Roland Aira System 1 Synthesizer Demonstration and Review

Roland has released a whole line of new, exciting synths and we were thrilled to get our hands on the Roland Aira SYSTEM-1. The SYSTEM-1 combines classic Roland sounds with new technology through their Analog Circuit Behavior technology which faithfully recreates original analog sounds. You can control or host software versions of historic Roland synthesizers and even switch between the SYSTEM-1’s internal sounds and hosted plug-in via Roland’s “PLUG-OUT” feature. In our video we give you a full demonstration of all the key components on this unit including the oscillator controls, touch-sensitive surface, effects section and more!

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HatredPrime says:

I love its harsh, cold, thin, digital sound, I thought I would never find hardware replacement for my vanguard vsti,  thank you ROLAND.

Tonguç Endem says:

Nothing unique, just emulating replicas. Analog wannabe devices.
I wouldn’t even accept these cheap Roland stuff as a gift.
Roland is not about uniqueness for a log time and they have not produced anything unique for many years. They are just using the new analog hype to sell these digitally emulated replicas of analog classic devices. They could have at least made these replicas in Analog, it would have been more respectful.

Synthematix says:

16 people wasted their cash on korg

John Lohr says:

All the dozen or so DanceFair 2014 demonstration videos were terrible and did not impress me at all, Thank you for actually showing what this synth can do. i may just have to order one, maybe.

tallgeese1 says:

Did anyone note that this is a PROTOTYPE unit? You fear and trepadation is unwarranted.

Patrick Laureys says:


rei dv says:

Is it just me or do the oscillators sound horrible on their own? The sawtooth doesn’t even sound like a sawtooth


Incredibly sad that Roland has released yet more feature-thin fake analogs that will be quickly forgotten. And too pricey on top of it all. They did not get the message clearly; people want THE REAL THING – analog reissues. Long live Korg, however for hearing the public’s cry!

Victor Jay says:

I wish someone would go into detail for the Mod

Nikita Yeroshov says:

Very True, and Concise! Wish you’d went over the whole Aira line. As an owner I agree with everything you’ve had to say about this awesome equipment! Thank You

audiotrax2000 says:

This demo was so bad I just turned it off halfway thru, so I wouldn’t be permanently biased against this synth. The guy look so unimpressed, like he was being FORCED to review it. Just awful. Was there something wrong with the line feed from the System 1? Because this thing sounded so bad, compared to free old vet’s you can run inside your DAW. Roland should really OK these pre-sales videos before these are released, or it will kill off interest in new products. This sounds even worse than that lame Jupiter 80, and I’m a total Roland fan. Depressing!

Michael Romeo says:

Finally a useful and comprehensive review of the System 1, thanks guys for the excellent post, I am sold

Michał Nowacki says:

thanks man

Terror Mechanism says:

so far, zero user videos of this thing. guessing it can’t make music since no one can play a melody on it just talk about its features. who cares if it doesn’t count awesome?

donotseemecricket says:

If Kevin Saunderson was impressed by the new AIRA line enough to create a track on the spot with some demo units at Movement Detroit this year, I would have to think there are going to be a lot of people out there that will be having plenty of fun making new tracks with these AIRA machines.

MarkoDeLaVoota says:

thx !

Martin Dirk Zimmer says:

Was the presenter picked for his hair style? What an uninspired, unmusical demo…

Daniel Smith says:

That delay isn’t analogous, its just the doubler effect happening the as delay time is shifted.


Super Tri wave, why ? I’ve never need a detuned triangle wave.

San - Pler says:


Peter Wallner says:

They are so ugly looking.  I might buy one if it wasn’t so ugly.

Alexandra Cruz says:

better to save your money and get a moog

fiddlestickz muzik says:


Richard Le Maire says:

Coucou j’adore vos vidéo aller voire ma chaîne et abonnez bisous

DeRex9 says:

Why only 4 notes poly?  Please explain, after all this is VA is it not?

TheShawny6970 says:

wtf I want one but not buying til I know u can do modulation and not by using that dumb button ?

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