Roland SE-02 Review – Sonic LAB

The Roland Boutique Designer Series SE-02 analog mono synth
made in conjunction with Studio Electronics – a three oscillator monosynth with 24dB ladder filter, delay, sequencer and USB audio.

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brian borzym says:

can you do the PWM trick where you usc osc sync to have a square wave OSC 2 modulate a Pulse wave of OSC 1 or do you encounter the same problem?

meneerjansen00 says:

Like other people said: unfortunately the video’s got some pretty serious interlacing issues. Because of this, we can’t see the letters on the synth which is a pity because then we don’t know what’s being done… Maybe the vid can be rendered again or maybe some settings on the camera were wrong?

Ben Asaro says:

Great video, as always. But the focus was soft on this video; not as crisp as they usually are. When this unit was first announced I was expecting to be gas’ing hard for it. But since I’ve started building my modular/eurorack setup it doesn’t hold the same appeal any longer. Still, it’s a cool one-box solution.

E-Con Records says:

Knobs look wobbly AF

FireLeo IV says:

Any possibility of an MFB Dominion Club review?

vgfx nw says:


Diego Hostettler says:

thank god i have alot of vintage roland gear so i dont have to buy those new crappy things they produce

Karlo Stojcevic says:

hey nick! really nice review there and an excellent sound. speaking of it, how in the world do you encode your audio for youtube for it to sound this crisp? any “special” tips there? your channel generally sounds the best! thanks in advance

Project NEMESI5 says:

“The pulse width is lacking, alright lets end the review here. Conclusion? Not even useful as an extra midi controller” – Nick Batt

Ryan Johnson says:

I bought one. It’s tiny as fuck. Use your thumb or whatever to turn the knobs. Cramps otherwise. Great sounding synth.

First Last says:

wow, those knobs look like absolute trash. 30 year-old roland synths are still built like a tank. 30 years from now i doubt any recent roland synths will even be functional.

BlakeCasimir says:

Another excellent review Nick up to your usual high standards. But there’s some serious deinterlacing issues going on around the 4 min mark.

Vojislav Dimitrijevic says:

Great review as always. Synth sounds really good, but for the life of me I can’t rationalize why, it does absolutely nothing for me :/ strange one. Usually I get some kind of feedback from a synth review, but this one, even though it sounds great, for some reason is simply “meh”… weird…

Richard Olpin says:

Gotta love how Nick can shamelessly use ‘mOOg’ and ‘mOGUE’ in the same sentence…

Subparanon says:

Are those pot knobs that fiddly? On several of them the knob seems to be moving around like the pot is loose.

Joe Botha says:

9:00 with closed captions on ;-). Wow!

NutritionalZero says:

I’ve heard/played this in person and I can attest it’s a beast. Great value, I don’t think people would understand what it would do to the price to make it so that it could have full-sized knobs etc etc etc.

voltlife says:

Informative as always; thanks! One thing I noticed, though: on this and other recent videos, the oscilloscope shows very curved waveforms, especially at lower frequencies. I wonder whether this is because your interface is AC coupled, thus acting as a bit of a high-pass filter?

kek23k says:

Build quality seems a bit shoddy, shame because it does sound nice.

thomas666 says:

Sounds great but the knobs seem flimsy and wobbly.

Deryk Moates says:

Sounds great. Can’t help but to worry about those wobbly knobs tho

Gossamyr Thorne says:

My evolver would destroy this, and I had such hope…disappointed but *holds up finger* I would pay 199 for it, just to fill up an aira slot on my Mx1, so I’ll wait the year and check GC used then… 😉 great review Nick, thank you

JJS says:

Seems like a bit of a waste really. To create something so good-sounding and capable, and at the same time so tiny that it will put many many potential users off. I personally cannot see myself buying something at that price which you will have trouble to operate with your own quite normally sized fingers/hands.

pheotus says:

i tried one out. the sound is amazing and the price is right, but that said. the knobs are soooooo close together that when you turn one. your finger bumps the others. so that killed it for me. you can see in the video nicks fingers bum the other knobs…. too bad.

Vegetto Blue says:

How those 499 dollars becomes 595 euro ? Lmaooo

Jean-Pierre Joubert says:

Thanks for the review, Nick! (Been waiting for this one.)

You mention that the waveforms are good shapes, but they triangle and saw both look more than a bit sloped compared to some other demo’s you’ve done. Obviously if you like the sound who cares, but as I’m learning about waveforms this has me curious. Is that not a bit odd? Should they not be straighter than they seem on the video?

Jollo Jakar says:

Oh no! The wobble will kill all your musical talent, creatively and ambition.

Murk.FM says:

Can you compare this to the AS-1?

James Reeno says:

Wobbly knobs. Behringer D is built better, sounds better, and is cheaper.

Matt Greer Music says:

Why do these videos sometimes get a shimmery wobbly effect like it’s sort of underwater or something?

Is it my screen or on the Sonic State side? Just curious.

Great review. Looks like quite a nice little synth for the cost.

JoBananas says:

Can you fully automate all parameters via midi in ableton?

saZi Anasazi says:

I’m really hoping you’ll get a chance to review the MFB Dominion Club, Nick!

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