Korg Monologue Analog Synthesizer Review

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s mad synthesist, gets some hands-on time with an early prototype of the Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer. The synth is running on battery power and the audio out is going directly to the video camera’s audio input with no added effects.

Real-time performances of Monologue Programs start at 14:53

Get the Korg Monologue here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MonologueBK


pɥrox says:

Looks like so much fun. 1st on my wish list for sure.
Pathetic microbrute mocking comments kind of made me sick.
I really dont see the point of competition here between these two, who clearly are complete different synthesizers..
Much respect to both Arturia and Korg for always comming with the best quality affortable music gear.

Thermometer10 says:

Is this recommended for a first synth? Looking to get into analogue stuff.

TheTobiasVaughn says:

Had a chance to have a little jam on one of these about a week ago.
Wow. Need to get one. BAD!

Rosy Ray Sunshine says:

Any idea how to save favorites? I see you can recall them using the shift key plus step sequencer buttons but I cant find how to save patches to favorites?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don Segers says:

Filter is better than the korg minilogue! Way fatter. This is what i like!
Please make a module, don’t need those little tiny keys.

Scvmbxg Otvxv says:

Is it possible to use this with a talkbox especially the MXR M222 Talk Box without external speakers or by itself?

purpleibby says:

The monologue is cool….why oh why does the cheaper monologue have the ability to transpose it’s sequencer and the minilogue does not?

Jade Royal says:

Nice! Love this synth.

Samuel Emmett says:

Wow, Korg has come out of the corner swinging once again. The minilogue is a monster for it’s price point. Now Korg is entering a market where the microbrute and minibrute have dominated for years, but it gives them a solid competition. This synth sounds incredible.

SynthAddict says:

16:37 nice job recreating the spider attack sound from the classic game Centipede

Y o u t h in A S I A *Official* says:

I cannot wait to add one to the studio next to my Minilogue 🙂

EVO OVE Lo Re says:

Hello! Can you please demo the MonoLogue Synth as a slave to a drum machine? I have several Alesis SR-16 drum machines and I would like to control the MonoLogue with the SR-16. Will that work? Thanks in advance.

Michael Björk says:

What the fudge Korg! Wheres my new Polysix? 🙂

BillyPilgrim says:

I already have a Microbrute, would you guys recommend getting this one?

kingofkeyboards says:

What a great time to be into analogue synthesis. So many companies nowadays, Korg being perhaps the frontrunner (depending on your tastes of course), producing affordable but great sounding analogue synthesisers with plenty of controls. One can have the warmth and character of analogue with the reliability and convenience of digital.

David Lilja says:

Can you sync the oscillators using noise? I remember that this was a great trick on the Nord Lead 2 and could bring out some amazing harmonics.

Eon Ratslear says:

Lovely chip tune action! I wasn’t aware it could do that. Masterful spelunking, Daniel. I’m heading on over to the Sweetwater website to buy one!

Kuba Manaj says:

No arpeggio?

Rodrigo Laporte says:

17:30 I’m sold! I want one NOW. Great review!

nemy htg says:

guys, i think just the opposite – MB just got new brother! 🙂
i have MB and i think monologue will pair perfectly with it.
both are good synths, with their own character and unique features.
just because something new came out doesn’t mean that MB is not working good anymore.

Felix says:

i NEED this

vforvillain77 says:

nice, would’ve better if you could see the front panel tho. Too far away.

Kei Naarr says:

Hi Daniel, thanks for the review – do you know if it can be used as an external keyboard and sequencer via MIDI out? If yes, are all the features implemented via MIDI? It’s for piloting a Waldorf Q Rack. Thanks!

Yung Sher says:

0:55 hit marker

Anzu Riki says:

mind blowing, is it blue or black?

Adam Baldwin says:

This thing seems so freaking cool. I played with a Minilogue the other day and was fairly impressed with the build quality and sound, but I think I like this better. I tend to go more for monophonic synths anyway, but it seems like filter is better on the Monologue, and I kind of like the full step sequencer for fooling around without a DAW or other controller.

I really liked the OLED display, too. For something so small and simple, it’s very clean and easy to read, and I think being able to view the waveform is rather useful, probably an underrated aspect of both the Mini and Mono. I think I’m determined to get Monologue, $299 is a pretty ridiculous price for something this good.

Emma says:

Mmmmm. That drive + resonance tho.

Ethan Streblow Music says:

Looks sick! Love to get one of these.

mccreature says:

sigh….again why do I have to go to a menu to access the portamento? I’m fine with everything else…

gino ciancio says:

you”re the best DANIEL to explane everything on a synth thanks

B1SCOOP says:

8:04 Sexy

Theo Void says:

How do you turn on the metronome . I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

Donald Martin says:

Great demo! I have some questions:

1. Besides programming the notes manually in the sequencer, is there any arpeggiator function?
2. Release date?
3. How does it fare when syncing to Ableton? How about syncing to a KP3+?


Devon Steinke says:

Rip headphones

Grace Peel says:

Hi! I’m a guitarist/songwriter looking to buy my first synthesizer to add another dimension to my music. I’ve done a little research and it seems like either this or the new Korg Minilogue are the best options for beginners, but I don’t know much about using synthesizers at all. I’m trying to find something that’s easy to figure out for beginners, but also has a thick, diverse range of presets and sounds. What would you recommend is the best synthesizer for me to buy? I have a relatively low budget and probably won’t be able to spend more than $400. Thanks!

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Love ya Dan but why did you start this video out with the most shrill and jarring noises the synth can make? LOL. Great demo anyway, sir

GoodModeOn says:

Someone can tell me: monologue or dreadbox hades?

IndioPratherMusic says:

question. I saw on the site it doesn’t come with a power supply. why not include the power supply with the product at time of purchase?

setphaser says:

Only Nicks sonicstate videos compare with yours. You create such rich lush sounds and use real depth of synthesis when you do demos. And you just know what we want to know. Sweet water need to know how valuable you are!

Saar Dean says:

I am no synth expert. I am wondering why this synth has no Sine wave? I don`t get it? isn`t it important-useful?

Distorted Glitch says:

Considering buying this (price alone sells it for me) but what do you need to hear the sound? An amp? Laptop?

Wadsmitter says:

This or microbrute?

od3 says:

I have Bass Station II. Great synth! Is Monologue better than BS2?

Dana McCurdy says:

Pretty impressive! Thanks for the great demo, guys!

disarmsox says:

Politics aside, it’s a great time for those who make music!

Idiots says:

When is it coming out?

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Not the best sounding synth out there but the price is amazing. another good reasonably priced synth by korg.

Paul Synths/Drums says:

Really? Another Korg monosynth? I KNOW I’m not alone on this one! Haven’t they made enough of these over the past 5 years? C’mon Korg! And it seems like every demo I watch on YouTube, all these new Korg analog synths have that cheap, buzzy sound to them. Very unappealing and generally annoying. I mean, if you’re into making Atari 2600 sound effects/music then they’re perfect (not that that’s a bad thing). I’d just like to hear an analog Korg synth with 2 things: lush, warm pads, and a creamy, thick filter. I think I can speak for thousands of others that we’d all like to hear that! If they’re going keep releasing vintage analog synths for a budget price with a smaller layout and possibly smaller keys, then what’s the ONE synth they should recreate? We’ve all been saying it for years. The Polysix.

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