M-AUDIO Venom Synthesizer Sonic Lab Review

12 voice, virtual analog with 4 part multi-timbral, effects and a USB audio interface.
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Timecop1983 says:

Seeing this video makes me want to buy one.. But then i realize i had one and i sucked! I had a reasonably early version and that constantly froze and i had a lot of problems saving the patches to the synth. Maybe that’s why i had problems. Apart from that it was a good sounding synth. But nothing better than a soft synth really. Anything this thing does is possible on let’s say sylenth1 or synth1 (which is free). I know you can say this about almost any VA synth, but this one couldn’t convince me. And yes i have various other VA synths!

Michal Romanovský says:

How did you connect your guitar? It is simple by 6,5 jack/6,5 jack (male/male) or you have some guitar combo between guitar and venom? 🙂

nickash5 says:

like the review says, not all features available from keyboard knobs, need to plug in to a computer with the downloadable software. Its filed under legacy products on their website.

XionikMUSIC says:

Nice review man, you’re good at explaining shit honestly, 

Laura Johnson says:

I’m wanting to get my son a synthesizer. This is the one I have in mind.. Does it need a computer to operate?


The Venom is a good sounding Synth. I use it on Stage as well as in my Studio. To be honest – there’s a huge Number of better Hardware-Synths but I got my Venom for under 200 EUR. You can’t do anything wrong.

argiletonne says:

too bad you didn’t have the foresight to say this is a crumby keyboard not worth much and won’t be around very long due to the sound quality being no better than a mere plugin for computer.

Cory Y. says:

Better or worse than the Roland Gaia SH-01?

Omen Ahead says:

can you connect a microphone for vocoder in this? 🙂

Skye Naturea says:

I think I will be using this on on my next album.

Richard Stevens says:

No printed manual a deal breaker, even at £170

TheNiceJackass says:

I think a lot of people are missing the point of this synth. This is a digital analog “hybrid” synth not strictly an analog emulator as it has both digital and analog waveforms. It does have a unique sound and that is why I bought one years ago and still love it today. I buy synths based how unique they sound and wether that sound is hard to emulate on other synths. In my little studio I have a Blofeld, Novation KS rack, Nord 2x, Venom and an FA-06 and I think they all bring there own style to the table. What is the point of buying a synth that sounds similar to one you already have?

Brent C says:

I have the M-Audio Venom Synthesizer an but I do not have the disc – the person I bought it from couldn’t find it – I cannot find the disc online and am told it is required to get full access to this machine
Does anyone have a link or copy of this so that I can gain access to the M-audio Venom that I currently own?

Robert Albalos says:

did you ever do a review for Alesis micron?????

juan mora barrera says:

Hello, can it be used with reason 5?

LesFarrington says:

in the last 3 years ive owned a Kronos, 2 blofelds, a Vsynth, a Little Phatty and a Venom. ive been selling stuff to buy better recording gear and some Opals. the only synth i wont sell is the Venom. it just has so much character for the price it just cant be argued with. Nick Is Right on. it just sounds so damn good and its FUN!. ive never turned it on and not found ideas just pouring out of it. it really is amazing for the price. the best cost ratio ive ever seen in 30 years

Janomix: Taller de Sonido says:

Venom or: Massive, Sylenth or Spire? thank you.

masamune idj says:

can I use this as a midi keyboeard on my laptop via USB?

iamthesasi says:

can anyone tell me if I’ll be able to make the lead voice in the intro of this track on a venom. The voice was made on a vst synth, it has an fm mod which makes it dissonant and rough

https:// soundcloud. com/we-are-dolphin/waterboarding-champion

Kobie Berkhout says:

but it’s also stand alone? so no laptop??

Keith Bradley says:

great vid, M-Audio has discontinued this product and doesn’t update drivers so buyer beware,

kittyspit BuckModular says:

its junk! pure trash

Charlie RedWood says:

Is the intro “backdrift” by radiohead?

LesFarrington says:

let me ad that another reason i wont sell it is that the resale prices of the Venom are so damn low that i just cant sell it. but overall its such a damn good instrument for inspiration AND recording it sounds VERY good “on tape”.

peter47a says:

It’s an unfinished product with a synth engine very familiar to the alesis ion and micron. If you look Taiho Yamada up you also know why. The Venom is a great sounding machine, unfortunatelly with some bugs left here and there. But it is far away from being trash.

kassie2k4 says:

this one didn’t last very long kindof, I guess 4 years ago is kindof a long time but I guess it wasn’t liked enough for M-Audio to do an update to it

SoulfulElectricity says:

how is the record quality of the interface?
can you route single synth-parts to record them directly?
and is the sound still the same then?

thomas clark harris says:

like the burns guitar

Richard Michael says:

For the money….
THIS BOARD IS SICK. NO STEPPING! Can’t say that about ANY SYNTH in this ridiculous price range. Spend some quality time with this and you will be blown away. They also crapped on the Juno 106 once upon a time…. Just watch in 10-15 years. It will be a “Must Have” Vintage Synth. lol

Synergy Volt says:

Just ordered my second venom. @Soulful: Before, I recorded with a 120€ audio interface- A lot of noise and humming(I don’t if its the right word cause I’m from Gernany) Then I tryed Venom’s SoundCard. Noises were gone and such a clear sound. In Cubase, when I switched from asio to venom’s m audio driver it went down from 13 ms to ca 8 ms. Also two synths are connected to the venoms audio in ports- so it’s a good sort mixer too…. And the most importend thing: love the sound. You have to tweak but then you get amazingly beautyful sounds! That for 200 € !!! Get it before its too late.

Steve Taylor says:

I would have to buy this for the price of an interface to have one. It just looks too reliant on a computer. 

1234567890khbpcb says:

190€ in thomann, just ordered it

King Raz says:

http://mkdr.net/venomed/#comment-211 This link will take you to the vst for your DAW which you can buy if you want it

undergroundjohnny says:

I own this and a couple of MOOGs. I am sorry to say that the Venom sounds like a toy ultimately and is a sonic disappointment for me! A mature man should not be playing this piece of Junk.

xnonsuchx says:

Stepping on certain parameters is one of the biggest killers of virtual analog.  Early virtual analogs (and even some current) often only had 16-64 (4-bit to 6-bit) values for some parameters, which is fine if it doesn’t change at all for a patch, but if it’s a variable parameter in a patch (e.g. resonant or cutoff filter sweep, pitch change, etc.), it’s very obvious.  I can’t imagine why early virtual analog designers didn’t make all parameter values up to around 10-bit (1024) values to avoid the stepping issue.  I can’t imagine it was that much cheaper to do less.

The surreal McCoy says:

Not that it matters, but an “8-Bit controller” as you say for the resolution of the filter cutoff would give us 256 steps. This is a 14-bit resolution.

Donal Finn says:

Man, since analog is back and everyone is using it, all these VA synths we used to use truly sound like garbage, Nova, Micron, JP8000, ect ect……….I mean, Holy shit! They were all horrible!

Atomkey Sinclair says:

Check out this real quick hardware hack for this keyboard…

Ryland Greens says:

…wait a freaking minute… did YouTube just play a goddamn commercial in between the review (AN ACTUAL PUBLIC TV like commercial)… WTH Google… new low… new low… great review tho M8… thanks for the info… greatly appreciated.

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