New Yamaha MODX Synthesizer | Demo

Yamaha unveils their latest innovation in synthesis, the MODX. Featuring the same technology as the MONTAGE, the power of the MODX synthesis engine allows for unlimited creative potential.

The MODX synthesizer comes in the 61 note MODX 6, 76 note MODX 7, and the 88 note MODX 8.

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Life is Amazing says:

Not impressed

Søren Muldkjær says:

What about the keys,, are these the same as Yamaha mx 88 ??

ayrow69 says:

I am a huge Yamaha fan, but I am losing my enthusiasm quickly with these overpriced toys that can’t be taken seriously. Honestly, I wish Yamaha would get their act together and come up with a solid stage piano that is pro-level. This MODX is cute, but not made for real-world gigging. The piano sound is toyish and the build quality is embarrassing. All plastic, and not the good kind. One hard knock or drop and it’s all over. The MX88 was the same way, but shared the cheap action of the MOX series, which was absolute junk. The CP4/40?? Better and a nice action, but Yamaha changed the piano sound and ruined it. Good for jazz or classical, but horrible for rock and live stage mixing. And then there’s the plastic again…. OMG…ALL plastic!! WTF Yamaha? The CP33/300 was the last board you made that was built well and survived on the road shows. These plastic toys don’t cut it, guys. Please stop it. I’d rather have the extra weight for the durability. Maybe I just need to spend the extra cash on a Nord and call it a day….

David Chatterton says:

How many pianos does a person need? For gods sake enough with pianos

Randy Chick says:

you have to go through like 4 different things in order to get a simple layer. bullshit. Korg, at least, 1 step to do what you need.

Skprithi Skprithi says:

Hai. hello dears anybody Yamaha motif model you keep you selling mind u information please write commands we can buy. thank you

Randy Chick says:

plus you better NOT have Epilepsy if you buy this keyboard with the blinking knob

Sand Waves says:

Can anyone, first, PROPERLY LEARN the instrument before making a demo clip ?!
This is an advanced SYNTH not an electric piano, or simple keyboard, and yet this and some other, so called, demos, do not cover more than a 3 yrs old kid would do with it, just after turning it on !

bananadread says:

8:03 best part of the demo. Lol.

Lajos Mészáros says:

I had no luck with this Yamaha Modx 8. This instrument started to click on the keys 3 weeks after the purchase. After longer programming, the display has stopped freezing. I had to send it back. Poor plastic box. Clever Montage copy.I’m sorry because the inner part and the sound generator are excellent. I’m going to Nord.

Diogo R.Silva says:

Infelizmente chega no Brasil por um preço inacessível para muitos.
Poucos conseguem comprar.

relikvija says:

mod Ex?

Lewis Wood says:

Super knob ….. well I also have one.

ha ha (Ok I know not funny, but I laughed)

bacud1 says:

Where can I to buy this MODX t-shirt ? thx

Marco Angelici says:

Very good keyboard and very good performer 🙂 sorry for my english…

Yuvraj says:

I need pitch bender jockey rather than wheels . Why doesn’t yamaha get that into its line. Is it a Korg’s copyright?



Ronald Rademaker says:

Yamaha my keybed of the modx 88. Is getting ramshackle/shaky. I have played the instrument in a normal manner. About 8 times in 3 months. This is not right. Normally it would take about 10 years to get a little ramshackle/shaky . Keys are making a weird noise. What I wrote the online store an email. Not sure if they are able to fix this. A replacement would have the same decay. Hope Yamaha can update this with a keybed where you can physically alter the weight.

Bryan Emanuel says:

dear santa

diamond webb says:

Just beautiful man.

maduroholdings says:

Some of us are looking to use this for worship therefore we are extremely interested in the piano and pads it’s what let’s us all know how deep the synth engine is piano is the hardest sound to emulate realistically.

Apna Saraiki Punjabi says:


Michael Emery says:

Can the Super Knob be upgraded to a Lava Lamp?

Christian Angelo Nilsén says:

Still, buying stuff from Spectrasonic still beats everything and is 200% easier to edit. I own the XF so I know 🙂

Alexander Williams says:

Great piano!!!!!!!!

Dirty Donki says:

‘Super’ Knob is a gimmicky joke. Based on the Montage which is way behind the Korg Kronos. Yamaha YAWN.

Matt Talley says:

There is no “a” in volume…

cleiton campelo says:

Cosando o bolso. Kkkkk

Hemant Dudhrejiya says:

Sir prise

vvac201 says:

Seth Everman was here.

ThatOtakuGuy says:

Does this model have weighted/Hammer Action keys?

Adam Turner says:

It’s a great board. I was blown away when I was on it.

Tom Hawkins says:

Another home keyboard on steroids , seems that these days if you want a synth , a real synth you need to look at the less well known companies

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