Output Arcade Loop And Sample Synthesizer – Expert Review

In this review for Production Expert, Technical Editor James Ivey takes a look at the new Arcade sample and loop synthesizer by Output.

Tempo and pitch locked loops are organized and available directly within the Arcade plug-in. The main interface is built around playable kits that contain curated loops. It also contains 11 effects, customizable sliders, advanced modulation. A unique mapping system that uses the black keys on your keyboard controller as modifiers makes it a great tool for real-time tweaking as the music is playing. The interface also allows for dragging and dropping your own loops or samples, so that you can manipulate them with all of Arcade’s creative tools.

Arcade is free for the first 100 days (that’s over three months!) and then $10 per month after that. With the promise of regular feature updates, product lines, and loop content, this looks to be a fantastic, stimulating, and continually evolving creative tool.


butteo says:

What happens when Output goes kaput?

John.E SANCHEZ says:

Ok so how tf do you open this?

Elias Antonas says:

James always does a great review job. However, Arcade doesn’t attract me enough to draw me away from things like Reaktor and Kontakt (and many other plugs, engines, instruments I own). Under the hood, Reaktor is crazy versatile, and virtually unlimited. BUT … it seems more companies are attempting to make ‘cloud offers’. That is … buy subscriptions instead of the virtual instruments / plugins themselves. Access as opposed to ownership. Personally, I prefer ownership.

N/A says:

What would be the benefits of using this as opposed to using regular loops? I get the idea of being able to route and adjust grit, fog, space and focus. But you can already do that sort of thing with regular loops but with even more control. Maybe it needs a little more work to compete with, Splice. Not sure what you’d do to compete with that, but if done right id consider using this. But for now, I’ll pass.

Lionel Thomas says:

It’s a good plugin but I’m more concerned about their copyrights policy which is meh. Great toy but professional producers will look elsewhere.

Christian Schneider says:

Tried to get some info about this can’t find it. So, all the non percussive loops. Are they one chord only? Let’s say I have a normal song, that have some chords in the verse, some in the chorus etc. It is possible to do some chord progression or are you stuck with what the loops are? I’m a songwriter so I like to write my own songs more than building with LEGO.

Gussy Rikh says:

Very interesting

Ko Bo says:

Wow, sounds so shitty. I would stay far away from output.

Kidraver says:

Kontakt is better at weaving sounds together and has way better sound sources.

Gerard Xavier says:

Sincerely Pathetic attempt to make money by output

Gerald Van Der Watt says:

I was really expecting more… And I just paid for a year subscription… Oi Vey

Jamis Ins says:

This is not a new type of synth. Egoist is very similar and you can use your own loops. I love Output synths though.

Gabriel Leonard says:


IsraBeats says:

shitty thing…thats just experemintal construction kits with a couple effects like lfo and etc… and poor experemintal source sounds … the idea of it is good and front end design good but not useful for me in daily production…

gesslr says:

This isn’t meant to replace anything like Reaktor and such. It’s an additional tool, and an interesting one at that. I think their “breakup” policy is fair, but realistically the only real assurance you have of access to your sounds in the future is to render them out as stems and archive them. Not that different from standard plugins in that sense as you can never be sure ANY plugin will be supported 5 years from now. I think this has a place, particularly if you are working some serious deadlines.

Paul Speaker says:

Can this be used with maschine?

n says:

looks stupid

Patrick Ramey says:

Is there a way to use this program in Studio One 2?

N3orion says:

I am just starting out with using DAW’s and creating any type of digital music and for me this looks like a great gateway drug into seeing what can be achieved and have fun with it quickly. This vs. trying to learn things like Ableton and music theory, piano etc. before I can do anything which does not sound like a Charlie Sheen two and a half men jingle. You also get 100 days free so why not.

Alberto McClane says:

Thank you very much for this review. I don’t like this system.

Christopher SkyStalker says:

Loop machine wohoo – why don’t you show what it does to your own loops?

Rob Stuart says:


Living Well With TJ says:

So what’s to stop someone from signing up for the free 100 days and downloading everything that’s available during the trial period and then cancelling? The only thing you’d be missing is any future content added after the 100 days. But you’d have a ton of stuff already for free. That surely can’t be how it works.

Ricardo Lima says:

Hello, how can I use the effects in my vocals? Like the main ARCADE video, one that the black guy uses “love moon vocal”. Please


Say I wanted to use this exclusively as a loop synthesizer with my own user made loop libraries. Do I have to keep up with the subscription for regular plugin functionality (excluding output loop content)?

So far at least, what a person gets to keep and what you lose when the subscription lapses has been rather unclear to me.

Jeff Lehman says:

Appears to be a pretty front end on a sound subscription service. No thank you

Dave Delaney says:

I’m on the free trial, and scouring the internet for anyone with a glimpse into how they are using this from a workflow perspective. I really dig the sounds and want to love this plugin.

Are people loading this on to a MIDI track, routing the output to an audio track and recording the loops one at a time? Are they just creating entire songs with only MIDI? Are people using it in Ableton by loading several instances on to different MIDI tracks and triggering one clip at a time?

I just personally can’t figure out a way this makes a ton of sense in my workflow outside of recording individual clips of (manipulated) loops, rendering them to audio, tightening up the brackets on those audio clips, and then building a track from there. I’m definitely / most likely missing something, and if so, please let me know!

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