ONE MINUTE SYNTH REVIEW!!! Ep. 18 IK Multimedia UNO (Halloween Special)


Hey guys and gals, so better late than never am I right? LOL. So I finally got my hands on the IK Multimedia Uno. I personally wanted to try it our for quite a while, IK has such a long history making great software that I had to see what they’d bring to the hardware market. I bought this at Guitar Center myself so don’t worry, this isn’t sponsored and maybe it shows in my review, but that’s what I like doing. Anyways, enjoy the haunting and FINAL episode of OMSR. Love you all 🙂

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Marc Weerts says:

Great review, sounds surprisingly good! Also a very fun video, but wow, looks to have been a lot of work! Excellent!

NOTXOR says:

OMG… The synth is fine… but your video is awesome! Thanks..

Bradley Allen says:

It was well worth the wait. Thank you!

ed rosa says:

Damn this was damn awesome!! Very cool nod to The Simpsons Halloween Specials.
Personally conflicted about the Uno. I LOVE the portability especially as a synth to take to work for lunchtime noodleing but am concerned about the digital aspects.

ish233 says:

Pretty cool vidéo, I still think you should filter your voice at screaming times or when your showing emotion in the skit, like a delay on the voice. The whisper makes it not as convincing, besides that love all the sounds that are being played in the background of your vids.

Edd the alien says:

1:58 damn that ghost buster cover is Hella lit

John Kimble says:

Honestly funny

blazley says:

tentacle porn

Andrew Brooks says:

Totally cheesetastic opening! Love it!

Nostalgic Ruckus says:

“All music except drums created on the IK UNO”. That is just crazy awesome.

peter bombala says:

I would love to see you doing the Waldorf pulse2 or the Blofeld

Jordan Lee says:

If I could thumbs up this video 100 times, I would.

G says:

And that’s why I get my gear from reverb and perfect circuit.

TheOrangepeak says:

dude ! I was higly expecting your halloween special, and here it is, and it is truly awesome <3<3<3 !!

Keyboard Warrior hard says:

Shoutout to ma Cali boys

peter bombala says:

This channel is a must subscription in everyone’s YouTube profile . A fine job you doing sir!

meneerjansen00 says:

Ha ha. Brilliant video w/ excellent production value. And a good objective review. 🙂

TheOrangepeak says:

I’m an analog purist of some sort but I really don’t care about digital mod source (env, lfo ect) I care about the VCO and VCF

NiamorH says:

Did the Erica Synths Black Dual Filter survived?

Riktenstein says:

those floating patch cables had me in stitches.

Delan Abbas says:

Loving the format of the video with the sketches and the spooky theme. 666/10 killed me. Perfect 5/7 would watch again.

Harney-Barrow says:

this is the citizen kane of synth reviews

Xavier Brito says:

Lmao creative mate

Dylan Haley says:

I thought that eurorack was gonna get you.

Gustavo Elizondo says:

Instant like for the highlander reference

John Irby says:

Some high video production values here! Good show!. As for the synth in question, it seems to be a step up from the aging Volcas and way cheaper than the Roland Boutiques.. Caveats are the iffy build quality, the MIDI dongles, the 3-digit LED-only window to its inner workings and the membrane switches (I guess the Big 80’s are back!?). But overall, this is a decent option for beginners.

RagEyes NJ says:

Yooo I was going to scoop this two weeks ago. But got the MicroBrute instead, def happy with my choice. This little things looks like it could be a cool toy though

G says:

Yeeeesssssss perfect holloween special as always!!!!

Zrolo says:

Personally i don’t think i could use it. It looks cool and portable but i’m a tactile guy. The furthest i’ll go from normal keys is my seaboard. But i don’t think those pads could work for me. Great review!

Ben St. John says:

Love your stuff! Keep up the good reviews

SlowBrony says:

I just want gifs of the spooky eurorack wiggling its wires

G says:

Also start a patreon already!!!

Ase o/m/g says:

So the background music during the review was the Uno too? Another good Halloween special, btw,

TheOrangepeak says:

so cool XD

Aster says:

You put so much effort into this! Such a joy to watch!

Andrew Brooks says:

Cool video…great humour and a good honest review. If I didn’t already own a bunch of Volcas I’d be interested in this but… You nailed it with your comments. 3 Years ago i would have bought this without question, but today I just don’t need it. Thanks for the review and keep up the amazing work. Love your stuff!

Slacquer says:

Another spooky video just in time for [checks notes] Election Day.

Vinker Doodles says:

Friggin Awesome! I’m not interested in modular at all, could care less. It”s elitist to me, thanks for coming back, even if it’s for a second…

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