Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesizer

We invited the talented Italian keyboard player and producer Federico Solazzo over to our factory in Stockholm to demo some of the powerful new features in the Nord Lead 4! Everything recorded live, with no overdubbing.

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ross minet says:

Can it play real music?

Mark Farrelly says:

Needs aftertouch and numeric keypad or buttons for fast multiple program change to make it a pro live synth.

Max Montana says:

4:10 Moderat sound

Yoalli Ehecatl says:

i would take this keyboard over all that vst hipster crap

pasajerO 747 says:

nordlead para siempre¡¡¡¡ para mi es un sintetizador insustituible e imprescindible en cualquier estudio.
de esa carcasa roja , con un poquito de empeño y trabajo, solo puede salir magia pura.
eso si, me encantaria, que clavia vendiera desde su pagina o desde algun sitio oficial merchandising para los fans que realmente, sentimos devocion por la marca.
gran sintetizador, para mi, el mejor del mercado.

TheNicerDicer says:

So why exactly would one buy this over the Nord Lead 3? Just on first glance I am leaning much more towards the lead 3 for the sole fact that it has those awesome and handy LED knobs.

Martino Fenzi says:

Fuck yeah, no joking man!

Mt Joe says:


Clayton Brown says:

this keyboard contradicts everything the music industry says about professional keyboards. They always say everything has to be analog and tubes and all that but this keyboard is some kind of crazy modern virtual analog synthesis dsp modeling. How can a company like Clavia defy the modern age and still there is no one else making this high quality of non pure analog gear. Crazy swedes.

George David says:

This Synth rulezzz… This one and the Access Virus

skylar red herrera says:

does it have a piano??

F0XYr4bB!T says:

some of these comments are savage af

Rhiannon studios says:

Sounds like my novation Mininova….. only not as good ☹️

Ex-Muslim Libertarian Atheist says:

Is this an actual synthesizer, or just a bunch of presets?

DaZeD Merlin says:

Great synth, I love the feel of the mod wheel, feels like something to sharpen knives with.

eXo says:

he’s finger are to fat to be a real pianist 😀

Más Allá De Los Miedos says:

Hi there! I have a new NLa1 and I was wondering if I can get the same sound of the 6:55 on it… thanks for your help!

Art of fugue Paulsen says:

What is the difference between the lead 4 and A1?

Reso Factor says:

This Demo sucks. Too much Prog.


my youth inside those microchips

Richard Hyman says:

Dang that TB filter is spot on! *discounting true analogue*

Adam Baldwin says:

You guys need to go track down Jexus and get him to give your synth a proper demo. This demo right here makes me want to go buy an Alesis Ion for a quarter of the price. Jexus can turn these things alive, his 2X patches are miles beyond anything here.

o c says:

it doesnt matter which nord lead it is, they will always be virtual and sound flat

HowlingMoonCinemas says:

Anyone that plays such an awesome synth needs to have big hair.

Claudio Kunde says:

too much buttons …. rsrsrsrsrsrs

julie sheme says:

That’s perfect for trance music *drools*

Gimberg Preval says:

This thing is expensive af

Unknown Noise says:

przechuj synsesajzer

Scott Stevenz says:

Roland Jp 8000 sounds better

Elfwing says:

Great atmosphere.

DJMikeron says:

Great synth but a bad demo

Patrick Manderson says:

Great presentation and those filters sound very nice. Not a fan of their modwheel however.

Luftbubblan says:

Last part was pretty cool 🙂

Jona Prado says:

i think nord 4 is not better than nord 3

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