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It seems like Moog Music has made it trendy to release a new synth at Moogfest every year. This year they introduced the Grandmother, a powerful semi-modular analog synth. Watch out in depth review and demo with Rishabh Rajan.

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Mick says:

except the colors, no innovation from Moog:-(

Far Guitar Soul says:

Why on earth is there no break-jack for a patchable input to the S+H sample input? What use is it, having the sample input hardwired to noise ALL the time?

Rey Leon says:

so dumb

CD 2793 says:

Thank you for providing a demo that was more than just the arpeggiator. This was very informative and demonstrated in more depth what this is capable of.

Erik Eh says:

that was dope

weakbrainthrombosis says:

Where do babies come from?

oh boy oh boy says:

To everyone calling this a “toy”: LOL

Taylor Bracamonte says:

So damn ugly

aCivilServant says:

This synth sounds like it has the capability to raw, dirty and rough with plenty of mod options. I like. 🙂

Sleepydog says:

Damn nice ………
Im talking about the video production of course but the synth is nice too!

Soma says:

Just watching this video increased my understanding about how filters modulate waveforms. Amazing work visualizing it.

timmyyorston says:

since Bob Moog died it is like these Moog guys are starting from scratch. I wonder how long it will take before they catch up and start making good instruments again. These things seem like kids toys.

Ian Holden says:

Best synth demo ive seen! nicely done!

kjilk simble says:

wait…wait….am i seeing 3.5mm jacks on this thing, you mean no 1/2 inch or 1/8 inch….my hats off to moog for finally thinking on this one “hey let’s make 3.5mm so people can get the cords for next to nothing”

Kemek says:

Fantastic review, thank you.

Tobor Experiment says:

am I the only one thinking that the striking similarity of the grandmother with the EMS polysinthi is a fun way for Moog to say that they’re working on a new poly moog?

IONE says:


yobhsiFehT says:

Only REALLY good review I’ve seen of the Grandmother so far! Kudos!

iqi616 says:

I enjoyed the video and the scope display at the top was very informative. Unfortunately this is not the most exciting sounding synth on the market though the linear FM was interesting. Still yet to see any demo of this synth that makes me think I want one.

hybridsoul2 says:

Finally a review where someone actually plays the thing instead of just talking about it. 😀

Bero Bujanovi says:

Dood ,dope man dope

Pulse2AM says:

It’s cool, I don’t have the patience for patch cables – I’m old I want to pick a patch tweak and record.

Joe Cool says:

great !

yikesaband says:

Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this video!!

horowizard says:

I really like this instrument but I don’t know why Moog always short changes the size of the Keyboard. It’s really kind of a turn-off to players. I wouldn’t have minded a second dedicated Envelope Generator and another Attenuatior wouldn’t have hurt either. I’ll just wait and hopefully a Rack Mound version is in the wings.

lo-fi ROBOT Boy says:

One last thought, the patch points seem like a bit of hipster-bait – maybe useful for people with Eurorack but as a stand alone synth it just adds clutter to the front panel without really adding to the sound in a way that you couldn’t do with a simple switch. I don’t hear any sounds here that you can’t achieve with a Rogue, MG-1 or other cable-free mid-range synth.

benlogan100 says:

Expert walkthrough. Thanks!

gridsleep says:

Does Grandmother include patch cables?

Pighood says:


1990EAM says:

How do you get the waveform display on top like that? Is it a plug in or something? Thanks for the review.

Tommy Varekai says:

what are you using to get the waveform up top?

cresshead says:

$999 um…nope
you can get 3 behringer neutrons for that price.

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