Review: Hyve Synth – 60 oscillators, and as many VCAs as you have fingers…

Hyve synth is very different from any synth you might know – here’s how.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Hyve versions
1:30 Architecture
2:30 Touch control
4:00 Note layout
4:35 Hyve layout
6:15 One-finger chords
7:00 Isomorphic layout
7:35 Stereo control
8:15 Stereo effects
10:15 Pros and cons
11:30 Outro jam

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Radio Rain says:

I want one so badly. I need them to make more

GPBX01B says:

I’d like to build one but it looks to be all surface mount stuff. If they made it through whole the PCB would be big enough to play. Oh well, crazy tiny is cool now I guess.

Minewalker Animations says:

sold out ._.


300 hell no. You can get a BS2 for 200 bucks more. Remember you are hearing this through a few hundred dollars worth of effects. On its own its going to be very basic sounding, dont expect much without a set of outboard gear to make it sing.

Jose Delacruz says:

I’ve always thought that type of layout is more melodic or at least makes more sense than linear layouts for me. Gives it more dimension and makes playing easier if u ask me. Thanks foe the post.

Max Heavner says:

This would pair awesome with Meris Enzo

Manuel Rodríguez Fernández says:

Very interesting!

Alex Kairis says:

I just pre’d…. Could you imagine that with midi 2.0? I just preeeeeeed again. so much pre.

Silent Jay says:

amaizing thing! it schuld become a MIDI OUT interface!!!

Art Vein says:


Weird Music says:

Ok this and the Ottobit jr are the last gear I buy then I am saving my money for my trip to Sweden.

Didrik says:

That outro jam reminds me of the music from the original Blade Runner

Bastian Jagert says:

Endlich, ein Interface für fettige schwitzhände 😉

Internet Bagger says:

Why ? Unnecessary

Casey Crummel says:

yas i wonder what going in a circle would sound like

Primitive In The Extreme says:


Raven Baldwin says:

It’s a Tonnetz keyboard!

Lee Bacott says:

That sounds very Robert Fripp

Justin Brown says:

Damn, how am I supposed to use this for my live rig set in the Amazon!?

AdrianVino says:

Hyve as a module…PLEASE.

Rare Grooves says:

Yeah yeah, but honestly, I couodnt be bothered with it. I like making music, you see,,

Alex Aguilar says:

first time seeing a video of yours and just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for including time stamps for specific features, OMFG. i never realized this is what is so frustratingly lacking in demo videos.


Ha, put the speed on 0.25 and YOU CAN READ THE BOOK FOR FREE, SUCKER!

Marcy’s Galaxy says:

I feel like this would be great for covering stickerbush symphony

Camelia sinensis says:

this should be a midi controller

Your Favourite Comment says:

another synth that is not for actual playing. got it, I’ll add it to the list.

zab666 says:

Sounds like the fez game soundtrack at the end. Nice one!

SyncdAlien says:


pitpank says:

This synth looks really cool. I didn’t know about it, but I’ve been working on a web music tool that uses that same “hyve” note layout (which is called Harmonic table) as interface. Here it is:

Tazmanian Ninja says:

This LITERALLY made my mouth water, when I watched half of this video (due to time constraints) yesterday. Today my mouth watered, simply THINKING that I wanted to watched the rest of the video.

I love synths that are small. But sonically, the way this organically interacts with skin moisture is so insanely interesting to my artifact-loving brain.

Retro Plus says:

That’s insane.

Steven Guy says:

What I would like to hear is an entire album done with one of these synths – to really exhibit what it can do. But what I see here is tantalising. I want one! Thanks for the demo.

H S says:

WOW …. just Bladerunner!

Dan Lewis says:

I wish you’d well identified the box the Hyve is plugged into. Please, next time, identify every little thing you have in front of us/the camera.

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