ONE MINUTE SYNTH REVIEW!!! Ep. 15 Roland VP-03 Vocoder

On this episode of One Minute Synthesizer Reviews I take a look at one of my favorite types of synths, the vocoder. So let’s see how the Roland VP-03 Vocoder stacks up!

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HeyIAmNotHiggins says:

For a second here I thought I’m going crazy, with Angry Joe’s intro

Mickel says:

So far I haven’t been wow’d by any of Roland’s Boutique synths. I did like the chorus effect on this one. Also surprised the JD-XI made that list.

Kyxe Music says:

Great video! Also, is the track from 0:49 a sort of version of that Riff in Dethklok – Thunderhorse? Or just a coincidence

Trinin Zach says:

Novation mininova is my preferred vocoder (using a blue encore) but I do love that TAL vocoder. One of the best free plugins for vintage vocoder sounds.

CloudSounds! says:

Once again, a very nice review. Now I know, there is no need for a third vocoder in my studio.

Edgar Moreno says:

Thanks for keeping it simple and honest even when you know Roland might be watching, maybe org will through us a bone and come out with a analog vocoder volca!

Disappointment says:

Angry Noir Show? Not a big fan of AngryJoe, but that intro caught me off guard!

Future Kitsune says:

The BEST synth reviews on YouTube. Love it! Have been thinking about getting this.

Danny Proud says:

Totally awesome review! Love the quality of your videos <3

Rock And/Or Roll says:

Great intro

Interstellar Frequencies says:

Good to see you again vader. – Agent J

Max16032 says:

It’s a very limited box, a one-trick pony even, but I think it does its trick pretty well. I bought mine because of those strings and human voice sounds, which are a staple to get that classic Vangelis vibe, and with the proper effects and mixing, it sounds beautiful. The addition of midi is a huge plus for live performance as well. Another bonus is the USB connectivity, which adds the possibility of connecting a carrier signal, which isn’t as versatile as having a physical input but is good to know its there.

A final recommendation is to use a different mic other than the included in the box, which has a lousy sound quality.

Coach Wash says:

nice review!

theycallmejpj says:

great video, you hardly ever see anyone using this boutique, definitely got me thinking. would love to hear your views on the Aira VT-03 if you ever get one

Linus Brendel says:

That’s quite a long minute XD. Great review man!

Nudel Salat says:

Maybe YOU should have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for proving once more that time is relative.

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