ONE MINUTE SYNTH REVIEW!!! Ep. 17 Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2 Desktop (analog synthesizer)

On this episode of One Minute Synthesizer Reviews I take a look at the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2, a massive 16 voice analog synthesizer that must be from outer space! Let’s talk a little about the history of Dave Smith Instruments too!



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Prophet REV2:

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Main Camera
Ursa Mini 4.6k:

Second Camera
Sony A7rii:


Main light
Aputure 120t:

Back light
Aputure 120d:

Third light
Aputure Tri-8c:

Spot Lights
2x Boltzen 55w:

Colored lights:
Phillips Hue Lighting:


Main shotgun
Audio-Technica AT875R:

Voice Over
Blue Bluebird:


leeder says:

i love this channel so much

pid cin says:

I would love to watch a video in which you go over the history of DSI or Moog or Nord etc talking about all their keyboards and their influence , maybe showcasing specific artists that use the instrument being discussed and blah blah blah. Would defiantly watch this series

Kase Prince says:

Great review! Just got my unit recently, works like a dream!

stuart crowhurst says:

Brilliant review as usual.

Kaisui says:

Love the effort and good vibes you put in this videos, keep it up!

Luke Kage says:

I’ve been waiting for your review on this synth. It’s the main one left for me to get. In a comparison with the Korg Prologue how do you think they stand up head to head with each other? Me? I’m going with the Rev2. What’s your choice and why?

Fraction Of Reality Promotion says:

This one really looks good to me, definitely on my radar!

Haze Anderson says:

Out of my price range but I look forward to hearing what others do with this box of awesomeness. 🙂

junglsmor says:

too many cool analog polys to choose idk which one is for me

blue Crip Tray Nino says:

Nice intro

Out Faux says:

Awesome review! If I don’t end up on the street from eurorack mania, one day I’ll own a Dave Smith Instruments synth!

Scott Fernelius says:

This is the money. That first segment felt like I was transported to the set of an original Twin Peaks episode.

Merlin Erdogmus says:

Beautiful episode and every second worth the wait for it.

Sqri Ations says:

I’m all about it, love it. Definitely “tempted” to get the Rev2, maybe in a few years when I can afford it…

Jordan Lee says:


La Pensée Fuse says:

Keep the name as is. Have your answer on a text file for why it’s called “One minute”. Copy paste it every time the subject comes up. People can obviously see the video is longer than one minute as soon as a billionth of the sec, when the photons from their screen hit their eyes. They’ll keep coming back for the comments, keep copy posting the answer. Good for the yt algorithm. Good for the channel. Have ” One Minute Synthesizer Reviews” trademarked, sell T shirts with prints on it. Very good production, well scripted.


Why is this segment called one minute

Mee !!! alone in the corner TM says:

This is great !!!

TechTalk Mike says:

Great review as always! Oh, and loved the bloopers.

Eagle Eyed Tiger says:

Fam the Star Trek costume… I’m dying. Great review.

Leonard Petit-Breuilh says:

Star Trek and analog synths. It’s really my lucky day!

Sam Parker says:

It’s actually fucking retarded how good your channel is my dude

Joe Hannouch says:

Really enjoying the longer content

dmfan dmfan says:

What a stunning synth. Price isn’t bad for the desktop. It’s better than the Korg Prologue imo

pid cin says:


Adamski A. says:

Loved the way you presented this video and the trip down DSI /Sequential lane.

ed rosa says:

I just noticed in that last bit you had no eyewear!

Brendan Koch says:

Such an amazing video

Mickel says:

Yeah, I know that sound(/dude)! (Say it like Spicoli). And wait, four LFO’s!? I love the effects section. This certainly appears to can do all analog synth… You do a great Geordi BTW.

Jordan Lee says:

Your videos get better and better. The next one can’t come soon enough…. And I spy the ever-expanding eurorack hiding in the background there!

Villan Bond says:

Yeahhhhh!!! Nice. 4k and everything. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the review of this bad boy.

I’ll probably be getting either this or a Novation peak really soon. Maybe you could review the peak if you get your hands on it!

Candy by Cameo says:

I like to think Geordie La Forge would play synth

Meko Katsu says:

21 M I N U T E S

Alpha Stormer says:

Damn…..Your Gooooooooooooooooodddd!!!

Edgar Moreno says:

Side note i think i see enough eurorack room in that case to fit the behringer model d or the behringer neutron !??? And think about it, its only 300 for each so its super cheap gear to buy in terms of reviewing. Any thought on this

raistaparta says:

When testing the oscillators, between 5:12 and 7:20, sounds like there’s a little bit of noise all the time. Was there some noise on or is it a feature of the filter itself? The noise knob looks like it’s at zero.

fatdog records says:

Just wondered if you have played the prophet 6, as to my ears it has a better tone, more keeping with the prophet 5. Was your choice based round price or do you think the Rev 2 offers more

ThatJerseyBloke says:

I don’t know.  I had a Prophet 08 and it did not go well.  The filter had too narrow of a sweet spot.  I was better served by a Nord Lead 2X with I leader sold the Prophet 08 in order to purchase.  

Great video but I’m still not sure on giving DSI another chance on this synth.  :-/

Red Means Recording says:

I love this so absolutely much.

G says:

YESSS that intro made my day!!

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