to play the sounds, we know you have to record it or lose it, more vids of you jamming please 🙂

Toby Mitchell says:

Sounds great but the knobs look quite wobbly

The Drümünkey says:

Great vid! Happy new year! Stay healthy at NAMM!

Two-Dog James says:

Wouldn’t the plural of Erebus be Erebi?
Thank you for another great review, Mr Batt. What a groovy little synth.

gigi says:

Cheers nick! Functionality wise, v3 clearly beats v2. But which one would you pick soundwise?

knurkas says:


Rodrigo Laporte says:

Beautiful instrument. Definitely on my short list

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