Sonic LAB Behringer Neutron Desktop Semi-Modular Review

We’re looking at Behringer’s latest analog synth – the Neutron Analog Semi Modular Desktop synth.
How good can a $300 synth sound?

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Andreas Lindholm says:

Really like the sound of it. Hope they make a poly with the same sound.


Ugly as hell but sweetsounding. #wishlistitem
It’s my birthday tomorrow and NO model D and NO Neutron for sale? Damn..

Gnarly Soundscapes says:

16:07 That’s just about the coolest sound I’ve ever heard.

tallgeese1 says:

This, the Novation Circuits Groove and Mono, and the Arturia KeyStep are on my shopping list, ~$1300.

45rpm says:

Cheap enough for a bit of impulse buying I think.

greedydotmf says:

Nick is supercool bloke.
Every time I stumble upon one of Sonic LAB reviews, I realise that it is a good example of fine journalism in music tech world.

Moms Spagheddi says:

I’ll buy Moogs new Grandmother… This is great though!

Digital Diezel says:

This is going to be Ace along side the TEMPEST! Very nice semi modular! Awesome price!

eh wurst says:

been going online everyday for 2 months now to see if it’s available

Teacher Mark says:

That’s dynamite!

Kim Diez says:

Im sorry if I offend anybody but…..IM SOLD on the Neutron already !!! There is just nothing to lose on this…..NOTHING , only gain experience with synthesis at a unbelievable low price !!

Antonio229 says:

i must say Behringer has a winner here. So far the DeepMind 12 and Model D clone have been a major success.

rhampton1914 says:

My Facebook Page on Semi-Modular including the Behringer Neutron……

Andrew Wukusick says:

Was looking into either the MS20 or the M-32, look like I won’t be getting either. This does what I wanted plus more for almost half the price

Rob Lo says:

im confused…so glide only affects S&H??? there’s no glide for the oscillators??

Antonio229 says:

Bass Beast

Felipe Signé says:

impressive of course, not fan of the red… i think people would go even more excited with extra edition with different color!

Lee Czere says:

This, M32, and a Dfam to go with my Volca bass, and Electribe esx1 a a and then I should be done buying gear….right? RIGHT?!

Mark O'Cain says:

I think I’m going to have to buy one of everything Behringer is bringing out LOL…it;s so cheap you could easily fill your home studio with this kit and have no end of interesting sounds

nym053 says:

Sounds very good.

House RN says:

Leave it to this guy to go through a 23 minute review without creating one sound that’s even vaguely musical.

Scott Beckstead says:

Sitting down, enjoying a Doof beer with my buddy Homer.

Renaissance Man says:

I definitely want to try one out. Way cheaper than spending 10k on a full Eurorack modular setup and portable as well.

Little Gator Farm says:

Can you mod osc 1 with Osc 2?

scubapig says:

Sick puppy! That is right up my street. The sounds and modulation options are ridiculous for the price. Aaagh. Must stop buying affordable bass synths!

Sam Britt says:


Gareth Lyons says:


deviousxen says:

Oh, goodness, the audio input…

gridsleep says:

The problem with the Moffet filter is it can only end up sounding like a TARDIS. And the timing is all wibbly-wobbly.

Moogaphonic says:

The filter sounds like a moog and ms20 had degenerate baby.

Erik Pollinger says:

Is there any information on when it’s going to be released?

Robert James says:

Has anyone read or heard why this synth isn’t listed yet? Even to pre-order? Everyone knows it’s coming, but no one can point to a listing and say “Here’s where you can get it…eventually.” Beyond that: Great review, as always. Like with most of your Sonic Labs, this one is really making me want to pick one up as soon as it releases.

Aster says:

Looks great! What does the Input do? Can you route external audio through the FX section? That would be awesome!

Ammer Reduron says:

7:09 holy shit!

Brooks Courtright says:

yo that synth is ugly af!! lol

kosmikmusa says:

When it´s available to buy?

God-glitcher says:

no glide?

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