Novation Bass Station II analog synthesizer review – – checking out the Bass Station II analog mono synth from Novation. It’s a 25 key, 2 oscillator synth with sub oscillator, 2 filter types, arp, step sequencer and assignable aftertouch among other things. You can get some very deep and powerful bass as well as crazy leads and effects from this synth. I go through some of the features and put it to use making a quick track with in Maschine at the end.

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Checkout my full review also:

Learn Maschine:



BluffMunkey says:

So many features for the money. Great demo. 

D-O-Double-G says:

did you just record all those parts individually onto a time tracking into software on your computer free hand. anime hentia tracks being played back from your computer software or do this thing have a sequence on it ? hope I don’t sound stupid Rodgers been using hardware I might be a little out of date I got all hardware equipment. so if anyone can help me out On this was done please do. thank you!

chirag kotak says:

does the Mod Wheel on the Bassstation 2 only go half way when controlling the Filter ? what I mean is..If I put the Cutoff knob on zero (LP) and set the key function for the mod wheel to + 63. Turning the Mod wheel up completely, only opens the filter half way (50%, 126).

Is this the case or is it something I am missing ?

Russplight says:

Nice beat partner!!!

shonsteez says:

man i want this bad boy

David Holmes says:

That beat at the end is dope man!

Lightfinger says:

Nice demo!

Isham Solaris says:

I was not expecting this sounding so good … Maybe the sub phatty is the competition to compare with not the micro brute (even price is not the same). Thank you !

Jim Shannon says:

Brute or NBS, hmmm

hypebeast hank says:

Someone needs to send you new speakers to review lol

DDaniels3000 says:

Awwwww see u got the push bro!!!!! Most def would appreciate tutorials with that and maschine side by side

Watcher says:

can i tune this to the rest oF the band,or to fit with a pitched sample???

Yvans Jean-Michel says:

I’m a bass player and looking to get into playing bass on keys, would recommend this for a bass player?

SoundsAndGear says:

Yeah it’s a nice piece man @Reb Funk


Cool demo, thanks!

itsinmynamechap says:

If they had of wrapped this in metal and given it a more distinct graphic paint job for whatever that would have cost I think you wouldn’t get anyone being negative and it would make it into even more studios. 

Excellent and well considered review Sir. Thank you.

Joe Cornes says:

Awesome video, on a side note is that a micron synth down the bottom?

coldwar1977 says:

Nice review!! I’d love to add this little beast to my setup. It seems to sound rounder/less spikey than my Minibrute.

Markus Samnell says:

been using this for seven months or so. Love it. Very versatile for the kind of music I make. Love how easy it was to just dive into it and start working since the design is very intuitive. Good review!

DDaniels3000 says:


David Holmes says:

Really looking forward to mine arriving next week!
Swapped the Erebus I won before Christmas for it, so it’s costing me a fiver for postage!

SoundsAndGear says:

@itsinmynamechap metal would have been great, even more keys and bring some of the functions to their own knobs. However for the price it’s definitely nice, I don’t mind the paint/color personally.

Mikkel Carlsen says:

I had the original bass station keyboard, and the bass station rack, and just got the new bass station 2 today.. its great. Can do all the old ones could and a lot more, and it just had a price drop in shops here in Europe so was almost same price as a micro brute. For me i guess it just has a very familiar sound that i really like. I always liked the original more then the SH-101, but felt like the SH-101 had more features, but now with this version 2 with all the extra features its a perfect little mono synth in my taste.


Do you think the Minitaur sounds better for bass?

justwitti says:

I thought of a bass station but never heard one sound coming off it that I would consider to use somewhere. I just don’t like the sound of it, which is sad regarding the amount of features you get for the money. 

Danielle Scribbins says:

at the end when you were overdubbing with maschine were those sounds from the bass station that you sampled into maschine or some a maschine sound, sample, vst ?

Benedict Johnson says:

Novation – go UK !!

SoundsAndGear says:

Depends on what you’re looking for MT is nice as well, I like how flexible the Bass station 2 is though. I’m partial to the MT just because it’s very simple in what it does, where this is not just bass but also leads and fx.@Mr Petty

Julie Jones says:

Im new to synths, not sure whether to go for the mininova or bass satation, I want to use it live and it to be programmable to get ideas down, any thoughts?

Simon Moll says:

Hey Joe!
Do you heard allready about the Session Keys from e-instruments ?
i think you’ll like it

dbomob says:

Great review and demo. I had this synth for a few months but recently had to get rid of it as well as a few other things for financial reasons. IMO its the best out of the current entry level analog monos. I liked the Minibrute a lot too, but the patch storage on this and sequencer just give it the clear advantage. It’s a great time to be into hardware for sure tho

Johnny Parker says:

Thanks saint joe. This is probably my next purchase because I’m tired of searching endlessly through Native Instruments’ various synths for the right sound.

mattsynth says:

Now that is what I would call a modern day full featured analog synth. Plenty of OSC, midi, sequencer and the best of all patch storage. I will have to look into this one. Nice demo, thanks.

Fabio Sirna says:

really good review.perfect balance between talking and playing!thanks.

Kilian Kayser says:

hey bro. I just wanted to let you know that I´ve been a huge fan of your channel for quite some time now. and you´ve just inspired me to buy the bass station 2. I think it´s the best analog synth in my price range.
keep up the reviews and the good work 🙂 greetings from germany

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