In this episode I review the fantastic little FM synth the Korg Volca FM. This is a fantastic piece of kit if you’re looking to try your hand at FM synthesis. Let’s see if it’s up to the challenge!



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Korg Volca FM:

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Max Melo says:

what keyboard were you using in the beginning

blue Crip Tray Nino says:

good shit

Adamski Ajull says:

I think the digital text meant “brass ensemble ” . Very good honest video to watch . 😉

william winslowhansen says:

Ace video man . Speak the language of synth and speak it as few others can

Three Initiates says:

Love your videos.

Austin Dean says:

Nice review! Subscribed 🙂

Ambient Sequential Synth Performer says:

With the price drop of the Yamaha Reface DX, don’t buy the Korg. The interface and sound design is now as easy as FM programming can get for hardware. the Reface DX is one of those fantastic once in a decade deals in a synth. I have been wanting to begin sound design in FM as a vacation from 30 years of subtractive design, and this Yamaha is absolutely wonderful for programmers. $300 bucks and you won’t be sorry. Korg is a great product too, don’t get me wrong, I am going to add the Korg Bass and Keys to my sequencing hardware which I own now, the Korg Electribe2.

Rickson Hari says:

This is 1 of my 2 favourite Synth channels!!
Very clear, easy to understand,clever and cool!

Bagas Maulana Y says:

Best review ever

ArtFluids says:

Good video. Nice production value and good thoughts. Subbed.
I love my DX7

Cosmic Matrix says:

that was the longest minute of my life.

Tom Clarke says:

man what this content is incredible how are you not a huge channel

TheRealWinsletFan says:

Love my FM, love having Volca style tweakyness on a FM synth. Nice once you grok the ethos. ( Annoying that you have to solve the velocity “problem” to use as a sound module )

Andrew Wurst says:


Joseph F says:

You’re a low-key god at this. I cracked up at “ass” presets. So true.

I love the form factor of these Volcas, but the way I look at it, when FM synths modulate the frequency of a waveform, it ends up sounding like just a bad/cheesy acoustic emulation because such one-dimensional modulations are essentially just a dumbed down fournier transform, which ultimately produces a sound that lacks complexity/character. To me, FM synthesis was a result of not having the computational power for PM synthesis (physical modeling, i.e. Sculpture, Mutable Elements/Rings, etc.). And FM can certainly do some good buzzy modulated saw waves, but any analog synth can essentially do a better job of that IMO. I’d love to see a Volca PM!

ejmikk says:

It´s awesome as ass to find a new cool synth channel. Instant subscribe!

TheScribbler says:

Nice change in style here. The in-depth review is EXACTLY what we’re after!

Octacon Media says:

your great man i share all your videos

elite fitrea says:

G-L-Ass? Pad?

RockStarJazzCat says:

+Noir et Blanc Vie, speaking as one who Max 7’d two of them together as a six note device with velocity sensitivity (which works great btw), I can point to one hazard of purchase: It may lead to vintage tx802 purchase. Peace.

Adnan Alsannaa says:

Love the intro!!!

EverettDudgeon138 says:

Sort of annoyed Korg or Yamaha haven’t developed a new FM keyboard. Not a module, not a mini, not a volca but just a classic FM based synth. I know Yamaha has an FM Engine in the Montage but I mean an FM only keyboard synth. For some reason, despite people’s interest, no company is really doing much about it.

Jacob Rosén says:

I’m really interested in buying a Volca FM for no reason at all and this didn’t help 🙂

Awesome quality on the video!

Great is the World says:

[fist goes through like button]

theycallmejpj says:

how come I never heard of you?  great vids!

Kevin Nel says:

love this demo, since you were playing it on a full keyboard in the beginning would you say the 3 voice polyphony is really that limiting?

Holy Days says:

Your channel rocks! Receiving my Volca FM today! 🙂

soops says:

These videos are so fucking high quality what the fuck

CloudSounds! says:

8 / 10 is fair! Just like you, I got it, tried it and put it back in the box, because I had a lack of time for digging deeper into it, what you have to. But it will get it’s chance, as I saw some some really nice videos demonstrating it’s power.Don’t know if you said it, but you can transfer DX7 patches via sysex to the volca!

bowieknife says:

I’m so happy to discovering your channel. Your videos are very professional. Good luck!!

Free Breeze says:

There is a certain brightness coming from this man. Such easy watching.

De Ath Met Al Hell says:

awesome video, great channel! cheers

Nick Meyer says:

Im still just trying to figure out how that box opened itself

Hrnek Bezucha says:

The Keys would be great having sample and hold LFO

Chris _ says:

You’re killing me with this alliteration, bruh. Keep it up.

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