MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer Review

The flagship analog monosynth from Berlin based MFB – see what we made of it.
If you like the end track you can buy it


lbsmoothmusic says:

Hi Nick, I’m really struggling to decide between the D1 and the Arturia Matrixbrute. Hard question I know but which one would you grab first?
your advice would be most appreciated

Christina Alley says:

Sounds amazing with the eventide h9 near the end…epic!

mamakuproject says:

can the arp/seq run thru the oscs like the monopoly does? actually how would you rate it against the monopoly generally (VCOs/VCF/VCA/ mods)?

fred tree says:

Nice sounding synth. Shame the envelopes aren’t very fast.

malik martin says:

Just browsing while I play this in the background, and all I hear is fatness!!!

M ax says:

God.. that end track.. Beautifull

Lo Janus says:

what would a poly cost lol 8 x £1,000 = £8,000 would give old school company a bit of a worry. have one of their smaller units and it sound great.

Josmael Roberto Kampa says:

21:44 It just sounds absolutely awesome

Joel Vander Woude says:

I jizzed my pants when he started playing with those sliders at the end with the sound that he programmed. I jizzed and I cried. Nick, you are da man. I’m sure that you are aware that everyone makes synth memes about you and your affinity for PWM. It’s out of love brother. We all love you. Those last few minutes were truly beautiful and made me cry. You should do more synthing with Goldfrapp and yes Denis Villeneuve should consult you on Blade Runner 2049. Amazing. You made it sound like a Buchla/cs-80.

LFOVCF says:

When Nick happy, WE ALL HAPPY!

Jose Marulanda says:

the song at the en very beutiful

famoustvstarr says:

I’m glad I watched this video as I. about to purchase 3 large analog synths and learning about the h9 is the one thing I hadnt
considered. Thanks for the tip. The h9 could make the Casio VL Tone actually sound good.

Roy Naidoo says:

sonicstate Nick, I keep coming back to this review, even tho I now own a Dom 1, just to get more inspiration from you going thru each of the synth’s features. The only things I would mention are, that your review is a trifle rushed considering how complex the synth is; would you consider doing another more in-depth review on it in the future seeing as you yourself have had the Dom 1 for a while now? The other point is that I can’t get the ADSRs to control PWM, which is a common feature on other synths. Any suggestions?

altered states says:

can you use the patch bay to patch it to itself? can’t wait to get this synth!

Lukree Industries says:

Just came here for the ending.

Pulse2AM says:

The last bit you played sold me! Thanks for the review.

Alexander Wahl says:

You Sir just sold me a new synthesizer! Amazing things happening at the end of the video. Thanks Nick!

IanAlderige says:

Where do I get this?

MIDAS 104 says:

GREAT DEMO! THANK YOU! …what a beast!

Tacheles Reden says:

Nick, i knew you are a super “synth-nerd” testing all this good stuff… but the last 3 minutes showed me you are a very impressive musician as well.

Thank you and best regards from Germany.

Michael jackson jnr says:

i think this is better than the matrixbrute, no?

A K says:

Der klingt wie mein Leipzig SK. 😀

ostieguy says:

We can be heroes! Just for one daaay..

pigster01 says:

nick batt should make albums

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