Roland JD-Xi – Is there a better value Compact Synth?

The Roland JD-Xi was announced at NAMM 2015 and we were keen to get our hands on it. Roland kindly sent us the only one in the UK for us to have a play and allow Jack to give a full in depth review.

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EvilfaceMusic says:

creamy, some might say

Bylan Veetriol says:

I want to start making dance music to attract girls, so my question is, what genre is best to make to get girls. Oh I mean the sluttiest kind?

Music Resources, Gaming/Nicole Marie T says:

Nice synth

Sunny Bear says:

Love this guy, not a lot of playing but I thoroughly enjoyed the talking, which is a first on synth demos. Great job!

Synosia Innovations says:

the old JD-800 (not the demos people make, not the presets) can make amazing sounds. Is this the first one with the JD letters since that 1991 synth? (that is my fav vintage besides the CS-80)

Harambe says:

2:19 – I’m gonna hold some nuts

Dennis M Bormann says:

He looks like Corey

theycallmejpj says:

this one, the microkorg, or the mininova?

Chad Six says:

This guy is hilarious! Is he in more videos?

Stefan Schmitz says:

Never saw such a funny presentation 🙂 I have to watch until the end which is worth a golden globe :))

dgk stl says:

Great Job. Very entertaining and informative demo. I have one of these and I love it!

Tommy Chappell says:

I love this a lot!! the JD-XI is brilliant, not just that its so much fun!! particularly when you compare it to the JD XA (which is still great) but this is much better. the price is right, the amount of sounds you can play with, the vocoder. i mean I think thats what a synth should be built on, versatility and fun!!

Deported Caveman says:

I have a 88 key piano with no pitch/modulation wheels,If I connect this JD-XI out midi to my in midi on my piano,Will I get to use the AD-XI for its pitch/mod wheel while playingOn my piano? Also will it reduce my 192 polyphony on my piano? Please help :/Thnx. Great vid buddy.

HETSoHz says:

I’m sold, but I want to buy it from HIM

Alain Dumas says:

Can you save sounds or switch from sound to sound quickly during live performance? Can you make like a set list or something?

D_S_ C says:

This guy should have his own channel.

hello yous says:

i just went to salad fingers thats weird but funny

orbitalchiller says:

I am torn between this and the Korg Minilogue. I know they aren’t exactly in the same category but this one is less expensive and seems a bit more versatile. Any thought anyone ?

fantom8207 says:

lol. my son owns one,and I love it. I wish the whole thing was analog

Aron Secchi says:

love this dude!! great demo!

James Elias says:

How much do these cost?

Synthematix says:

How can the filter be analog if it has stepping?

David Veneri says:

Play MORE talk LESS!

patrickdrx says:

Too much BlaBla and not enough Music…Thiq guy is joking and having no respect for his audience…..

ReneeNme says:

You talk too much.

aRp.L0rD.1985 says:

Hi There!

My MMT-8 hardware sequencer song mode is not working as expected when I use more than one synth with it. The midi-channel that contains the kick drum data from my ROLAND JD-Xi multi-timbral synth doesn’t active when the steps progress from 01 to 02 etc.

Any Idea why this might be the case?

(I’m using a Roland JD-Xi for the drums, and a Bass Station II for the bass parts)


Cl M says:

milo yiannopoulos, is that you?

Sadie Hernandez says:

was the uptown funk done on purpose? lol love this kyeboard

Tazty Kake says:

how is analog different sound wise? more of a classic sound or something? and digital is almost like processed food? not in a bad way

orbitalchiller says:

Hi Tim

Skye Lee says:

is it better than the microkorg-s?

NuffNuff says:

my sides

Noize Factor says:

The steps with filter part in octave shifting are digital – you can hear digital bits jump… so first part are not totally analog…

Work Ethic Records says:

micron > every other 150$ synth


is this milo yiannopoulos’s brother?

Gabriel Robison says:

Can this plugin to any music software?

TallicaMan1986 says:

Damn I love your funk. Also Salad Fingers hahahaha

Lissa Robertson says:

I also like rusty spoons. Hahahahaah, love it. Cheers for the show 🙂

Music Resources, Gaming/Nicole Marie T says:

Likes if you came here for 16:15

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