Review: Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

The Inside Synthesis Behringer Neutron review.


TheSlowGrowth says:

There’s no denying that this thing sounds good.

Wilderness Music says:

best demo of sound I’ve seen yet on YouTube. I would like to buy a DeepMind, but just don’t trust Behringer’s dependability yet. Will be waiting for long term reviews on all Behringers synths.

tibbarnogard says:

Would you suggest pairing with mini brute 2s?

lcaise says:

This company is terrible.They copied since 90s and now sued DSI. Unbelievable.

stephen roldan says:

I like the look. They have come a loooong way.

Zach Barnhart says:

Really great demo, and great playing/programming too!

artao5 says:

Fugly? It’s awesome looking!
You can buy some awesome overlays for it tho, since its look itsn’t to your taste.

Сашенька Шалаев says:

welcome back!

SailfishSoundSystem says:

They have no morals and will destroy Moog. Their quality is also shit.

mtodead says:

Is the part beginning at 2:20 FM synthesis part 2?

willrobinsonensoniq says:

3:16 The moment you find that sweet spot and just let it play out. Happy accidents rule.

ぷじなうてる says:

i want it black !!!

Apothacon says:

good to see you are making videos again

house machine says:

I hated it when I first got it. It felt cheap. But I love it for that reason and it’s potential. Im matching up the right template for it. No regrets. Behringer is doing big things

uhoh007 says:

My favorite review of this so far. Good Werk 😉

Digital Diezel says:

Unstoppable, awesome, fabulous, magnificent…is it clear that I own one yet?

piss pie says:

some of the best patches ive heard on this honestly

Knobexploit music electronics says:

I dislike Behringers business model but love the sound of the Neutron..

Kkidzz says:

3:50….Martyn Ware would be proud

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