Modal Skulpt – 4 Voice Virtual Analog Synthesizer Review – Sonic LAB

We got our hands on one of the first SKULPT synthesizers from Modal Electronics to appear in the wild. Its a four voice virtual analog synthesizer. Portable but its size belies a bigger personality.

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Rit Che says:


Gerald Good III says:

Sounds great tho. And the price !!!!

Weird Music says:

I prefer real time record mode for sequencing, so that is good new to me.

Dino Goldie says:

This sounds really good…waits to hear price tag….Wow! £270. That’s pretty fair. Did you say how polyphonic it was? I’m a bit disappointed by the inexact automation sequencing and dodgy compatibility with Beatstep Pro (is this something that a firmware update will resolve?). Overall it sounds good and interesting. Thanks for this review.

Dino Goldie says:

When will you be doing a review for the Teenage Engineering OPZ? I need to know whether I should include it in my letter to Santa or if I should forget it and just ask for a rocket-firing Bobafett again.

Kevin Harris says:

I’m cool with the mini synth on the go trend, I get it….but, if it’s VA, why only four voices? Why not 10 or 12…..why not 100……it’s DIGITAL!!!

kristianTV1974 says:

This guy reminds me so much of Angelos angelos Epithemiou

Robert Syrett says:

Friday Fun with the PM Microvolt?

sweet Ωhm says:

Omnisphere like pads on double A’s.. nice

SJ says:

Wow what a great little synth ,, Nicks presets are excellent especially the pads , great review .

Benedict Johnson says:

Mr. Batt’s shirt coordinates well with the synth. The Skulpt sounds better than it ought to. I wish it had FEWER features! I’d prefer something with the same sound quality but less detailed controls, fewer knobs and a lower price. I suspect the way it feels in your hands would be a big deciding factor.

NabooKa says:

If the oscillator ‘spread’ isn’t stereo like the Craft it’s a real bummer!?

t3l3phasicworksh0p says:

I can feel a Friday Fun coming on………..

YouTube II says:

Sounds so much better than the minilogue ! And before the trigger squad comes in, i own one

ProckGnosis says:

Hmmm…definitely more promising than I would have thought. Another pretty good option for folks wanting hardware without shelling out too much cash.

ludotex says:

Pretty cool synth for the price. Well done!

Charley Says says:

I’m not sure how fair of a review this is given that it is completely reliant on the editor app throughout. Personally I have no interest in using an editor to control a “portable” 4 voice digital hardware synth. It’s completely antithetical to me. If I’m going to have an iPad or laptop going, as well as a midi keyboard….why not just have Arturia’s excellent DX7 or Synclavier VSTs running instead?? That said, the Skulpt DOES sound really good, but what I’d really like to know is, how well does it work just on its own terms, or do you need to have the app going to even learn what all the shift functions do?

UP says:

Sounds gorgeous!! I’m a big digital fan. One thing I would suggest though, I wish more synth companies would get on board with having USB audio (like most of Roland’s new kit) it really does affect my buying decisions these days, and I’m surprised by how rarely it’s implemented. I just love the convenience of it. If this had that then it would be a no brainer purchase for me.

Marcusmiller says:

sounds better than the Moog One to be honest.

Netan'el PROD. says:

Fuck, i love that i can learn from you throug cyber world.
Greets from México

ched head says:

Lots of mod options is great, not sure the sound is up my street but impressive all the same. Cheers Nick. 🙂

Promethious B says:

Yes i quite like this,,however i have no room in my lab,,,,gonna need a bigger lab.

Nick Clough says:

I’m really looking forward to this…!

The Central Scrutinizer says:

why only 4 voice? It’s not analog … my virus has a hundred or so. It’s just chips or?

Gerald Good III says:

Why all the mini usb powered synths? If I plug any of them into my computer I get a little bit of noise. At least with digital synths. My Korg Ms20 mini takes USB with zero issues. I’ve had better luck powering these sorts of things with a phone power adapter thing to plug into the mains. And yes I run all power for the studio thru a fairly high end Furman power conditioner.

TRUEiMPROrecords says:

I propably missed something but is the editor software mandatory for using some features or is everything available on the box also ? Love(!!) the sound and the options and don´t mind learning a few keycombos to keep the computers off..

Cult Of Ours says:

****MODAL**** please make it stereo in a firmware update

Pyrotek45 says:

300 bucks for that pos? jesus

Ryan Smith says:

Article 13 will make any recorded music worthless after january 2019.

Ian McGurren says:

Curious – in the battle of tiny synth boxes, what’s best – this or the excellent Micromonsta?

BluffMunkey says:

Sounds really good, although that UI looks really awkward. I would love to see them translate this sound into a Nord Lead size/price synth.

Ammanuel says:

The bigger pads we’re lovely..

Pax Libertas says:

Thanks for the well done review!

Digital Diezel says:

Impressed more than I thought I would be! Poly mode is a great option! Sound is very nice! Significant sound design ability on the go! And in the studio it gives your cpu a break. Sounds like a winner!

Rit Che says:

This is on the list for sure, very nice sounding and very versitile, i was pissed when he said pure dsp, but hey, if it sounds this thick, deep and atmospheric, who really cares, it’s 2018 after all lol

0e0 says:

this thing sounds great…4 voices is a deal breaker for me

typically…we have 5 fingers on one hand…why on earth are synth manufactures pushing 4 voice poly’s

James Reeno says:


yoloswaggins42 says:

Because of Sonicstate, I now know synthesizers like the back of Nick’s hand.

Haze Anderson says:

This is what I am talking about … one does not need to pay 20th century prices for this kind of power in the 21st century!

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