Roland System- 8 PLUG OUT Synth In Depth Review

Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the Roland System-8 Plug Out Synthesizer.
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0:33 The tech inside
1:32 Front controls
2:12 Performance modes
3:54 Different modes
4:20 Manual mode
4:52 Arpeggiator
5:17 Chord memory function
6:09 Pitch bend & mod wheel
6:43 How it works
7:25 Oscillators
8:33 Modulation options
10:36 Variation knob
11:41 Second oscillator
12:19 Ring modulation
13:16 Third oscillator
13:59 Mixer
15:14 Filters
17:36 Pitch Envelope
17:52 Mixer – Noise
18:07 Portamento
18:34 Effects
22:46 Step Sequencer
25:07 Other sounds
28:10 Connections on the back
29:20 Who this synth is for


nicolas pauly says:

I’m sorry but, this, is not a synthesizer…

Herr Absurd says:

Leonard makes me wish I lived in Australia. Love his demonstrations.

Kkidzz says:

I demo’d both the System-8 and the Deepmind 12 at this year’s Knobcon here in Chicago, both great pieces. As an owner of both a Jupiter-8 and a Juno-60 for 30+ years ,if I were just starting out I would definitely grab the Deepmind 12 first. True DCO analog with an amazing filter and super easy programming. Save yourself close to $700 and add one of the new desktop Korg Odyssey’s with the difference. The System-8 is all DSP/modelling; Deepmind/Odyssey;true oscillators and filters. 😉

David Maximus says:

8 voice meaning it can play 8 total voice simultaneously ?  How many note polyphonic is this synth? Also, what does plug out synth mean?  🙂

HatredPrime says:

Lol even 80’s Roland’s VA (D-50) had more advanced synth engine and more polyphony. What’s next, VA theremin?

Maxi Deni says:

Roland thinks that we’re all deaf,lol

Thgist says:

is this gary’s modern synthesizer?

Rik Vanhoenacker says:

Cut the enoying arp sound while you are explaining :-((

djvartan says:

sounds like ass

MrBallroombeats says:


Paolo Costa says:

Sono questi i Synth che vogliamo? Bah

Berlosabido Pronto says:

Such a powerful instrument and you select the most primitive sounds, and you talk to much, is an instrument, SOUND AND MUSIC IS WHAT WE NEED TO HEAR.

stephane R says:

une des pires video demo que j’ai vu depuis longtemps .  20 minutes de scie circulaire , ponceuse a ruban , etc .  mode chantier …

Cult Snarez says:

Elektron Analog Key killer?

jj says:

I wanted to like this one since I really like Roland. It sounds ok for a VA but the specs are so unimpressive. One Lfo and only 8 voices, 4 octaves and costs almost as much as a DSI Pro 2? Most overpriced synth in recent years?

Brok Landers says:

as a sounddesigner (for my living) i’ve had quite some analog synths over the decades – i won’t judge the synth based on what he showed in the video. especially cause the guy gave a way too broad overview and _completely_ left out what could reveal the “analog behaviour” of it, if there. he kinda looks like a bit overwhelmed or not really knowing what he does.
f.e. the crossmodulation of the synth reveals its greatness when used with sync, like on a real jupiter/mks80 or even the sequential prophet5. then he did not show the crucial element like the filters with full resonance and a sawtooth, so we could get an impression of the feedbacksaturation of the filters, etc, etc…
i for sure will have a check indepth for myself in the studio with it for a day or so.
if it delivers, it might be a well worth addition, i don’t care if analog or digital.
having said that, they had serious issues with aliasing on the aira system1 when i tried it as it came out (as well as the aira 303 was a dissapointment in terms of sound). to me that was killing it completely. if they ironed out these issues – of course also on the system8, i’ll be in for a serious consideration.

Chris Chaton says:

too much talking

Scott Vampola says:

He’s just showing the controls with no time spent on patch creation.  I think he used the same waveform for the whole demonstration.

Jose Herring says:

Great presentation, but I’m afraid it doesn’t sound any better or different than any of my soft synths costing just a few hundred if that. Please tell Roland that if we’re buying hardware we want full analog in all its nasty unstable glory. We don’t want a soft synth wrapped in a pretty box with flashing lights.

Dante Pettus says:

Please do an in depth review of the Roland JP-08. I’m debating on getting that or the TB-03. If I see what I like, I’ll probably get both so I can create old school electronic hip-hop music. Thanks in advance!!!

tangente00 says:

this thing is so ugly, looks not modern at all and cheap. dont they have product-/UI-/graphicdesigber at roland?

monkey banana says:

sounds crappy to my hear–this cannot beat a access virus

Kenneth Gibson says:

if I wanted a synth that sounded like a bumble bee trapped in a glass I’d defo go for this. My first project would be the synth version of Flight of the Bumblebee.

Thomas Kolb says:

Sounds excellent – ordered one already! Remember that for every frown-faced purist comparing raw sawtooth waves and whining that digital synths don’t sound analog, there are dozens of musicians creating actual music.

Pasos Ausentes says:

aguante el matrixbrute 😛

Laurence Vanhelsuwe says:

So Roland really believed such a crappy display will help the sales of this animal?

fari borz says:

i dont know which one is better! the jdxa or system 8. i also have a jdxi. help me!

Evan Ware says:

Roland needs to start manufacturing some older models like moog did with the model D. Bring back the classic analog that made your company great.

superjet2771 says:

Ever get the feeling this guy had no clue as of how to operate this synth?

Ubiquitous Reverser says:

I only have one real gripe, it gets a Jupiter 8 plug out, and the system 1 gets, go buy the boutique? Kind of limits the plug out point to null unless your really up for spending over a 100 on a monophonic plug out, with the sh-101 being the most popular and at least when the sys 1 first came out was free to buyers. I think roland are still kind of shooting themselves in the foot at such a high price point, if it’s really 17-1,800.00 I’d just wait till I had the extra money for the Dave Smith Oberhiem 8. These may resell for a lower price quite well though. Not that I don’t like the sound. The jp-08 had me floored compared to the minilogue and moog mother 32, so I bought a system 1 since it has a keyboard and larger controls. ACB rocks!

Jankov Jordanco says:

The new Roland JP-8000 😉

Jan Martin Ulvåg says:

I bought a Korg ms 20 in 1978. Im not impressed about anything I hear here.

XPRMNT says:

Interresting, glad to see that Japanese are making real synths again, now it’s Korg’s turn.


trop de blabla inutile

Shadermader says:

Looks very reminiscent of JP-8000. Sounds a lot like it as well.

Elfwing says:


Babyblue57 says:

Digital crap. Keep the good work Roland… whatever it is.

Elliot Davidson says:

hmmm virtual analog with a few dudes in white coats poking around at circuit boards…

Janic Stone says:

what horror

Drachenreiterklaus says:

WOW, many of the sounds remember me on the 6581 SID from the Commodore 64.

LesFarrington says:

This is giving my JD-XA a serious run for the money. Roland has started getting serious lately. Lots of people saying “it’s just 2 system 1s for three times the price”. That is way out of line. I think the System 8 shows more promise than any synth I’ve seen in a while INCLUDING DEEPMIND 12. Guess I’m gonna grab my wallet. And I love the green! Those oscillators are really rich!


Wow just found out that Roland are bringing out an analogue version for under £2000!

Samrat Bee says:

its too big…

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