Korg Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Review

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s synth sage, plays and free-form tweaks a prototype of the upcoming Korg Prologue 61-key, 16-voice analog synthesizer featuring three oscillators per voice (two analog and one FM/wavetable). You can use the link below to get to all the details and specs but, for this video, Daniel just plays, without commentary, for almost 30 minutes. Fisher is using an expression pedal connected to the EXPRESSION jack and is sometimes sweeping the Oscillator CROSS MOD parameter with it. The left and right audio outs from the Prologue are going directly to the video cam with no additional processing.

Korg Prologue 16: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Prologue16

Korg Prologue 8: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Prologue08


derkcloud says:

Are there any demos where people actually play it? As opposed to holding a key down for 40 minutes.

cresshead says:

I struggled not to skip thru this audio demo…those presets…ugh
so it’s like 75% of a roland D50 from 30 years back but with a editable u .i and real analogue
no joystick/xy pad to mix the partials
presets suck
no sequencer
price is nuts
maybe a better more musical demo might change my view.

voyage musik says:

This is what a customer need to know before buying .

Roland Marckwort says:

Wow – sounds amazing

Сергей Булдыгин says:

30 years later, the Korg again knows how to be fat, finally ))

A Million Orange Dolphins says:

Anyone have any idea to what parameters the modwheel can be assigned? Or is it hardwired to the same destination as the LFO?

ZombieTactics says:

No aftertouch, sigh … and I had my Sweetwater account already to pull the trigger.

DigitalStains says:

This is a demo, not a review…

davidryle says:

Good job Daniel. You just sold another one!

sactownchad says:

@21:55 sold… wow!

aero2graph says:

Nice machine. Fine, good sounds in medium and high tones. But, the middle range is sometimes overwhelmed (dull).
What I miss here is – stronger, defined deep tones! No bass here. Or I just got too accustomed to the sound of my Moog 🙂

However, this is a Youtube sound. Therefore, this potentially very good Korg should be carefully listened to in the store before making a purchase decision.
For now I will put it on my watch list…

gridsleep says:

Finally. A man who understands “Just shut up and play.” A programmable poly synth. Programmable meaning you can program your own oscillators for it. Also it does wavetable and FM. Only thing that seems lacking is aftertouch.

King Nopq says:

If you think it costs too much just think of the new design features used in this synth and factor in R&D….oh and something almost no one is mentioning… IT IS ACTUALLY BEING BUILT IN JAPAN SO THIS WILL BE A VERY WELL BUILT MACHINE THAT WILL LAST DECADES

xpjv says:

No HPF? shame.. also, sounds are shallow.. Listen to Roland SH-7 and compare!

setphaser says:

daniel: is this as big sounding as the old juno jupiter and polysix? all new synths seem tame and under powered compared to those monsters. wish it had a joystick like the poly61!

Nedzat Veliji says:

Nice synth,but you really should represent SWEETWATER and not Harley Davidson,don’t get me wrong,i’m a biker my self…

D. Corso says:

Don’t fall for the hype folks… this does NOT worth 2 thousand grand!! hahahaha u-He Diva MURDERS this for 1/10 of the price. Wake up!

ethananalogi says:

fantastic thanks for your time

Dan Wentz says:

Nice preview! Industry Take Note. We don’t need more of the same!

Crolodon says:

Daniel you rule dude.

Jarod Emison says:

Definitely the best Korg Prologue demo I’ve heard yet. Also this guy looks like Walter from the Big Lebowski which is a plus.

Lagunakid24 says:

Sweetwater this man is a GENIUS!! Best demo

Jan Offenbeck says:

Dear Reader

If you are “old school” and want “old school analogue” please listen to the OB6 before you flash the cash for the Korg. Example….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OAPGVAJQ3A

The Korg is v good, dont get me wrong. However…….

I thought I wanted a REV2 (which the Korg has a similar sound to), and then I heard the OB6…..oh f**k, the OB6 just has that “familiar sound” , a sweet warm syrupy ear orgasm, that you recognise and get warm and fuzzy about….

sorry !

Yes, its only 6 voices

Yes, its only 4 octaves

Yes it is the best part of two and a half thousand pounds…..

But it is an Oberheim

…and it is warm and fuzzy….and I love it

Yours faithfully
An Old Prog Rocker.

pheotus says:

Desktop version please?

Patrick says:

For it’s sound, the possibility to download oscillators while stilll retaining two gergous sounding analog oscilators and that insanely nice sounding compressor, the price is LOW. How can Roland hope to compete?

Canaan Banana says:

i am trying very hard to shove my credit card into the screen but nothing appears to be happening.

Justin Richards says:

24 : 30 that patch !!!!!

Fernanda Chevez says:


Jeremy says:

Yep. This is it. I always disliked the fact that dave smith carves his name on the instrument.

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Meh. I dont think it sound flagship good, a bit harsh like the minilogue. I actually think that the virtual analog Korg KingKorg sound much better. However i will not judge this synth until i have tried it in real life, i did not like the deepmind 12 untill i tried it myself.

Celery Ofdeath says:

This video is proof that some people will dislike anything. 21 people are Dave Smith!

vedabou says:


famoustvstarr says:

Sounds great, but no sequencer, no patching. Korg, come on at this price $2,000 leaving out these must have, deal breaking features…Next…

Assembler Audio says:

Fantastic sound demo, thanks for sharing!

Station 2Station says:




R41NES says:

It sounds good for the type of synth it is, but personally I am very disappointed that this is the big Korg Namm 2018 release, I’m not a plinkity plink sound kinda guy. Come on Korg where is the Kronos replacement, it’s already seriously overdue. I was hoping for a new game changer workstation at Namm.

john z says:

Nice tonal sensibility on the part of the player…

Tyler Cassidy Music says:


Sercan Usta says:

it sounds very “cold”

Moms Spagheddi says:

I’ll keep saving for the OB-6 😮 Very nice doe

Philippe Edison says:

I can’t really judge this synth because it sounds very close to a MS2000 or a Microkorg. it’s a tough pick between the REV2 but some of the sounds I hear, are either not easily possible to make or if you use the Modulation busses on the MS2000 some of these sounds are very identical. I would like to hear more of this in person and compare both but this would save me from buying a minilogue

ray ramon says:

glad to see a mod&pitch wheel and not that stupid spring flickstick they put on the minilogue

paddar says:

Korg Really impress me lately..

Villan Bond says:

Not really a review though is it? I want to see it do some like prophet esque polyphonic stuff, half these patches sounded mono, and my greatest fear is it can’t do the prophet stuff.

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