Novation Mininova Synthesizer – Sonic LAB review

Novations latest new synth has taken on the form factor of Korg’s mighty microKorg but does its own thing, With 18 voice polyphony and a lot of neat performance features.

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blue2flame says:

I’m saving up for a mininova, I’ve saw the prices of 300$, which is expensive, but I almost have enough. Plus, the reviews I’ve seen are good, and said its really easy to use!

Santosh Gurung says:

Nice Review .

Synthematix says:

I just realised the Churn PS sound, is the sony PS1 startup sound.

imps android says:

Ultranova or mininova?

Michael Kupfer says:

Hi, can I easily use this as a MDI-Keyboard via USB (to play VSTis/PlugIns that are on my PC)??

Angelo DelSenno says:

Excellent review. I’m a singer songwriter, I keep one of these right next to my mic stand. I can play guitar, then jump to the nova quickly, and bang out different textures. This is a good buy

davidwantsahug says:

I really love the idea of this, I’m primarily a guitarist, but this little guy can sit to the side and I can walk over to it whenever I need it. 

Synthematix says:

a big knob that feels good in the hand, marvellous!

DougM Hirsch says:

Can I use this with my recently acquired LYNC LN4 from the 1980’s. I am in the market for a synth that I can use with the LYNC. So it’s a matter of matching early technology with the new synths of today. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you and all the best

leepicciotto says:

And just so you know what I’m basing my opinions on I have a Jupiter 8, jx10,voyager,ms20,and various other pieces of classic kit

Euan Ellis says:

If anyone has a mininova, what’s your opinion on the keys. Do you think they are too small or do you think they are a good size. Also, what’s the quality of the keys, do they feel good whilst playing the synth or not? Thanks

Euan Ellis says:

Is there any delay whilst playing the notes because on my launchkey I found there was a very slight delay pressing the keys and hearing the sound. I don’t know if this was just my PC CPU or the synth but just wondered

757TommyGun says:

should I get the pro coverage for the mini nova or is it a waste of money

zflubbz says:


Max Cube says:

Massdrop has these for $325

will elliott says:

Microkorg is a toy

Cosmo Spacemonkey says:

OMG – buying right now. This is like the microkorg…but better.

microodyssey says:

Nice review, but bullshit synth

leepicciotto says:

Someone said microkorg is a it’s a portable ms2000 and as old as it is it still sounds much better than a mininova. I have both and a micro xl. Mininova sounds very much like a good plugin.despite what you’ve heard the xl vocoder sounds much better.filter is also a weak point on the mininova,cranking up the res sounds very disappointing.still a good buy though.just don’t make up stories on the Internet about how amazing it sounds or regurgitate things you’ve read on forums as fact.

sirkimboard says:

I just got me one and man this is not just a play toy for the younger generation BELIEVE ME !!!

wikichris says:

That first patch is an abomination.

Purla says:

To my ears mininova sounds better than microkorg, especially filter. Microkorg sounds good but it doesn’t sound GREAT and it doesn’t “ooze” personality either. Mininova on the other hand has slick modern personality, it sounds just the same as it looks, slick, very 2010s but little bit plasticky. But not as bad as fake wood-microkorg..

Justin Cordray says:

What does the synth plug into? An amp? What are the two cords going to?

Janomix: Taller de Sonido says:

Nice, how are compared with virtual like Massive or Sylenth? any real world opinion? thanks, very good review!

Synthematix says:


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