Novation MoroderNova Synthesizer Review by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher gives an in-depth demonstration of the sounds on the Novation MoroderNova synthesizer, with help from Daniel Fisher. The MoroderNova is a special edition of Novation’s acclaimed MiniNova synthesizer, and features iconic sounds originally designed by electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. You get 30 “Moroder-approved” synth patches — each one a genre-defining classic from such works as Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” Top Gun, Scarface, and many other instantly recognizable synth sounds. There are a total of 256 presets onboard, with room for 128 of your personal creations.

Synth fanatics and Moroder fans, don’t miss out, only 500 of the Novation MoroderNova Limited Edition will be released worldwide, with around half of those available in the United States.

Get the Novation MoroderNova here:

The Sweetwater Minute, Vol. 303


Triplebacon Art says:


Andre Martines says:

a synth dedicated for 80´s synth pop and disco music fans!

collina24 says:

In summary, it’s a painted Mininova.

cph2004 says:

5 minutes in until playtime.

Jaba Jabarius says:

How much does it cost?

Анатолий Клавишный says:

Can you share a preset bank?

gustaaf meirsman says:


Martin Ribitsch says:

Hmm – Actualy Daniel tells the same like giorgio himself on “Giorgio by Moroder” from The Daft Punk Album Random Access Memories (sound´s form the 50, the 60 the 70 and the sounds of the future…. We Put a Click on the 24 Track….) *GG*

Rinaldo Jonathan says:

The MOROderNova 😛

Don Segers says:

Does Sweetwater deliver in Europe?

David Redacted says:

It’s annoying that I had to wait through half the video before I heard any actual demos of the product.

richard Hines says:

WTF , every time I click on one of these demonstrations all I get is some jackass Ive never seen before in love with the sound of their voice .

James Reeno says:

These presets don’t sound much like the originals.

Ben Knight says:

is it just me? or does Mitch Gallagher sound slightly like Brian Griffin?

GEIST says:

willo these patched be made available for the ultranova ??

gzaq says:

Stop talking already and demo the new sounds first. I know it`s a sales pitch but in the end, it is 5 minutes of unnecessary information most people interested in this synth already know. If I am making a purchase decision it is based on the new features and the new sounds.

Em0killer13 says:

what a joke. Slap a few stickers on a synth from almost half a decade ago and boost up the price? No thanks novation.

James Reeno says:

What a gimmick!!

Tank J says:

The supernova that is the real synth novation!! True Analog Emulation!!!

paradroidx says:

jeez this wont sell

Aleksandrs Masharo says:

Do no about this thing, but i’m really happy with mininova

SDBXR says:

The guy on the left practically word for word said exactly what Georgio said in “Georgio by Moroder” by Daft Punk

James Reeno says:

“E=MC” was not released in the EARLY 70’s. Unless you consider the early 70’s to be 1979.

jansen rockin Laquer says:

did the guy with the white hair say something to upset the other guy? the big guy can’t seem to look him in the eye

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